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Me And my Awesome Indian Mom

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To understand this New Fictional Story of mine, U must know the meaning of few Indian words, which will be constantly used herein:-
'Mangalsutra'- A necklace worn by women as symbol of her marriage.
'Saree'- A Beautiful Dress, which a majority of Indian Women wear.
'Blouse'- A Sexy Bra, worn with 'Saree'.
'Pallu'- A piece of cloth from 'Saree', to cover blouse.
'tilak'- A Red Colored circle, made from powdery stuff and applied right above forehead.

(Here it Goes)
This is sameer and my mom is Rupa. I am 19 and my mom is 39 years old now. We are a family of three. My father has his own business to look upon. He is a busy guy and just travels. I don't know why my father doesn't pay attention to her (I meant in terms of sex)

But my mother is really hot and mature. I started looking at her in that angle when I heard a bunch of guys in a mall secretly talking about her. They were not able to move their eyes of my mother. Then I realized the beauty of her. She is of above average height. She has perfect belly as she does all her household and the garden work for herself. The diet she takes and the household activities she does made her really sexy in building up her body well.

I completed my Senior High School and am free for like 4 months until I joined my graduation college. So, in this time, I made it a point to watch movies. Slowly they turned into Porn. Even that was not enough. And started to get acquainted with much other stuff. At this point of time, I come across i****t Stories.

I specially love the stories on mothers. I started to look my mom in a sexier look. She wears sarees mostly dark colored ones and always wears mangalasutra around her neck. This really makes her appear sexy. She being fair, the dark colored sarees used to suit her very much. She has firm breasts and good butts. She also ties her saree below her navel.

Whenever she tucks her pallu in her waist, her navel would be seen. This is the sexiest thing I have ever seen in her, yet. Even when I observe, I make it a point that she's is not observing me. I am a good boy to her. I came to know from the stories that I have read that women after marriage are sex starved and specifically those who didn't have had enough sex with their hubby. I know that my parents are far from sex or rarely have sex.

So, I decided to seduce my mom, my rupa. I took some cues from the net. I listed out step by step process to seduce her. I strongly wanted a brother from her (I mean he would be my son of course). First thing I decided to do is to show off my body. I started wearing vest and boxers in the house. I am an athlete since my school days itself. I also have six pack abs. When she inquired me why I was wearing only vest and boxers,
I said that it’s too hot and asked her ain't I stylish? "All actors who have good body like me wear these at homes, in movies" and she laughed. She told me that i am naughty boy. I then slowly started roaming only in my boxers. People say that I am really good looking. So, me being good looking and having good body attracted her. Sometimes she is starring me.

I don't know if she was seeing me as a woman rather than a mother. So, I started going to kitchen to help her. Now and then I started to touch or rub her and pretend that it happened involuntarily. Slowly, we both were moving freely in terms of movements. Once, while she was preparing food, she was wearing a bit low neck blouse and I could see her more of her back. Instantly

I got a hard on I went and slowly put my hands on her shoulders and made my bare chest touch her back and looked at the dish being prepared. It was chicken. I then exclaimed "wow" and kissed her on the shoulders. She thought it was unintentional. But I know that she also enjoyed. She served lunch and asked me how it was. I then told her that I would show her, how the taste was.

She asked me to show. I then stood and kissed her on the cheek. She was taken aback and asked me what I have done. I asked her whether it was any wrong to kiss my mother. But she told me that while kissing I put my hand on her waist and pressed it slightly. I then replied that it was her fault to appear beautifully to a handsome boy. We then laughed. This continued.

I started to occasionally hug her from behind and kissing her on the cheeks and fore head. The intensity of hug increased from the first time to the later times. This was not enough. I wanted her to realize that she is beautiful. So, I started to compliment her daily. She used to blush shyly if my praises increase. I told her that she would look even more beautiful in silk sarees.

She then asked "what is the necessity to appear beautiful?". Then I came to know that I must make her feel that she is missing relationship with a man. So, I started to ask about my dad. Luckily in 3 days it was the marriage anniversary of my parents and as usual my dad was out of town. I called my dad, congratulate him and asked him that I would buy some clothing stuff to my mom and myself on their marriage occasion.

He appreciated me for taking care of the family so much. So, I told mom to get ready for going to the market to buy something. While going to the mall I asked my mom to remove her huge tilak that she usually applies on her forehead and replace it with a shining sticker. Also, I told her to remove her mangalasutra.
She didn't accept to that. I told her that when she comes home I would decorate all of these to her and told her that this will not be of good style outside. Then she reluctantly accepted it. When we entered the shopping mall, I asked the lady present there to "show some modern stuff to my friend. My mom got surprised. I laughed at her. The Sales lady there showed some Sexy Dresses.

She took the measurements and showed some tops that had short hands almost near to the shoulders and slightly above the navel and bottoms that cover just the knees. My mom was reluctant to take them. I took her to a side and requested to take those saying that they are of new trend and people wear only of that sort outside. I told her that having a pair of that kind is always safe and finally told her that I want my mom to be in good modern outfit and there is no wrong in it.

Then she accepted to get one and she said the she wanted to try that outfit. I asked the sales girl to give a size lesser to the present one and selected the black color. Before my mom went to the dressing room I told her to free her hair. When she came out of the dressing room. She was like bomb shell. The sales girl also said that she was really good in that outfit. I told the sales girl that she would go like that.

I paid the bill and we went to another section having fancy sarees. There without me introducing anything, they were asking me what I would like to see for my wife. My mom was stunned. I whispered in her ear that "told you that you were very beautiful and young. She then reprimanded me and told me to tell the guys there she was my mom. But I said that it wouldn't be good and asked her to tell the same to them.

She then understood the situation and there I asked them to show the latest stuff. All they showed were translucent sarees. She then looked at me in unwillingness. The sales girl understood and told my wife I mean my mom that it was the latest design. I asked for black and green color saree. It was highly translucent.

They understood my taste and showed us similar kind of stuff in yellow, pink and red. Then we went to the blouses section. There I asked the sales man to show the latest designs. Then he showed some pictures and said that these would suit for your wife". This time my mother felt shy. I took the pictures and selected a design that is a low cut one. I also selected a blouse that is sleeveless and low cut and more bare back.

It is bigger in cloth than a bra. My mom's face turned red in color. Then the tailor said that this is the latest design and suits perfectly well. After the tailor took all the measurements, I took him to a side and told him to stitch tighter. He understood and told me that I wouldn't be disappointed rather come to him one day to thank him. I felt happy. I gave him some extra tip and left the mall and came home.

Soon after I reached the house, mom asked me "what is happening to you?"

I replied "Nothing is happening. You do still not know the world".

I asked her to remind and see how many ladies are in revealing outfits? And she said Almost everyone

Then? What's wrong"
Mom: "But I felt bad"

Me: Nothing to feel bad. Its common Rupa, Sorry mom
Mom: "Why are you calling me with my name as if you are my husband?

Me: "As the people in the shopping mall were constantly referring you as my wife, I got used to it"
Mom (mischievously): "It’s better if you leave it now

Me: "Sure Rupa sorry mom hahaha
Mom (mischievously): "Shut Up. You told me that you would decorate the tilak and mangalasutra back on me before we left. Remember?

Me: "Alright, I promised that I would decorate tilak and mangalasutra back on you before we left. I am ready to do so
Mom: "No need"

Me: "I promised and I have to"
Mom: "If you really want to do something for me Cut vegetables and clean kitchen tomorrow"

Me: "I will do that also. First let me do this at least."
Mom: "Its night, so I will not wear mangalasurtra, just put some tilak"

I then took some of it and put on her forehead and in between her hair.
Mom: "What are you doing? Only husband should apply it in between hair"

Me: "Anyways, I am husband to you for today Rupa! hahaha"
Mom: "Shut up you are becoming mischievous"

During the night I told her that I would sleep with her.
Mom: "Ok

In bed. Me with out anything on my top.
Me: "Mom. To be frank you are very beautiful today"

Mom: "If you want something you can ask me directly. You need not praise me"
Me: "I am frankly saying this. You are very beautiful in that dress"

Mom: "Oh! so it is the dress not me!"
Me: "I mean you are beautifull but in that dress you are damn sexy there was some silence as it is the first time I used the word sexy. She then turned to the other side and covered the blanket. I crept into that blanket and kept my hand around her waist. At This point my bare chest is touching the bare area of her back.

Then I touched her waist with my fingers. She didn't object. I then kissed her nape of the neck. I slowly moved the saree to a side and touched the front part of her belly. She gave a moan. In the mean time we got a call. It was my dad. We talked with him for about 1 hour. She never mentioned the incidents happened in the mall. Then I came to know that even she likes it. It was late and we slept.

Next day and she was in a slightly transparent saree and a tight blouse. I could clearly make her back as she tied the saree very tightly and was working. I couldn't resist crushing her from the back but I had to control. I asked her to make cake. As all the things required for cake are in the store room and she asked me to bring them down from the store room.

I suggested that it would be better if I lifted her in my hands and she removes them. Mom and I know that it is easier for one person to stand on stool and remove them. But she accepted it. I then came to know that even she likes me touching her. I was in a T-shirt that time. I removed it immediately. She asked me the reason. I gave a silly reason saying that if any dust falls while removing the T-shirt will be spoiled.

She asked me to lift. I bent down and hugged her from below the buttocks and lifted her slowly. My lips are exactly infront of her navel. When she removed everything from there, she asked me to bring her down. I told her to check if she removed everything from there. While doing so, air from my mouth touched her navel and I knew she felt it.

She replied that everything is removed. I exclaimed "good" and kissed her navel and slowly started to bring her down. As it was a great chance, I crushed her while bringing her down. Even after putting her down I was still hugging her. And she mischievously said that "Excuse me Mr! I am already down. We both laughed and went to our work.

2 days later, we received the stitched blouses. The black one was awesome. The next day was the marriage anniversary. I brought mom to the hall, asked her to close her eyes and put two gifts in front of her and told her to open her eyes. She opened and was excited to know that I bought gifts for her. In my parents married life, as far as I remember there were no gifts to her at all.

I asked her to open the first packet. She was happy to see it. I was gold chain mangalasutra with threads at the two ends that are to be tied. She looked at me with a BIG Questionmark face. I told her that mangalasutra is the best gift on the occasion of a marriage anniversary. She felt happy and slight tears of joy came from her eyes. She opened the second packet. It was a golden waist bracelet.

I know that ladies are very fond of jewellery and my mom doesn't have a waist bracelet till now. She was spellbound happy and hugged me from front. I felt heaven and hugged her back. She asked me "what gifts does my dear want from me on this occasion?" still her hands round my neck.

Me: "you must wear the black saree with the black color matching blouse that we ordered in the mall and spend today's complete time with me".
Mom: "That I will any ways have to do as we bought it with lot of cost. Ask for any other wish I can do".

Me: "Ok then, allow me to decorate you the gifts that I bought. In that way I feel lot satisfied"
Mom: "So sweet. I will any other wish?

Me: "You must not be dull as dad is not here on this occasion. Forget him for today and see dad in me for today and be happy as always".
Mom: "Ok dear."

Mom put the mangalasutra and gold waist bracelet in front of God and prayed him.
She went to take bath and got ready in 1 hour. In the mean time I bought lot of flowers from the market. She wore the saree in the sexiest way possible to make me happy. She also wore the mangalasutra that dad tied around her neck 18 years ago.
I can see her navel through the saree.

She tied it 4 inches below her navel. Oh my God it is explainable. The blouse is very tight on her. The blouse is crushing her voluptuous breasts. I can see the upper part of her breasts and the crack front the saree clearly. She just turned back and moved her hair from there and I can see the bare back. She tied saree very tightly. So, her butts lining can be clearly made.

She turned forward and I hugged her and wishpered thanks in her ear. I asked her if I could decorate the gifts. Mom said "Very gladly I made her stand in front of the mirror. I came in front of her. Removed her pallu and she felt shy. Took the waist bracelet and standing in the front I tied it at the back. After tying, I kissed the soft white skin of her waist and the navel.

She moaned. I stood up. I shy she immediately covered her breasts back with her pallu. Anyways, it is waste to cover also. As the material is very much see through. Her tits became hard and want to come out of her blouse. Here, I asked her if I can take off the mangalasutra that dad tied.

She said "Yes darling I removed the knots that dad tied around her neck, put that chain down. I took the newly bought mangalasutra and said that I would tie it.

She said"Actually only husband has an authority to tie"

Me: "For today I am your husband or new husband rupa, remember!"
Mom: "Ok

While I was tying it around her neck, she felt shy. I put 3 knots. I said, now you are my wife Rupa! She gave small shy smile. I then kissed the part where the mangalasutra touches her neck. She moaned I showed her flowers and she turned back. I put them in her hair and kissed on them. I then took the other Mangalasutra that dad gave and tied that one also. I said" I want dad also to have fair part

She now closed her eye I took tilak and put on her fore head. Kissed the tilak Kissed her eyes, ears. I then removed the loose end of the saree. It fell down. I kissed the part where mangalasutras are hanging. Kissed the breasts moved down and kissed the navel Mom moaned "husband.

I said "Rupa my darling." I then kissed her juciy lips. We now forgot the world. We kissed each other passionately for 10 minutes in seconds I removed the hooks of her blouse. She was topless. I also removed the saree and panties. I also became nude.
We were now in deep love and hugged each other so tightly that my lovely mom crushed in my hug and no air is between us except the Mangalasutras.

I kissed on her Mangalasutra and again on lips. In no time my penis was near her va.

She asked me "What are you up to?
I replied "I want a brother and a son, we now kissed passionately.

she looked so hott..!!! I moved down and She spread her legs instantly, "Do you want some of my pussy?" I moved between my mom's legs and then got down between them; pulling her wet pussy lips apart I drove my tongue deep into my mom’s wet, sweet pussy! She let out a loud scream of delight I lapped up her sweet pussy juice before sucking hard on her clit. I licked and slurped away at my mom, making her moan louder and louder, I wanted to taste my her; I wanted to make her get off all over my tongue. "Oh yes! Oh yes eat my pussy! Oh god you are so good! I can't believe how good my boy is at eating my pussy! Don’t stop! Don't you dare fucking stop!" My mom wiggled around more and more, and then she began to scream so loudly! She wrapped her legs around my head and began to thrust her pussy into my face as she arched her back up. The sweet honey that came out of her pussy was incredible as she squealed and moaned, wildly wiggling around as her orgasm hit. Tasting my mom, watching my mom and listening to her made me hard. I never dreamed that i****t with my hot mom could make me so horny so quickly but it did. I had only one thought in my mind now and that was fucking my mother.

Looking down at her pussy the only thought on my mind now was fucking the hell out. I grabbed my throbbing prick, looking at her wet pussy. "Are you going to fuck me?" "Yes...can I fuck you?" My mom just nodded yes. I pressed my cock head against her wet, pussy lips. Her sweet lips parted as I pushed my cock inside of my mom. We both moaned together as I buried my cock deep inside of her. "Oooh yes! Your cock feels so good inside of me. Now fuck me hard! Fuck me." I held her by her hips as I rammed my cock in her over and over again. She moaned louder and louder as I hammered her wet, tight pussy. My gaze fixed on her huge tits bouncing around with each thrust of my cock. My mom wiggled around, moaning and arching her back as each thrust of my cock brought us both closer to our climax. I could feel myself moving closer to blowing up, I didn't know if I should or if my mom would let me cum inside of her. "......, can I cum inside of you?" I said to her as I rammed my cock into her faster and faster. My mom looked up at me, holding her tits up to her mouth she licked her nipples before answering. "Do you want to cum inside of me? Didn't you wanted a son of your own from me, or shall i say your brother?" I just nodded my head yes.

My mother, my rupa did not answer me, she let me fuck her a while longer, making me hold onto my cum load. The pleasure was increasing, as I could feel my cum load building up, I didn't think I could hold it much longer. "Am I your first?" my mom asked me, "Yes...yes you are...I have to cum! I can't hold it much longer!" My mom smiled at me, "Do it then! Cum inside of me!" I pounded my cock into her as hard and fast as I could. I was filled with wild, uncontrollable lust. My Mom's pussy or shall i say my Birth hole felt so good around my cock and the sight of her large tits bouncing with each thrust of my cock made this scene unbearable. I thought to myself how this was better than any porno movie I had watched! My balls were slapping against my mom, she was moaning as loud as was I. “I’m gonna cum Rupa! I can feel it! I’m gonna cum!” She was writhing around, moaning to me, “Come on Sam, do it! I want to feel you cum inside of me. Fill my cunt with your hot cum. I know you want to cum inside me, so do it!” I could no longer hold back, I let my cock erupt inside her. It felt incredible! As each spurt of cum rocketed out of my cock and into my mother I felt nothing but intense pleasure. Rupa's pussy clamped down on my cock and she arched her back up as she now experiencing her own orgasm. We both yelled and screamed as we let our taboo passion overcome us.

After the session I asked mom whether she would become pregnant.
She said that she definitely will in some more sessions from now. After that she told me that she would once fuck father and blame the pregnancy on him. We still fuck each other, and i love it....!!!!

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