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James and Rebecca had always enjoyed an erotic lifestyle in the bedroom and got up to loads of fun such as tying each other up in bed while making out and while Rebecca enjoyed this, she wanted to push it further.

Rebecca had been trawling through the internet sites on kinky fun looking for something she could entice James into trying out and stumbled upon a picture of someone wearing a latex catsuit while covered in plastic, the sight of this picture made her horny and she really wanted to try it. She showed the picture to James and while he seemed shocked by it, seeing the reaction it drew from Rebecca convinced him to give it a try.

Rebecca found a website that made catsuits and ordered one for each of them and was bummed out when she saw that it would take a minimum for six weeks to get to them but this just allowed her to plan what to get up to with the catsuits when they arrived, she was also looking through the Internet for some plastic toys to use and even though she managed to get her hands on loads of plastic bags she wanted to try something else and found a website that sold plastic hoods. She immediately bought a few of the hoods that caught her fancy and then began the long wait for the items to arrive.

After six weeks of waiting around for the catsuits to arrive, Rebecca had been planning what to do and thought that seeing as she is most of the time on the receiving end of their games then it was her turn to do it to James, the catsuits arrived one day before James got home from work and Rebecca could not wait to try it on so James had a shock when he got home to see Rebecca clad from head to toe in a latex catsuit which accented all of her bodily features and turned him on.

James jumped into his catsuit and they both began caressing each other in their latex, this was turning them both on as James’s cock was fully erect through the latex and Rebecca’s nipples were also erect through hers.

Rebecca then surprised James by pulling out a pair of handcuffs that she had not told him she bought and put them on him around his back so he could not get free, she then led him to the bedroom by his erect cock and as soon as then got into the room, a look of surprise was on James’s face, the bed was completely covered in plastic, be it plastic bags or hoods.

Rebecca had told him that she had secretly been playing with them since the hoods had arrived weeks ago and they made her extremely horny, she threw James onto the plastic covered bed and picked up one of the hoods that were lying by his foot.

She told him that before they get to play she is going to make him feel extremely horny by putting this hood on which he could see had no holes in for breathing, and then rubbing her body up and down his but without touching his cock just to tease him.

She slipped on this hood with an orgasmic sound of acceptance and pleasure then began to rub her latex covered body over James while ignoring his cock and making him feel really horny, he could see the hood inflate and deflate with every breath that Rebecca took and could see that it was making her extremely horny.

She slipped off the hood just before the point of climaxing as that would have not been fun and jumped off of James, whilst she had been teasing him, all the plastic on the bed had either been crumpled up by them or fallen off, she could see this and a wicked idea sprang to her mind.

She picked up the hood she had been wearing and slipped it over James’s head, he protested at this but she said he would enjoy the feeling of it and also said that if he could not orgasm from wearing it by the time she had finished tidying up the mess they had made then she would let him put his erect cock into her while they both enjoyed the feeling of plastic over their faces and to make this even more challenging for him she picked up one of the many plastic bags lying around and slipped that over the hood and sealed it with a rubber band just to make it harder for him.

She began picking up all the plastic that had fallen on the floor and was getting horny from this so she dropped the plastic she had already picked up and wandered off into the bathroom to get something whilst James was suffocating inside the hood.

She wandered back in holding a swim cap in her hands, it was one of those old ones that had a strap to attach it around the person’s head, she picked up one of the bags she had dropped earlier and pulled it over her head and then put the swim cap over it and sealed it up over her head, they were both not suffocating inside wonderful plastic cocoons.

Rebecca could just make out through her sealed plastic balloon that James was running out of air and was not making that many body movements so she wandered over to him and pulled off the bag and then the hood, he frantically caught his breath, she asked him through her still sealed head, did he enjoy it.

He responded that it felt mad that he was suffocating himself for an orgasm but that he could feel an amazing climax close to just before she pulled off the bags and that he was disappointed she did not leave him to climax. While he was saying this Rebecca was still in her swim cap sealed cocoon and was rubbing her crotch as if it was on fire, this made James even hornier.

Rebecca undid the swim cap and finally took in a lung full of fresh air, they were both now incredibly horny from what had been going on, Rebecca moved down to James’s cock and undid the zip then pulled out his big, wet dripping cock and rubbed it against where her pussy was behind the latex, she gave out a loud moan of enjoyment from this as his cock was pushing the latex into her crotch making her really horny so undid the zip by her crotch and just as she was about to let him inside of her she changed her mind.

James was annoyed at this but she said that it would be better if they had sex whilst their head were covered in plastic to make it an even better shag.

James really liked the sound of this so immediately shock his head to say yes, lets do it, Rebecca asked him what would he prefer over his head and he mentioned that what she did earlier worked quite well but he still could get some air in to his hood so Rebecca had a though and disappeared once again, she was back almost instantly with James’s belt which he had dropped in the living room earlier is his rush to get into the catsuit.

She put the plastic hood back on his head and then grabbed the bag she used earlier and resealed it with another rubber band as the last one broke when she pulled it off of him, to add to this she d****d his belt around his neck and sealed it up tight making sure no air was going to get in, she then pulled the bag she had used earlier back down on her head and resealed it with the swim cap hood only this time making it tighter than before to guarantee that no air could get into hers either.

She then went down on James allowing his dripping cock to enter her wet crotch and as this happened they both let out huge moans of pleasure that made their plastic cocoons expand to near the point of bursting.

She continued to go up and down on James, the sounds of their latex catsuits touching each other and the sounds of their depleting air supplies increasing and decreasing the sizes of the bags over their heads made them both extremely horny and wet as she pounded down on him.

They both loved every second of this and could feel themselves getting closer and closer to reaching the point of climaxing which they had both wanted all evening to happen. Rebecca continued to pound up and down relentlessly as she so badly wanted to cum and just as James had stopped moving beneath her except for the pounding of his large cock, they both exploded over each other and the sounds of pleasure of this happening along with the constant sucking in and out for air within the bags made Rebecca’s bag expand to such a size that it burst off her head, she then collapsed onto James’s motionless body and freed him from his plastic cocoon, he breathed in huge lungful of air as soon as she removed the multiple layers of plastic over his face.

They were both completely exhausted from an evening of fun and enjoyment, neither of them could really move so they just lay on the bed spooning each other while still wearing their latex catsuits, Rebecca asked James what he thought of it and all he could produce was a smile and said that they should definitely do this again soon as that was the most amazing orgasm he had ever had, all she could do was agree with him about that as she lay beside him completely knackered, he did say however that next time she would be the one wearing the handcuffs which drew a smile from her as she just relaxed against his latex clad body.

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