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Blackmailing my next door neighbor

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I'm a computer tech and I have been doing this for about 10 years. I work for
one of the bigger computer companies and I'm 31 and single. I make very good
money so instead of wasting it on rent, I bought a small home in a very nice
neighborhood. To make extra money to party with I fixed computers systems on
the side. I put flyers out everywhere and would average about one computer a
week or so. It was nice extra money and it was easy for me to do.

I have not had a permanet girlfriend for about 2 years. I've lived in this
house for over a year yet but I just couldnt seem to find the time to get out
and get a girlfriend. My big entertainment now was using my computer at night
on the internet and chatting with girls and reading the newsgroups. But I was
really starting to miss having some female companionship.

One night I was sitting at my computer when the door bell rang. I got up and
went downstairs and it turned out to be my next door neighbor. Her name was
Karen and she was a very nice looking girl of about 27. She was a school
teacher at the local school down the road. He husband worked for a large
trucking company and he was gone a lot of the time.

I had talked to Karen a few times before in the year I was here but not really
that much. I invited Karen in and asked what was up. She explained that about
three days ago, lightning must have hit the wires going into her house because
her tv, stereo, oven, and computer were all blown up. The house insurance
was going to pay for everything but she needed her computer back as soon
as possible.

Her husband was away and she couldnt get in touch with him about what she should
do. She wondered if I could take a look at it because she really needed it for
her school work. I told her I would be more then happy to take a quick look and
see what I can do. She invited me over and I walked with her to her house.
Of course she lived next door so it was only a few steps to her house. We went
to the spare bedroom to where the computer was and when she turned it on. I
could start to smell a burning smell. The computer didnt come on or anything.

I told her I would take the CPU part of the computer back over to my house and
see how bad it is. If it wasnt bad I might have it back to her tomorrow night.
She thanked me and I unhooked the unit and took it back to my place. I sat it
on the table and got a screw driver and opened up the computer. Yea, the
lightning had done a job on it. I could tell right away the video card was bad.
It had burnt chips on it and that was probably what was making the burning
smell. I grabbed a spare video card and then got a spare mouse, keyboard, and
monitor from out of the closet.

The computer now seemed to power up fine. I ran a few diagnostic tests on it
and everything seemed to be fine. I notice they had a 60 gig hard drive in
the system. That was a pretty big hard drive for home use. Just because I
was bored I decided to look around the hard drive. I noticed that the computer
had a directory and everytime I switched to that directory it asked for a
password. I ran a utility I had and it said the directory had 10 gig of data
in it. Wow, that was a lot. Now it got my curiousity up. I looked over the
rest of the computer system and it mainly had word files and some school stuff
from Karen's k**s at school.

I then decided to see if I could get into the locked directory. I tried a lot
of things but nothing seemed to work. I went to my computer upstairs and
logged into the internet. I did some searches and finally found a program that
would tell you passwords used on the computer if you could log into the computer
as an administrator. Well, her computer didnt even make me log on. I wasnt sure
if the program would work but I downloaded it. I took it down to her computer
and ran the software real quick. BINGO, there was a list of about 8 passwords
that the program found hidden in the computers registry.

I tried each one at a time. On the 6th password the computer let me into the
directory. It had a bunch of sub directories. They were labeled with things like
Home:, Town:, Friends:, Outside:, Sites:, Videos:
I tried the directory called home first. Up popped about 1000 files. I clicked
on the first one and my whole body just tensed up. There was Karen laying on
the bed in a short little nightie, and her legs were spread and her finger was
inside her shaved pussy. My heart jumped right out of my body. I clicked on
picture after picture and it was all of Karen in different poses. God she looked
so sexy.

I ran upstairs and got my portable cdrom burner. I hooked it up to Karens
computer and One CD at a time I started dumping all the directories to CD's.
It took about 15 cd's to get everything and it took about 2 hours to copy it
all. Part of the reason it took so long was because I was in there looking
at pictures of her while the computer was burning the pictures to cd's.
When I finally had all of it, I turned her computer off and ran upstairs to
mine. My computer was much newer and faster and had a large 21" screen on it.
I took cd number one and put it in my computer and copied everything to a
directory I called Karen. I then copied the second, then the third, until all
15 cd's were copied back into my computer. I was so excited I couldnt believe

I now had all the time I wanted to look at and view the pictures that I took
off their computer. I moved from directory to directory to see what was in
each on. I viewed some from the town directory. It was pictures of Karen
out in public showing off. A lot of them were very risky. Like in the parking
lot of the mall, or at the lake with her top and bottoms off. Each directory
had about a 1000 pictures in it. Her husband must have been collecting these
for a long time. I switched to another directory called friends. When the
first picture popped up I couldnt beleive it. There was Karen sucking on a guy
why another girl was licking her cunt. I stayed in this directory for a while.
Karen had been with two guys, two girls, and all sorts of combinations. Most
the people stayed the same so it must have been some close friends of theirs.
With there being about a 1000 pictures in each directory, I couldn't look at them
all. I moved to the outside directory. I found out these were pictures that
showed Karen having sex somewhere outside. One of them even showed her on my
back patio giving some guy a blow job. Wow, where was I that day.

The next directory I went to was called videos. I clicked on one of the many
files there and up popped my movie player screen. Then the movie started.
It was Karen with a dildo in her hand. She started slowly pushing it inside
her cunt and she started rubbing her clit with her other hand. It lasted about
four minutes and had sound. At the end of the video you could see Karens whole
body shake as she came in one big orgasm. My dick was as hard as it had ever
been. I had to play another video. This one showed her dressed in a real
slutty looking outfit. Then it shows her walk up to somebody in their living
room, pull down his zipper, then take him in her mouth and start sucking him
while the guy is standing there. She sucks him for about 3 minutes when the
camera shows the guy cumming and Karen trying to suck him all down. Of course
she can get it all and some of it flows out the sides of her mouth. It was
just so hot to watch. The movies were so real and the sounds were so good
I had to keep watching them.

One movie had Karen in a little school girls outfit. All of a sudden a guy
comes up and asks her for sex. Karen refuses and the guy grabs her and
bends her over his knee. Karen of course wasnt wearing undies and the guy
reaches for a ping pong paddle. I watch as this guy really whips Karens
ass for about five minutes. Her ass is bright red and I can actually see
tears flowing from her eyes. The popping noise of the paddle hitting her
ass was very loud. With Karen just about in tears, the guy takes her off
his knee and pushes her down till she is on her knees and arms. He unzips
his zipper and presents his dick to Karen. Karen is still sort of crying but
she opens her mouth and lets the guy in. Karen wasnt moving very good up
and down the guys dick. He finally said thats it. He pointed to the paddle
that was laying next to him and a girl came and picked it up. Karen
didnt seem to notice this. The girl walked behind Karen and wound up and
let the paddle fly at Karens already red ass. A loud pop was heard on the
movie and Karens body jerked real quickly. The guy was holding Karens head
and told her she better start doing better. I thought the girl was going
to stop but pop after pop was heard on the tape and you could see the
girl whipping Karen's ass as she sucked on the guys dick.

The camera zoomed in first on her bright red ass as the girl kept slapping
it, then it moved around and zoomed up on Karen sucking on the guys dick.
Karens head was moving much faster on the dick now and you could see tears
flowing down the cheeks of Karens face. The guy came about a minute later
and when he did the whipping finally stopped. Another guy all of a sudden
took the first guys place and he pulled Karens tearie eyed faced down onto
his cock. You could hear the guy tell Karen she better suck him good or the
paddle would be back. Then you saw one more quick slap of the paddle on
Karens ass and she started sucking hard and fast on the new dick in front of
her. About 20 seconds later you saw a girl get behind Karen and the other
girl was naked. But the other girl had a large black dick attached to her
body by some sort of harness around her hips. The camera moved its angle
more to the back of Karen and thats when you could really see how red her
ass it. It was bright red, almost blue on both ass cheeks. The camera view
showed the girls hands squeezing a lot of lotion on the dildo then straight
onto the tops of Karens ass crack and pussy.

You heard Karen start to groan and she was shaking her head in sort of a
no fashion. It only took a couple seconds before the girl had her paddle
in her hand and about 8 quick slaps went to Karens ass. With the camera
at this angle you could see exactly how hard the girl was whipping Karens
ass. It was about as hard as the girl could swing. I could hear Karen
actually sniffling and sobbing as her head was pushed and pulled along
the dick in her mouth. About the same time the girl took hold on the big
black dildo and guided it to Karens very wet cunt. She played it up and
down her crack a few times then quickly she raised it up to Karens ass
and pushed the head into her tight hole up there. A loud grunt came out of
Karens mouth as the head of the large didlo opened up her ass and slid
inside. The girl didnt give Karen anytime to adjust. She just started
fucking the dick in and out of Karen. Then the girl grabbed the paddle
again in her right hand. She told the guy to take his hands off Karens
head and not to move.

The girl then actually called Karen her bitch and told her to start fucking
both of them. Karen didnt move so the girl started slapping her right ass
cheek. In no time Karen was pumping back onto the girls dildo which pulled
the cock out of her mouth. Then just before the cock left her mouth, she
would pull her body forward and this would push the dick deep into her
mouth and pull the dildo out of her tight ass hole. Karen worked like
this for about five minutes before the guy finally came in her mouth.
The video ended right after the guy flooded her mouth. It was about 13 minutes
long and it really did a job on me. I was so turned on i just couldnt take it
anymore. I replayed the movie and slowly rubbed my dick while I watched it.
I came like a rocket in about three minutes. I decided I was going to look
at pictures and watch movies most the night.

I went to bed about 4am and my alarm clock went off at 7am. I quickly decided
I was staying home today and called in to tell them I wouldnt be in to work.
I just said I wasnt feeling well. I went back to sleep and didnt wake up till
close to noon. When I did, I made some coffee and it was right back to the
computer. There was so much of Karen to watch. I found out from watching other
videos that Karen liked to be controlled and made to do things. She even talked
about it at the end of one of the videos. She thanked everybody for forcing her
to do what she has always fantasized about.

There were about 200 movie files in the directory. Thats what took up most the
guys space. I know why he had a 60 gig hard drive now. I watched movie after
movie and was amazed at some of the things they had Karen doing. I was staying
hard as a brick watching everything. Then I hit a movie and it was actually done
in their back yard. I dont know when or what time, but it looked to be around
noon or a little after. Karen was laying out in a small bikini. Then a girl
came out and stuck a blind fold on her. The video camera filmed the girl
slowly slipping Karen out of her bikini top and bottom and then showed Karen
totally nude on the blanket in the middle of her back yard. What happened next
even amazed me. They slipped a black dog collar around Karens neck. It had a
bunch of studs on it and then they hooked a dog leash up to the collar.
They had Karen get up and the girl led Karen around the yard and kept calling
her a nice little doggie. Karen was still blindfolded and followed the girl
all over the yard. Finally the girl pushed Karen back onto the blanket and had
her get on her knees. A guy came up in front of Karen and pulled down his
bathing suit. He got down on his knees so his dick was level with Karens face
and pushed his dick forward till it touched Karens lip. You could hear the
traffice drive by on the other side of the privacy fence. But that didnt slow
them down one bit.

The girl told her doggie to suck on the hot piece of meat that was in front of
her. Karen sucked for about two minutes. The girl was still standing behind
her holding the leash that was attached to Karens collar. Then the part that
really floored me happened. Another guy slowly brought something out and sat
it in front of Karen next to the guy. It was a large doberman pincher dog.
They had the dogs dick pointing out backwards between its legs. It was very long
and already stiff. Slowly the guy Karen was sucking moved back and away and they
sat the dog in his place. They moved the dog back toward Karen till the dick
was just an inch from her face. The girl told her doggie again to suck the
nice piece of hot meat in front of her. Karen moved forward and opened her
mouth. The dogs dick disappeared into Karens little mouth. You could tell
Karen wasnt sure about what it was. It didnt feel right in her mouth. The girl
was ready for this. She had the paddle in her hand and it landed right on
Karens ass. Suck that meat doggie, suck it good. She slapped Karen hard about
five times and Karen started going up and down on the dogs dick. The girl
got down next to Karen and helped guide her head up and down on the dick.
The guy that Karen was sucking first got behind Karen with the paddle and waited.

The dogs dick kept getting bigger and bigger. The girl at Karens head was having
to really force Karens head to keep running up and down the dogs big and growing
dick. She shook her head at the guy behind her. The guy took the paddle and
really started slapping Karens ass. The girl spoke up. Come on my doggie, suck
that doggie dick. I think it is then that Karen really figured out what they
had her doing. She tried to move her head away but thats why the girl was
there. The guy started slapping her butt harder and the girl told her again
to suck that doggie dick. About about 15 hard slaps to the butt Karen quit
fighting as much and the girl guided her head back to a good rhythm on the
dogs dick. It amazed me that they did this right in her back yard. They must
have know that me and the neighbors on the other side were gone or at work.
The camera was doing a close up of Karen sucking on the huge dick in her mouth.
You could now hear the dog start to pant loudly. The girl holding Karens
head in place knew what was about to happen. She looked at the guy behind
Karen and shook her heard. He immediately started whipping her already red

The girl yelled for Karen to suck that dog dick hard. Get more of it in your
mouth. Do it now! Karens ass was really starting to hurt bad i'm sure. The girl
forced more of the dogs dick into Karens mouth and the dog was grunting loud now.
Then the camera and the girl saw it at the same time. The end of the dogs dick
was starting to swell. The girl pushed hard on Karens head and the guy was
spanking her ass like there was no tomorrow. Suck more of that doggie dick into
your mouth, do it now. Karen let just a little more of the huge cock enter into
her mouth. That was all the dog could stand. Right before the dog started
pumping loads of thin white goo into Karens mouth, the tip of his dick flared
up to over double its size. The girl gave Karens mouth one final shove and the
entire large bulb finally pushed passed Karens widely opened mouth. Now the
explosion started. The dog yelled as the gooey liquid shoot out his dick and
down Karens throat. The huge sack that was in Karens mouth was keeping his
dick locked inside her for now. The thin wet gooey sperm had nowhere to go
but down Karens throat. Karen had to swallow or gag. The guy kept up the attack
on her ass as the girl was yelling at Karen to suck the dog dry. Karen couldnt
breath because the dog kept the back of her throat so full of dog sperm.
Finally the girl let go of Karens head and Karen pulled her head as hard as
she could away from the dogs dick. In a quick pop the dogs dick came out of
Karens mouth and continued spraying white hot sperm all over Karens face.
Tons of the dogs sperm flowed out of Karens mouth. The guy finally quit hitting
Karens ass and the camera just filmed all the goo running from Karens face.

The last scene of the movie was the camera moving behind Karen and showing her
beat red ass. Then that movie ended. It too was about 15 minutes long. I knew now
I had to get in on some of this action. It was just too hot to pass on. I
hooked the vcr up to my computer video card and put just that one video on
a blank video tape. I then kept looking over all the pictures and videos that
were on my hard drive. I also got Karens computer ready for her. She got home
from school around 4:30 and immediately rang my doorbell. I told her the computer
was done and there was no charge. We chatted for about five minutes before I
carried the computer back over to her house and set it up for her. As I left
I handed her the vcr tape and said play this sometime tonight then see what
you think.

She didnt know what I was talking about but she took the tape and said thank
you a couple more times. She seemed like such a nice girl to be involved in
all the things she was doing. I wasnt in the house more then 20 minutes when
the doorbell rang. It was Karen. He face was bright red and she asked if she
could come in. We went into the living room and sat down. She looked at me
and then asked, why did you give me that tape? I looked at her and told her
I had about 200 more movies just like that. Her head went down to looking at
the floor. I took charge of the conversation from there. You know what you did
there is against the law. Plus your working with k**s, they wouldn't understand
a lot of the other videos I saw. Karen's head was still looking down at the

I decided to just go for it. From now on, every night after you get off
school and your husband is out of town, I want you to go home and take a
hot shower. Then call me on the phone. I will come over and for the next few
hours your mine. If you do everything I say for six months, you will be out of
my debt and I will never tell or show anybody your pictures. But if you
ever go against me, you tell somebody about us, I will publish just about
everything and see that the school gets the same copy of the tape that I
gave you. I then asked if she understood. She didnt move or say a word.
I asked her again, this time she looked up and said, do I have a choice?
I said no. She then said she understood and got up and started to leave.
I told her I expected a call within an hour. I gave her my phone number and
She walked out the door. I went back to looking at more movies that were
on my computer.

I was pretty sure she would call but she waited till the last second to call
me. I turned off my computer and walked next door to her house. I tried
the front door first and it was unlocked. I just walked in. I saw Karen sitting
on the couch in her living room. She asked me to come and sit for a second.
She started on a long spill about her life with her husband. He rescued her
for a small town hell hole about 5 years ago. He took her away from her other
terrible life and set her up here in this house. He only had one condition.
The days he was home, he was lord and master. I would have to do anything
he wanted no matter what it was. I was his slave so to speak. He told me he
was usually home 1 week out of the month and on the road the other three
weeks. He also said he would put me thru school to become anything I wanted.
I always wanted to teach k**s so he put me thru college and I have been
teaching about two years now.

I only do what my husband tells me to do. Sometimes I fight against what he
wants me to do and he blisters my butt with the paddle until I finally give in.
I know I could leave at any time but I really do have it good here most the
time. He gives me everything I ask and he is gone so much everything works
out ok. If you notice on the videos, you never see anybody fucking me without
protection because I have a reaction when I try to take the pill. So usually
my husband tells them just not to even try to fuck me. As you can tell from
some of the videos, I get spanked a lot. I don't go along with a lot of the
things he wants me to do, so I fight back the best I can.

Karen went on talking for about 5 minutes before she finally asked me if I
would consider money or something else in payment. She really liked being
a teacher and didnt want her husband to find out that she was doing things
with another guy. It was a good story and she really poured her heart into
it. But I knew a good thing when I saw it. I looked right at her and told
her she had two choices, be my SLAVE anytime your husband is out of town
for the next six months, or be prepared for the school principal to call her
in. Karen got a really dirty look in her face and said "FINE, WHAT DO YOU

I set the rules down first. Karen would come home from school, shower, then
call me within an hour. She was to leave the backdoor unlocked so I could
walk out my backdoor, thru her yard, and into her house so nobody would
see me. Then for an hour or two, Karen would do everything I asked. This
would start tonight and last for six months. After six months, I will never
bother her again and none of the film or pictures will ever find its way
out of my possession. Karen didnt say nothing, she just sat there and
listened. I then asked her to show me her bedroom. We walked upstairs and
she sat on the bed and I looked thru her closet and a few drawers. I didnt
see what I was looking for. I asked her to show me the spare bedroom. Karen
didn't really want to take me in there. She showed me the room and the
door was shut. I opened the door and I knew right away this is where a lot
of the filming had taken place. There were mirrors all over the wall, their
were special benches and torture looking devices all along the room. Then I opened
the closest and there were all the different looking outfits I had seen her
in. There was a dresser in the closet also and when I opened the drawers,
they were full of assorted toys and devices that I didnt even know what they
were. I had seen enough for now.

I grabbed Karen by the hand and led her downstairs. I had her kneel in the
living room and I was so horny I had to get some quick releif. Karen glanced
up at me as I slowly unzipped my rock hard dick. I pulled it out and held
it in Karens face. This was her last chance to back out. Karen just sort of
closed her eyes and let her face fall forward. She started slowly sucking
up and down my shaft. It had been so long since I had been with anybody.
And Karen was very good. It felt fantastic. Of course because of that I lasted
less then two minutes and when I started shooting I pulled the back of Karens
head deep onto my dick just about burying the entire shaft in her mouth.
This relationship would be totally different then anything I had before.
Usually you have to take the other person's feelings into account, but with
Karen, she was there to please me. I was going to use her to the best of
my abilities for the next six month. After she finally sucked me dry, I
let go of her head and she pulled back and away from my dick. Why she
was wiping her face off I pulled up my zipper and told her this was good
for the first night. I told her tomorrow to leave her backdoor unlocked
when she went to school. And I would expect her phone call tomorrow night.

With her still on her knees, I turned around and left but I used the back
door this time. When I got home I was trembling very hard. I have never
treated another person like that before. I found out it made you feel very
powerful. I turned back on my computer and got a notepad and started looking
between the pictures and the movies of Karen. I took a lot of notes of things
to look for tomorrow at her house and things I wanted to do. I got a
calendar book from the kitchen that I had never used. I was going to use
it to track what I want to do each day with Karen and then log exactly what
I did do. I marked in the calendar exactly what happened tonight. Taught
slave the rules and received BJ in living room. Now I had to start planning
for tomorrow nights action.

I was up most the night again. The next day of course I called in and told
them I really felt sick still. I wasnt going in to work this day either.
I watched the front of the house and around 8am in the morning I saw Karen
drive by on her way to school. I immediately walked out my back door, went
thru the fence into her yard, and tried the back door. BINGO, it was unlocked.
I went directly up to the SLAVE room and started looking closely at everything.
I started putting together devices with movies or pictures I had seen of
Karen the past couple nights. I started really examining the clothes and
toys in the closet. I found the handcuffs, the blind folds, the three or
four different paddles, I found some electronic devices I didnt know what
they were. I wrote the names of the devices down on my notepad and kept
looking around. I looked thru her outfits and it was hard to choose one
I really liked the most. They were all really good and expensive outfits.
They weren't the cheap 20 dollor outfits you can get at some places.

I finally found a cute but very short school girls outfit. I remembered it
from one of the films where they whipped the bad little school girl and made
her do a few things. I pulled that out and found the little pink tennis shoes
that went with the outfit. I put the outfit and the shoes on Karens bed in her
bedroom. I then went back and looked thru the toy store. I pulled a few things
out and put them in a bag that was on the floor. I took the bag downstairs
and looked thru the closets down there until I found a nice large blanket.
I was now about ready. I sat down and wrote Karen a note.

On your bed upstairs is the outfit I want you to have on when I come over
there tonight. I expect you to shower, then grab your razor and shave your
pussy completely bald. All young girls should have a smooth pussy. In fact,
every night from now on that you know I am coming over, I want you to use
the razor and removed any stubble on your pussy, no matter how small you
think it is. Don't disappoint me because today I made up four or five special
videos, wrapped them up and addressed them to places you wouldnt like. The
school, the police department, a couple of the local neighbors, and of course
your parents back home. I found their address in your address book under the
phone. You dont want to ever make me mad. I'll be awaiting your call.

I then put the note on the kitchen counter where she would see it when she
came home. I also put the blanket and bag full of toys out onto her back
patio. I didnt think anyone would bother them. I used the backdoor and went
back over to my house. I grabbed my checkbook and headed out the door. There
was one thing I knew I just had to have. I went to one of the large video
stores in town and bought a very expensive but very small vcr camera. One
tape would record about 4 hours and the camera was just bigger then my hand.
I had plans on doing some of my own recording. I got back to the house after
eating lunch around 2pm. I wasnt even a third of the way thru looking at all
the pictures and movies that her husband had taken of Karen. I continued
to view everything and take notes. Watching her movies always turned me
on a lot. This little girl had done quite a lot of things for her husband
and his friends.

I kept watch out my living room window and around 3pm I saw Karens car drive
by. I peeked at the time and then continued to watch the pictures. I had
a couple pages of notes already about things I really liked. It wasnt
till around 4:15 that my phone ring. All I heard was OK, then the phone
went dead. I knew it was Karen so I turned off my computer and started out
the back door. When I got there Karen was on the couch. She was dressed in
everything I had layed out. I had her stand up and she looked hot. I
walked over to where she was and slowly lifted her skirt. She had on some
white thong undies. I sort of yelled at her. I didnt lay those on the bed.
I reached under her skirt and pulled them down rather roughly. I thought
she was testing me to see what she could get away with. I pulled them off
her feet and then stood up and looked her right in the face. Every day
from now on I will pick an outfit for you to wear. I will put EVERYTHING
I want you to put on right there on your bed. Don't you dare every add
or subtract everything again. Then I had another idea.

I grabbed her by the hand, pulled her upstairs and took her into the slave
room. While she was standing there I opened the closet, pulled open a
drawer and pulled out a ping pong paddle. She saw it right away. She started
shaking her head, no, thats not needed. I yelled at her again, I will decide
what is needed. I pulled her towards me and I sat on a bench and threw her over
my knee. She kicked a little but I pulled her tiny little skirt up and started
the first stroke of the paddle to her ass. I didnt really hold back. I had
never done this before so when the paddle POPPED super loudly on her ass it
sort of scared me. Karen started kicking but I had seen the videos, I then
just kept whipping her butt for a couple minutes. I didnt want her to ever think
I was weak. POP, POP, POP, POP. I watched as her ass turned from light pink, to
light red, to bright red. As her feet flaired around, I also got a view of her
freshly shaved pussy. Boy did it look good.

I spanked her for about two minutes which was about 25 or 30 slaps with the
paddle. Both cheeks were solid red. I pushed her up and tears were flowing from
her eyes. I looked her in her face, do not ever disappoint me again. Her head
was just shaking up and down in agreement. She wanted nothing to do with more
of the paddle. I grabbed her hand and guided her downstairs. I opened the back
door and pulled her out into the middle of it. I had already layed the blanket
out before I walked into her house earlier. Also there was the bag with
toys in it and my new video camera on a tripod. Karen saw the camera right away
and said, please, no more pictures. I had the paddle in my hand and right there
in the doorway I slapped her ass as hard as I could. I yelled at her as I pushed
her out the door, don't every try to tell me what to do.

The power had really gone to my head. I was in love with the power I had over Karen.
For the first time ever, I had a person who could not say no. Whatever my
imagination or fantasy wanted, I could have. It was like a d**g. I sat Karen down
on the blanket while I pressed the record button on my vcr camera. I already had
it adjusted to the right angle. I then went over to Karen. She looked really cute
in her outfit. I looked right at her and told her I would tell her things I
wanted her to do. I would only tell her once, if I had to repeat myself, then
I would use this. I held up the paddle and showed it to her. I told her to
lay back and spread her legs. Now lift her feet forward toward her so her
knees are up in the air.

She did everything fine so far. Now take your fingers, get them wet with your
mouth and start rubbing and fingering your pussy. Karen started do this and
I could hear the cars driving by the privacy fence of her back yard. If anybody
was to look over the fence, boy would they get a surprise. I watched as she
rubbed her pussy up and down and occassionally stuck a finger up her tiny
little cunt. Her pussy was shaved completely bald like I asked. While she
was getting herself worked up I moved the camera a little bit. I then had
her turn over and get on her knees. I again had her reach behind her and
rub her pussy thru her legs. I could see her pussy glisten from here. I went
and looked thru the camera one last time to make sure it was exactly how I
wanted it. I then told Karen to close her eyes and keep them closed. I proceeded
to move next to Karens head and I told her I would be telling her exactly what
to do and say. First time she disappointed me and...... I then rubbed the paddle
up against her still very red butt. She understood what I meant.

With the camera running I slowly slipped off my pants and shorts and rolled
on a quick rubber onto my dick. I slowly moved between Karens legs and the
next thing she felt was a dick pushing to find the entrance to her pussy.
She spoke out and opened her eyes. Please, I cant get pregnant. Please dont
fuck me. I used her hand and put it on my dick. Feel this slave, its a rubber.
Now no more talking until I tell you. My dick then found the entrance and
started to slip in. I could hear the "OH PLEASE NO" come very silently from
Karens lips. I pretened like I didnt hear that one since she didnt say it very
loudly. Her cunt felt so good after two years of going without. I started
sliding in and out very slowly. I noticed that Karens hand wasnt working that
good on her pussy. I had given her one warning, I slid my body aside just a
little so I had a free shot at her right butt cheek. Then I let the paddle
come down. I heard the loud snap as it got her right cheek. Karens body jumped
forward. I put my head down by her head. If I come before you, you will get
30 more hits by the paddle, do you understand me. She quickly shook her head.
I noticed a difference immediately in her hand movements and her body movements.

She was now actually fucking back against me. It felt tremendous. I soon learned
I didnt have to move. Her body fucked forward and back against my body. I
leaned forward and told her I wanted to hear how good it was, how great it
felt, how much she wanted me to keep fucking her. I dont want you to stop
telling me this until you cum. Now start right now. I layed the paddle on her
butt for a second. She knew I meant business. Then she started:
"Oh please, dont stop, fuck me hard. Oh god, i love it, I want it, I need it."
She kept this up for a couple minutes and then her body started slamming into
me. Her talking went to funny sounding groans then she yelled out pretty loud,
"I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh my god, I'm cumming." And boy did she cum. It
felt like her whole pussy just vibrated on my dick. It still took me about
another minute but I finally also came hard and deep in her very moist cunt.
Luckily I was wearing a rubber as Im sure I flooded the rubber full of hot
white sperm.

I let the feeling fade away then slowly pulled out of Karen. She was also allowing
the fading feeling of cumming disappear. She hadnt moved since I pulled out
and I had her turn over on her back and lay down. I looked at my watch. It was
5:00 pm. We had about 2 more hours before the sun would start to go down. I
looked at Karen's body and it was pure white. She had a great looking body but
you could tell she never got out much. She had hardly any sun tan on her body
and it was early june now. I had Karen sit up and I pulled her top off her
then when she layed back down, off came the little school girl skirt. All she
had on now was her tennis shoes. I had her lay back and out of the bag I pulled
a very small version of a blindfold. It was really more like to eye patches on
a band that went around your head. I put this on Karen and told her to lay back.
She did but while she did it she said please dont get mad and whip me but
its getting off work time. All the neighbors will be coming home and the k**s
will be playing. Its not a very good time for me to be out her like this.

She was probably right of course but then I thought about it. I wouldnt care if
a neighbor saw her out like this. Because she said everything nicely, I told
her I would pay close attention to the fence and sounds. Her job was just to
lay there and do what I asked. She gave a little frown to her face but didnt
say another word. I told her I would be here watching and walking around the
yard. She is not to move till I told her. I got up but left the video camera
on her. She did look so good laying there in the sun. She had a very nice body
for a 27 year old girl. I walked into the house quietly so Karen wouldnt know
I had left. I went to the bathroom and found some baby oil. I walked back
outside and started oiling Karens body down. I worked about five minutes on the
front of her. Her body was now all wet and slippery. I looked at my watch.
It was 5:15. I let her lay on one side for 30 minutes. Then at 5:45 I had her
turn over on her stomach and I used the baby oil to do her backside. Again I
made her lay there for about 30 minutes. That was an hour total out in her
back yard under the hot sun totally nude. I finally let her get up and come

I knew I had a lot of days ahead of me so I decided to call it a night. I told
Karen she had the rest of the night to herself and I went back to my house.
I looked over the video tape I took and finally went to bed early for one night.
Today was friday and I decided that I needed to go to work at least for a little
while. I went in early in the morning and pretended I was still really sick. By
noon my boss told me I should just go home for the rest of the day. I told him
I was sorry but I had really been having stomach problems. I went straight home
and as soon as I got there, I walked around back and went over to Karens house.
It was unlocked and I walked upstairs to check out the slave room closet. I
wanted something different tonight, so I looked over some of her skirt outfits.
One was a micro mini black leather skirt, and hanging with that skirt were some
red thigh high fishnet stockings, and a red lace shirt. I picked this outfit
and layed it on the bed. There with all her shoes were some 3 inch red spiked
high heal shoes. I had not seen this outfit in any of the pictures yet so I
wanted to see how hot Karen looked with it on.

I looked thru the drawers and I found what I knew was there. In a bag was about
20 different makeup items, hot red and pink lipstick, bright eye shadow, etc.
I grabbed the bag and put it next to the dress. I picked out the lipstick,
eyebrow shadow, and other things I wanted Karen to put on. I also put a
bottle of perfume there. I also left a note with the makeup, use a lot and I
better be happy. Please dont make me tell you its not enough. You know what will
happen if I do. Now that I had all her clothes set out, I went back to my
house to make plans for the evening. I knew she would be calling again around
4:00 to 4:30. A couple hours went by and it was now 3:30. I played on the
computer awhile looking at more of her stuff. At 4:30 today the phone rang. All
I heard again was "OK". I knew it was time.

I walked over and went in the back door. I figured she would be on the couch.
When I turned the corner there she was. MY GOD, what a beautiful woman when
dressed up. She was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. The outfit
was tight, short, and very sexual. I looked at her face. She had done this
before. The bright pink lipstick was on very heavy and she fixed her eyes
up so they glistened when you looked at them. The short skirt only came a
couple inches below her ass. I walked over and sort of looked her over. Then
I did the final test. I pulled her skirt up a little in the back. NO UNDIES.
I patted her on the back like a possession and told her you did very good
tonight. I grabbed her by the hand and guided her out the back door of
her house. I then guided her to my house and into my garage. I had her
get in my car then told her to duck down. Her eyes got big.

Before she could get anything out of her mouth the garage door started
to open. I could hear her stutter a little, I, I, I can't, I mean, Please,
please dont make me go out like this. By the time she got that out of her
mouth I already had the garage door coming down. I could see the fright in
her eyes. I told her to stay down till I said get up. I drove a couple miles
away from our homes then had her get up. Her eyes were pleading with me.
Please can we just go home. I pulled over on the side of the road and looked
at her with my sternest face. I'm here to give the orders and decide what
we do. Do not keep questioning my decisions or you will not like what I do.
I then reached over and pulled her seat into the full back position. I let
it back down till it layed back at a 45% angle. I pushed her back and
told her not to open her eyes until I said. She looked really scared but
she did as I said. I then looked over and man did she look hot. I reached
over and adjusted her skirt. It was super short already but i pulled it
up some on her waist. When I was done with adjusting her skirt, the bottom
of her skirt rested on the top of her shaved pussy. She knew her pussy
was exposed too.

I then lifted one foot of hers at a time and stuck in up on the dash in front
of her. I spread them out a little then looked at how hot she looked. I decided to
make her work a little. I took my finger and got it as wet as I could with
my mouth and then I started rubbing all the moisture up and down her pussy.
I did this till she was soaking wet. I then guided her left hand to her pussy
and told her to start rubbing. I started the car back on the road and kept
looking at my cute little slave girl. Boy I felt good knowing she had to
do my every wish. It took about three minutes but I finally hit I-98 expressway.
I pulled onto the road and got up to speed. It was still real early and the
sun was out strong. I knew exactly where I was going. But I wanted to have
some fun on the way. Up in front of me was exactly what I wanted. I spoke to
my slave to start fingering her wet cute pussy. I watched as she started
poking her middle finger deep up into her shaved cunt. Just about that time
I pulled up next to the first semi. I eased up beside him then he finally
looked down. His face told it all. He rolled down his window to get a better
view. I looked over at my slave and told her to keep her eyes closed. I
tried to think of something that the trucker would love to see. I finally
figured it out.

I told Karen to slowly pull the finger out of her cunt and take it to her
lips. Then suck it in just like it was a dick and suck it a few times. I
watched and she did exactly as I asked. Wow, my dick even got hard watching
that. The trucker was on his cb talking and laughing. I waved goodbye and
pulled away. He would have loved to keep up with me but his truck was to
big. I went about a mile and looked over and Karen was still slowly
rubbing her cunt. Ah, another truck ahead. I pulled up again and was ready
to give the trucker a good show. I pulled up beside the window and gave the
trucker about 20 seconds to get a good luck. I then looked up to see the
trucker and to my amazement it was a woman. She was stareing closely at
Karen rubbing her wide open cunt. She never did stare over at me. I
decided to give her the same show. I told Karen to take her finger slowly
out of her cunt and suck it again for me. The woman watched in amazement
as Karen started sucking the cunt juices off her finger. I gave the
woman another 40 seconds then I left her behind too. I wonder what was going
thru her mind after we drove away.

I was just about to our destination. It was 5:45 and the sun was still up good.
I just pulled into a parking lot and told Karen not to stop and not to open
her eyes. I went to my trunk and pulled out my goodie kit. I looked around,
there were other cars there but no more then about 10. I went over and opened
Karens door. I stuck the blind folds on her that looked like two eye
patches. I then put a large cheap pair of sunglasses I bought just for the
occassion. I started to pull Karen up out of her seat. Of course she couldnt
see anything. She whispered "where are we". I just told her to grab my arm and
follow me. She was very unsure about it but she knew she had no choice. I
carried my bag in one hand and led her by the other. We walked down a path
for about 3 minutes then I stopped. I looked around and figured this would
be a great place. I opened my bag and spread out a blanket. I then told
Karen to slowly sit down. She held my hand and let her body drop. I told
her not to worry, we were at a fairly secluded spot. While she sat there I
pulled out some of the things I brought including my vcr camera. I then
started working on Karen.

First I started unbuttoning her silk shirt. I didnt pull it off yet, I just
left it unbuttoned. Then I reached for the zipper on the side of my slaves
skirt. I unzipped in and with a quick pull it was out from under her. I started
pulling off her shirt and Karen started shaking her head no. She keep shaking
it no and then slowly started saying no. I looked around. Nobody was there
as of this time. I grabbed the paddle and before she knew what had happened
I started spanking her butt. She tried to grab my hand and paddle but I finally
got her hands pinned. I told her as I was whipping her if she kept it up, I was
leaving and the videos were going in the mail. This settled her down a lot but
her head kept going back and forth in the no motion. I didnt want to have this
problem all night with her so I slapped the paddle as hard as I could against
her ass. I kept telling her, shake your head yes when you want me to continue
undressing you. Her head was still shaking no. I increased the rhythem. I was
hitting her butt about one stroke per second. It was turning bright red again.
I had watched enough of the videos that her husband made to know sooner or
later she would always give in. I was amazed how long she held out. I could
hear her crying and finally her head started shaking yes. I gave her a few
more slaps and then looked at her ass. It was near blue in color. I told her
don't ever argue with me. If you question me, you will have to pay.

I rolled her off my knee and she was still sobbing and tears were still flowing
down her cheeks. I finished taking her shirt off then removed her stockings
and shoes. She was now entirely nude and she didnt even know where she was.
Since her butt was so blue, I let her lay on her stomach first. I poured out
the baby oil and covered her body in it. I looked at the sun and it was still
very bright. I layed her out with her legs spread wide apart. It only took
about 10 minutes before the first people started walking our way. I had
brought Karen to a lake that was pretty deserted but a lot of people used
it for nude sunbathing and throwing wild parties. You couldnt really swim in
the water. I watched the people coming and they got very quiet as they got
close. They stopped behind us and stood there. I decided if they were going
to stand there why not let them watch something.

It was a guy and a girl, about 22 or 23 years old. They were nice and didnt
say a word but they did kind of stand there and stare. They noticed right
away that I was fully dressed and Karent was completely nude. I then told
Karen to turn over. They watched as my young cute slave turned over
and I positioned her legs pretty wide open. I think they were both amazed
that Karen would do that right there on the lake with people in view.
Karen had the blind fold on under her sun glasses so she couldnt see anything.
I grabbed the lotion and poured it over the front of her body. I then told
Karen to rub the lotion into her pussy and make sure the insides were
well coated too. Karen knew what I meant and she started rubbing the
lotion up and down her pussy crack. Then her finger started disappearing
inside her cunt. The girl watching was so surprised. THe guy was loving
every minute of it but the girl was just spell bound. I let her rub
her pussy for about three minutes while the people watched then I sort of
waved the people on by. They understood and the boy grabbed the girls hand
and they slowly walked away. They both kept looking back to watch Karen
rub her pussy. I finally allowed her to stop. I was hoping somebody else
would walk our way but we stayed an hour and nobody showed up.

I grabbed a towel and wiped as much lotion as I could off of Karen. I
then started putting her same clothes back on her. I turned off the camera
I had set up and then got Karen up and guided her back to the car. As
we drove away I allowed her to remove her mask and glasses and I got back
on the highway. Today was friday so I knew neither of us had to go to work
tomorrow. I drove till we hit a little pool bar that I knew about. When I
pulled in Karen begged me not to make her go in. I walked around and
opened her door and helped her out. I didnt make a comment. I just guided
her inside the bar. Of course when we walked in, every head in the place
turned our way. Karen was a talking sex sign. With her very short skirt
and fishnet stocking and heels, every dick in the place was probably starting
to rise. I went over and rented a rack of balls for one hour. I took them
back to the table and set up the rack. I picked out a cue for both of us.
I broke the rack and nothing went in. I handed the cue to Karen and
told her it was her turn. She looked around and the 15 or so guys were all
stareing our way. She turned to me and said she didnt know how to play.
I thought for a second then quickly told her GREAT, I'll TEACH YOU.

I had Karen hold the que in her hand, then I got behind and beside her
and started to put her into position. She fought me and didnt want to
cooperate. I whispered in her ear, YOU QUIT FIGHTING OR I'LL PULL THE
PADDLE OUT RIGHT IN HERE. At first she didnt relax but I told her again, I
mean it, Dont push me in here. At that point Karen gave up and let her
body loose. I slowly bent her over the table and lined up the shot. I
knew and Karen knew what was happening. The very short skirt popped
halfway up her ass. Everybody in the bar got a great shot of her undieless
butt. I lined up the shot with her and it went in. I relaxed and told her
good shot. I looked around and she definately was the center of attention.
I think Karen tried not to look at anyone. I moved her over about a foot
and decided to shoot a shot that would point her ass right at the bar
where most the guys were.

I walked her to position and put the cue back in her hand. I then bent
her over and her dress rode up her ass again. If anybody had missed the
first show, they didnt miss this one. She couldnt quite get her hand
close enough to the ball to line up on it. I figured this might happen.
I got the cue extender and showed her what it was for. I put the cue
extender on the table then put the cue in her hand. I looked down and
before she put the cue towards the extender, I had her spread her legs
a little, then a little more. Her legs were about a foot and a half
apart. I now got behind her and started bending her body over again.
It didnt go down easy but she was finally bent in half. I told her not
to move an inch and I would go around the other side of the table and
line up the shot. I whispered in her ear, do not move your body if you
know whats good for you. I moved from behind her and on my way to the
other side of the table I could see her dress up to about her waist.
Her legs were far enough apart that her shaved pussy lips just stared
at you between her legs.

I walked around the other side of the table and pretened to help her
move the cue around for a couple seconds. This whole time everybody
at the bar had their eyes glued on Karens cunt. I finally said ok,
shoot. Karen pushed the cue forward but she just barely missed the
shot. She stood up pretty straight right after that. I walked around
and grabbed the pool cue and told her it was my turn. She turned around
and for the first time saw the 15 or so guys stareing very hard in her
direction. Her eyes went directly to the floor. She knew what they had
all just viewed. It took us about 30 minutes to finish just the one
game. And of course every shot was a show put on by Karen. I finally
told her we were leaving and the look of releif on her face was

As I paid our bill everybody was stareing at Karen. As we walked out
the door the whole place started into a round of applause. Karen turned
a bright red and I continued to take her to the car. I decided to take
Karen home for the night. I had her duck down as we got into our
neighborhood and I pulled the car into the garage and shut it. I escorted
Karen back over to her house and took her upstairs to the slave room.
I turned on the radio to a sexy rock station and grabbed my camera. I
started it up and then told Karen to start doing a sexy strip for me.
She just wanted to get the night over. She started gyrating to the music
and I was surprised how good she was. She really danced good and sexy
to the music. Slowly her clothes started coming off and when she was nude
I had her start fingering herself again. After a couple minutes I had her
get onto a chair that looked like a bench. She laid forward onto it
and her butt was at the perfect angle to play with. I told her to reach
under the bench and continue the rubbing on her pussy. I set the
camera in a good angle to record everything then I slide into my pocket and
pulled out a rubber.

Karen was busy with her pussy and I slipped my pants down and slid on
the rubber. Her pussy was just perfect for me to stand between her legs
and slip right into her. I started to push my dick in and Karen opened
her eyes immediately. Softly words came out of her mouth again, oh please no,
not again. I felt her hand leave her pussy and move up to my dick. I didnt
do anything and let her feel that I was wearing a rubber. I then pushed her
hand back to her clit and said again, you better cum before me or the paddle
with come out for 30 swats. Karen started rubbing harder and faster on
her cunt. The feeling of her tight pussy around my dick was still the best
thing I had ever felt. She started cumming in about three minutes and a
couple minutes after that I finally filled the rubber full. I got up and
dressed and told Karen I was calling it a night. I also told her I
would be over at 1pm either saturday or sunday. It was her choice.

Of course I knew she would pick sunday to put it off as long as she could.
That was ok because I needed to recooperate for the great experiences she
had given me. Also I was going shopping tomorrow for something special. I
had seen some special bathing suits on the internet that would be perfect
for Karen. The were very tiny. The just covered from the top of the
pussy crack to the bottom on the her pussy and the rest was all string.
The top had two tiny triangles that covered her nipples and and a silver
dollor size triangle that covered part of her breast. But what was really
great were they were usually a white material that wasnt see thru. The
suit barely made it legal to wear out in public. And the best part of the
suit was it had no liner. And when the suit got wet, it really turned
transparent. It actually allowed you to see thru the suit. It didnt hide
anything when wet. I looked the suits up on the internet and the only
stored that sold them close to us was a beach store that was an hour
away in new jersy. I decided to take the hour trip and pick up the
bikini. When I got to the store, the entire store was made up of bikinis
like this. I was in a candy store. Finally a salegirl came to help me and
she explained the suit to me. We finally made a decision on a suit and
this thin tiny suit cost me $90.00. I bought the suit and a nice looking
white tee shirt that Karen could wear over the suit.

I drove back home and waited for sunday to arrive. I watched more videos
of Karen that her husband had taped. I finally found out why she could
dance so good. She use to have to dance for him and his friends just like
she was a bar girl. She had some great moves that she didnt even use when
I was there. I had to keep watching these films to see what all she was
made to do. By 11:00 pm saturday night I had finally hit the half way point
in watching her movies. I had so many ideas I wanted to try on her. But
tomorrow was already planned. At 1:00 pm I went over to Karens house
via the back door. She was there on the couch sitting in some blue jeans
and a shirt. I had not picked anything for her to wear. I went over grabbed
her by the hand and stood her up. I undressed her right there in the living
room and felt her pussy with my hand. It was still perfectly smooth. At least
she was shaving like I asked her to. I told her to close her eyes and I
slipped the small suit over her body and slowly figured out how to hook it
up. I stood back and it was just as advertised. Without her being shaved she
could never wear the suit. The material started about an 1/8 of an inch above
her pussy crack and was a tiny patch that ended right about where her butt
was. Then strings ran around her waist and tied together on the side. The
top covered her nippled and about 1/4 of her breasts. I then slipped the
tee shirt over her and took her upstairs. I had her put on some of her
hottest pink lipstick that they had bought for her. A little eye liner then redden
up the cheeks and I guided her back to my house. I brought an emergency kit
with me of some clothes, her blindfolds and sun glasses, blanket, radio, and
some other goodies.

I had her get into my car and she knew the routine now. She didnt fight and
got down until I told her to get up. I let her watch the entire way as I
drove out to a nice crowded lake that everybody liked to go to. I found
a nice place to lay down. There were people pretty much all around us. I layed
out the blanket and had Karen lay back on it. Then I had her give me the
tee shirt. This is the first time she got to see the bikini she was in. It
showed a lot but as she looked, everything was covered. She was really ok with
this suit. She had been put on shows so many times that this actually felt like
a lot of clothes. I had her lay back and I turned the music on. I let her sun
about 20 minutes getting her face and stomach all tanned up. It was very hot
outside and both our bodies were sweating up a storm. I had Karen lift
up for a second. She took this moment to examine her suit. yes, it was small
but very exceptable to her. I looked around and many people already were
staring at her small suit. It was the smallest suit on the beach. I then
reached over and grabbed the rather long tee shirt that Karen had worn
over her suit. Put this back on. She did and it covered both her top and her
bottom. I walked Karen out to the water and I waded her out until the water
just came up above her waist. I then turned her around and walked her back
in. I didnt get her top wet. Just her bottom. I had some good plans here.
we walked back in and I told Karen to lay back down. I then had her
close her eyes for a second. This scared her but she did it. I then slowly
helped her out of her shirt. I layed her back down and told her to open her
eyes back up.

Her eyes immediately went to her suit. She could only see the top and the stings
on the sides of her bottom but everything looked fine. She reached down with
her hands and adjusted the bottom a little to make sure it was in place.
Everything felt fine. I told Karen to lay back and enjoy the sun. Under
no circumstances was she to open her eyes or get up. She shook her head ok
as this wasnt bad at all. I grabbed my camera out of the bag. I got up a little
and looked over at Karens bottoms. I could not beleive it. They were
100% transparent. She had nothing on. You could see the strings on each side
of the suit, but the material was like a thin mesh. I couldnt really even tell
she had a suit on. I jumped up and started filming what I was seeing. Her pussy
crack was right there and I reached down with my hands and spread her feet
about two feet apart. This opened her little pussy right up. WIth the sun
beating down on Karen, it was like a spotlight. I could actually see her
little pussy hole between her spread out cunt lips. I filmed about a couple
minutes worth then moved down the beach toward the water. It only took about
10 seconds after I moved out from in front of her that people started
noticeing her. The radio was playing fairly loud next to Karens ears and
people would gasp and some spoke out with how dare she. Everybody had
to walk by and view this woman on complete display. Many guys would walk
by three or four times. I just kept the tape running. I would zoom in and
allow the camera to see what they were seeing. Then I'd zoom out and get
the expression on peoples faces as they walked by. She was very hot out
on show like this.

As the sun dried her suit it became less and less transparent. 25 minutes
later her suit was completely dry and no longer see thru. I noticed she
was starting to get a very nice tan on her body. I knew she was hot again so
I let her lift up. She looked down at her suit and everything was fine. I
handed her my tee shirt this time. It was much shorter and only went down to
about her waist. I got her up and told her time to rinse off again. This was
the first time her butt actually got to be seen. All you could see from the
back was one string disappearing into her crack. Other then that her entire
butt was on view. I think she knew this but this was still more clothes
then she was use to and she looked around and saw other girls in thongs.
None were wearing strings but a few had on thongs. She felt ok in what she
was wearing. I guided her to the water and I waded out until my shirt
just about touched the water. I turned us around and walked back in. I knew
what that meant. I knew I had about 20 minutes of 100% transparency. We
finally left the water and instead of leading Karen to our blanket, I
turned to walk down the beach.

I decided to show off my prize to everyone. I kept us down near the waters
edge but I knew her suit looked like she had nothing on. Everybody no
matter how far away would see all of her pussy crack and ass. We walked
ten minutes up the beach and thru about 200 people. Every one of them stared
as we went by. I then turned Karen around and walked her back for another
10 minutes. I walked slower coming back because I wanted to make sure the
suit was dry. We finally got to our towel and I helped Karen down. First
thing she did was check out her suit. It was perfect. It hide everything and
was in the proper place. I had her flip on her back and I spread her legs out
wide. I told her to stay here and I would get some water to cool us off. While
she layed there I filled up a large glass with lake water and brought it back.
I poured a little on her legs, a lot on her ass, and a little on her back. It
did cool her off, but guess what, her pussy came straight into view. I made
sure her legs were fairly wide apart. Without the material there, she has
just a few strings trying to cover her lower body, they didnt cover anything.
I left her laying there and took the camera and filmed some more. Many
people walked by and pointed and made comments. Karen heard none of them
because of the loud radio. For 20 minutes I filmed the mass of people that
had to walk by for a look. Finally her suit dried again and I decided it
was time to go.

I got Karen up, let her put on the long shirt and we walked back to the
car. Karen looked at me and told me she actually had a good time for once.
I told her that every weekend, I would take her somewhere in her new suit if
she was good during the week. The weekend could be her little fun time to
get some sun and relaxed. She actually told me that would be nice for a change.
I took her directly home and told her to run take a shower. I looked thru
her closet and picket out a skirt and shirt outfit. I left a note for her
to put these on and I would be back in one hour. I also told her to do her hair
and face up the way I would like it. I went back over to my house and took a
quick shower and got dressed. Then I left to pick up Karen to take her out
for a bite to eat.

Karen was sitting on the couch when I arrived. She had put on the skirt and shirt
that I picked out and when she got up and turned toward me, her face was done up
perfect. Her bright pink lips matched the short pink skirt I had picked out for her.
All the skirts in Karens PLAY closet were only about 7 or 8 inches long. There was
no semi short skirts. Every one of them was micro mini's. It made picking out her
outfits very easy. I got her back to my house and into my car. I had her hiding till
we got out of our neighborhood. Karen thanked me again for giving her a near normal
outting. If only she really knew. I told her she can pay me back by not causing
any problems at all for me. She looked over my way and actually said "I will try".
That was a huge start.

I took Karen to a nice little resturant. She really looked good in her tight
little skirt. And she knew exactly how to wear and sit with those short little
outfits. I started our night with drinks and as the dinner went on I never stopped
the flow of alcohol. I had Karen drinking two drinks for every one that I drank.
By the time dinner was done, it was around 7:30 pm. I knew exactly where I wanted
to take her now. It was a dance club around 30 minutes for the resturant. But
this wasnt your normal little dance bar, this club was a hangout of Lesbians of all
type. Karen didnt say a word as we pulled into the parking lot. I didnt know if she
knew what this place was about or not. We got into the club a little after 8:00pm.
It was a little dark and a lot of couples were paired off in their own booths. I
found us a good booth and we both sat down. I looked around and noticed just about
every couple was two girls. I dont think Karen even looked around to see this.
Right now music from a juke box was playing and I ordered us a couple drinks. Karen
actually chatted just a little bit as she drank her drink. We listened to the music
and Karen talked every so often about her work at the school. I tried to keep the
conversation going but I wasnt too successfull. I ordered Karen three drinks total
in the first hour we were there. I had to lift her glass and tell her to drink some
after that third glass. I think she was full and ready to stop but I didnt let her.

Just a little after 9pm an all girls band started to play. I had never seen one
before and they were pretty good. I got another drink down Karen and I could tell
it was finally having the effects I was after. People started dancing and I took
Karen up to dance. A lot of people stared at us, this time not because of the way
Karen looked, but because we were one of only a few boy/girl couples there. The bar
got busier by the hour. I was now sitting very close to Karen and actually picking
her drinks up for her and guiding them to her lips. We danced a couple more songs
and I got a couple more drinks into Karen. She was now really drunk. She wasnt near
the pass out point but she was very very drunk. It was after 10:00 and the club was
packed. I looked around and the girls coming in now were much more hardcore lesbians.
Some in leather, some dressed as guys and their dates dressed as soft little girls.
It was amazing to look around and see everyone and who they were with. I never
stopped feeding Karen the alcohol. It took another hour before the booze had jumped
to the next step in Karens body.

Her head was now starting to droop and her eyes were very heavy. She still answered me
when I talked to her but it wasnt very coherant. It was time to see what I could do
with her. First I walked out to the car and out of the trunk I grabbed a little bag
that had some toys and my camera in it. I came back inside and Karens head was on the
table. I took this time to walk to the bar and chat with a couple different girls. I
found a pair where one girl really dressed like a guy and the other girl dressed like
a cute little girl. I told them that was my date over there and I pointed to Karen. I
also told them that Karen had me bring her here because for the first time in her life,
she wanted a girl to control her and force her to do things. The macho girl picked up
on this right away. She started talking a lot more and told me the girl with her was
her property and that she would love to bring my cute girlfriend to her first GIRL-GIRL party.

She told me there was a room in the back that you can rent for $50.00 per hour. She
suggested I rent the room and they all go back there. I told her that was great by me
but I had one request. My girlfriend had to really get drunk to do this, so I brought
my camera with me, I want to sit and film some of what was going to happen. The macho
girl laughed and said sure, why not. I went to the bar and found out about renting the
room and then went ahead and paid for it. They gave me key and said to have it back at
midnight. That was a little over an hour to use it. I went and got Karen and all four of
us went to the back room. When I opened it I was very surprised. It sort of looked like
Karens spare bedroom. Lots of little toys and racks lined the wall. There was a small bed,
couch, chair and it was very bright. I turned to the macho girl and asked how should we
do this. She looked at me and told me to just stay out of the way, she would take it from
her. And take it from here she did.

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