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Joey can't remember where this all started, his fascination with the school's guidance counselor, maybe when she would ignore him and instead entertain the jocks that went to her office for counseling or maybe this woman was just really desirable. Joey Jones was 18, a high school senior, and the captain of the chess team. There were other girls his age that he was interested in but there was something about the counselor that captivated him.

The guidance counselor was Mrs. Zilpha Rollins; she's the guidance counselor of Joey's high school for the past 10 years. Zilpha Rollins is a 43-year-old mother of three teenage girls. She's married to a state prosecutor of the local circuit court and a man almost 20 years her senior.

Aside from being on the chess team and being a true blue nerd Joey had other interests, most prominent among them is his fondness with computers such that he and some of his friends formed a group that helps with maintaining the computers of the high school. But Joey's favorite pastime was fantasizing about Mrs. Rollins. He would jerk off night and day imagining Mrs. Rollins in different sexual acts with him. One time the picture of Mrs. Rollins was published on the school paper, so Joey got a ton of that and used her pictures to masturbate on. Joey was bursting with sexual tension such that he could not take it anymore he had to fuck Mrs. Rollins soon or he will go crazy.

That opportunity came when Joey's club was asked to upgrade the existing computers of the Guidance office. So Saturday morning Joey's group were at school preparing for their work. When the computers were assigned to the members Joey volunteered to work on the computer of Mrs. Rollins. So the teacher in charge gave him the key to Mrs. Rollins' office and then he proceeded to her office. Upon entering the room Joey was met with a familiar scent, an erotic scent that always accompanied Mrs. Rollins the scent alone gave Joey a boner. He then inspected the computer of Mrs. Rollins and then turned it on. After booting up Joey went directly to the windows explorer to check the files of Mrs. Rollins. There was nothing out of the ordinary on her folders and files. But when Joey changed the explorer setting to enable the viewing of hidden files Joey was presented with several folders that were hidden.

So he opened each one of them some folders contained examinations others contained family pictures and a lot of DOS based games. By now Joey was beginning to get frustrated there was nothing exciting on Mrs. Rollins' computer. But when he opened the hidden folder named "XXX" he found out that it contained several jpeg files, named ZilphaAndJeric1, ZilphaAndJeric2, ZilphaAndJeric3 so he opened the pictures and to his surprise and utter delight the pictures where of Mrs. Rollins in various sexual acts with some guy. Joey's boner got harder upon viewing the pictures, although only in pictures, it was the first time that he saw Mrs. Rollins naked. He could not help but stroke on his member. But what intrigued him was that the guy with Mrs. Rollins was not her husband and the guy looked very familiar. Joey's heart skipped as he remembered who was the man with Mrs. Rollins it was Mr. Batte a former assistant principal of the high school, who left 2 years ago he was also an assistant coach on the soccer team. His eyes lighted up and an idea came up to him on how to get inside Mrs. Rollins' panties, the word was "BLACKMAIL" .

So he hurriedly copied the files from her computer and then shut it off. He was very excited about planning Mrs. Rollins' blackmail finally he'll get the chance to fuck this beautiful and sophisticated mature lady.


It was Monday morning, Zilpha just got out of the shower and grabbed a towel and began drying herself off. She was thinking about Eric, and how she missed being fucked. Her affair with her colleague started on one of the school's affairs were the guy made advances on her, and being lonely herself she entertained those advances and that started their forbidden affair. Their affair was quite kinky such that Eric would take pictures of them in various sexual positions at first Zilpha was a bit apprehensive about the pictures but that didn't stop Eric from taking them, in time she grew accustomed to the fact that this experiment spiced up there relationship. Her affair with Eric ended two years ago when the he got transferred to another school. At first he would keep in touch with her but as time passed the letters and phone calls to the office became scarce and scarcer until the letters stopped coming completely. Zilpha just consoled herself that it was fun while it lasted.

Those thoughts aroused Zilpha such that she had to relieve herself. She could not rely on her husband for sex because he was just too old and uninterested with her; she had a suspicion that her husband was having an affair with another woman. And that too was part of the reason why she pushed through with her affair with Eric. So Zilpha, after drying off, locked the bathroom door and then sat on the toilet and then spread her long slender legs apart and then started to rub her pussy. While rubbing her pussy she imagined Eric ramming his cock in to her wet pussy. After a few minutes Zilpha came to an earth pounding orgasm.

"Haaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" Zilpha suppressed a scream.

After her orgasm Zilpha lazily rubbed her pussy and rested on the toilet seat, her mind drifted to her previous encounters with her lover. Her daydream was cut short when she heard a knock on the door.

"Mom, hurry up, I have to use the bathroom. I'll be late for school!" her daughter yelled at her at the other side of the door.

Zilpha was startled from her self-induced slumber and hurriedly cleaned herself and then went out of the bathroom. She forgot that it was a Monday, the start of the school week.

When she arrived at school she went directly to her mailbox to check if she had any mail. There was one Manila envelope on her mailbox. But there was no return address on the envelope. So she just didn't mind the envelope and began a conversation with a fellow teacher. After engaging the Home Ec. teacher in some mindless conversation she went to her office and then opened the envelope. Zilpha was shocked when she saw the contents of the envelope. It was the print outs of the pictures of her and Eric making love in her house. She grew nervous as she tried to remember who sent her those printouts. As she inspected the package her cell phone received a text message that said

09173004418 – Mrs. Rollins I assume that you received the enveloped I sent you. If you want this pictures to remain our secret open your e-mail account and open the mail from there will be instructions for you there.

Upon reading the text message Zilpha felt a chill run up to her spine. She was scared of what might happen if the pictures would be seen by her family, her friends, and the school board she would certainly lose her family, career, everything. She contemplated for a moment on what to do but after a few minutes of weighing the impact of those pictures on her she decided to follow the instructions from the text message. When she opened her account there were several unread messages for but she was only interested in the e-mail given by the text message. As she perused through the messages her heart raced in anticipation of what the message would be. When she had found the right e-mail she immediately clicked on it and as expected there were instructions listed for her to follow. First she was to log in to an IRC chat room and she would look for the nickname batboy from the names that were logged in.

Joey waited patiently for the for Mrs. Rollins' message, he had intentionally missed school so that he could wait for her reply. He was nervous yet very excited at the prospect of fulfilling his fantasies with Mrs. Rollins, he also was having second thoughts about pushing thru with his plan, he was concerned on how she will react to this – she might report to the police or she might tell his parents? But the thought of finally having his mature teacher for his own won out from all the other options. After an hour of waiting on a blank screen finally a message was printed on the screen

Teacher> Hello are you there?

Joey thought that her nickname was very appropriate for her, and her greeting was very pleasant to someone who wants blackmail you.

Bad boy>Yes!

Teacher> what do you want from me? She asked

Bad boy> we will get to that in a little while. Joey replied through the computer

Bad boy>it is important that you know were you stand on this deal. I have the e-mail addresses of all the important persons in your life and in one click of the mouse they will receive these very revealing pictures the next time they open their e-mail accounts. Do you understand?

Joey explained to her predicament to her. Then there was a pause for about 2 minutes, which irritated Joey.

Bad boy>you better not hang up on me now Mrs. Rollins!

Teacher>I'm still here and yes I understand you. But who are you? Is this you Eric?

Bad boy>you'll get to know me later.

Teacher>what do you want? How much will this cost me? Tell me!

She screamed through the Internet.

Bad boy>I don't want your money! I just want to have what old Mr. Batte has been getting.

Teacher>that's out of the question mister! I don't even know you and there is no way I am going to have sex with you.

Bad boy>Ok Mrs. Rollins say goodbye to your career, because right now I am going to send an e-mail to the head of the school board. Goodbye!

There was a pause for several seconds before Mrs. Rollins responded

Teacher>No please don't do that, Ok I'll agree to what you want!

Came her quick reply.

Teacher> so how will we do this?

Bad boy>Now that's a good girl? Ok I want you to stay after school and at around 6:00 pm I'll be right there at your office. Don't tell anybody about this or you'll kiss your lovely career goodbye.


Then she hung up.

That afternoon Joey went to school. While he was at his class he could not wait for 6:00 pm because everybody would be going home already. While Joey was delirious with excitement Zilpha could not concentrate on her job she was scared of what the man from the Internet will do to her. As the time drew near for their appointed meeting Zilpha was feeling anxious and she was thinking of backing out of there deal but she also thought of the repercussions of those photos on her family. So finally 6 pm came Zilpha readied herself. After about 5 minutes a knock came on the door. So she opened it and saw Joey.

"Oh Joey I don't have time to see you now, I am waiting for someone important." Joey knew that Mrs. Rollins would never suspect that it was him that got the pictures.

"In the contrary Ma'm I thinking that you will have all the time to see me!"

"What do..." Her voice trailed as it became clear who was the culprit behind this blackmail.

"It's you Joey?" her face turning a bit red in anger.

"Yes, its me" Joey confidently replied

"OK now this foolishness stops right here young man!" She replied in her most authoritative tone.

"SHUT UP! I am still in control here. Remember that I still had those photos!" Joey screamed at her as he entered the room and locked the door.

Zilpha, realizing that she does not stand a chance against what this young man has in his possession, pleaded to Joey.

"Why are doing this to me? What did I do to you to deserve this treatment?" she asked Joey

"I've been good to you, Joey"

"Good to me? Good to me when you ignored me on your classes and when my classmates make fun of me you were the first one to laugh at their Joey jokes. And all you have time for are the jocks of this school and a nerd like me could not even get inside your office."

"But Joey that's not true."

"Oh please stop it Mrs. Rollins, I'm not here to debate on this. You know why I'm here so quit stalling or I'll go home and one click of the mouse your career as you know it will be over." Joey told her with irritation in his voice.

"I should not have had that affair with Eric, it's just that he caught me when I was really very lonely." She tried desperately to appear very disappointed.

"Enough talk now!" Joey cut her short as he sat on her swivel chair.

"I think it's about time we get started." Joey commanded.

"You're really going thru with this, Joey?" she asked him but she really knows the answer.

"Yes, I do" he replied

"Well then, where should we start?" she asked him utter resignation.

"Stand in front of me." Joey instructed her

She turned around and just stood there in front of him.

"Please unbutton your blouse."

Zilpha hesitated for a moment then one by one she unbuttoned her white satin blouse. After having undone all the buttons Zilpha stood in front of Joey with her satin blouse dr****g over her bra covered breasts.

"Now remove your blouse and your bra."

"No Joey, I can't do this!" she protested.

"Your doing fine Mrs. Rollins, just do what I'll say and you will be fine." Joey reminded her.

So having no choice Zilpha slowly let her blouse fall to the ground and then gently unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor. Now she was naked, from the waist up, in front of her student.

Seeing Mrs. Rollins' naked breasts gave Joey a major hard on such that he could not help but rub his rigid member through his pants. Zilpha just stared at his hand rubbing his throbbing member.

She imagined how it would feel touching a live cock again. Seeing her young student stroking his penis through his pants made her quite excited such that she was getting wet between her thighs.

"Now, play with your breasts."

Feeling aroused herself Zilpha did not hesitate to follow the young man's request. So she gently cupped her breasts with two hands and then kneaded them, squeezing them together and pinching her nipples all the while staring at Joey's hand on his crotch. Zilpha was beginning to enjoy this until

"Ok that's enough!"

Zilpha immediately stopped giving attention to her breasts. Joey could see that there was a hint of disappointment on her face when she stopped massaging her breasts.

"Come closer to me Mrs. Rollins!"

As she walked closer to Joey her eyes were still glued at his crotch area. Then Joey held her by the waist and pulled her to him such that she was leaning over Joey, then he gently cupped both of her breasts and then gently massaged her lovely orbs then he slowly licked one of Mrs. Rollins' erect pink nipples.

Zilpha tried to control herself; although she knows that she was being blackmailed in to doing this act she was enjoying what Joey was doing to her such that when she felt Joey's hot tongue on her nipple

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhh..." Zilpha let out a faint moan expressing her satisfaction to her young student's actions.

Upon hearing his teacher's moan Joey knew that he has gotten his mature teacher aroused, so he unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock and then gently guided Mrs. Rollins' hand to his hard as a rock penis.

Once she touched Joey's manhood Zilpha instinctively enveloped it into her soft hands and then began a stroking motion, sending young Joey trembling in shear pleasure. Zilpha was surprised by the size of the boy's cock; Eric's cock was just half the size of this monster. The feeling of Joey's humongous member in her hand excited her even more so Zilpha kept on stroking her young students throbbing member while he sustained his onslaught on her bare breasts.

"Oh Mrs. Rollins that really feels goooooooood!" Joey expressed his satisfaction on the job being done to him by his mature teacher.

The two of them drifted into fits of pleasure until, a ring on the phone interrupted their sexual act. So Zilpha reluctantly let go of Joey's cock and then straightened up and then answered the phone.

"Good evening Mrs. Rollins, your husband has just arrived to pick you up ma'm!" came the voice of the on duty guard.

After putting the receiver down Zilpha immediately got her bra and put on her blouse.

"What's the matter, Mrs. Rollins?" Joey impatiently asked her.

"My husband's here to pick me up, hurry up now get dressed." She nervously told Joey.

" Okay, but Mrs. Rollins, remember I'm not finished with you yet!" Joey warned her as he got up and zipped up his pants.

"Ok Joey, but please leave right now before my husband catches you here! Please!!!" Zilpha pleaded to her student.

"But before I go can I have a goodbye kiss?" Joey mischievously asked her.

Without saying a word Zilpha kissed Joey on the lips but she was taken by surprise when Joey introduced his tongue to her mouth so Zilpha had no choice but to suck on young Joey's tongue. Then after a few seconds Zilpha pushed Joey back and then

"Now please leave right now Joey, before my husband gets here. Please!" Zilpha begged her young student.

So Joey sensing that Mrs. Rollins was on the verge of tears reluctantly let go of her and then went out the door.


Zilpha sat down on her chair shocked at what has transpired. She could not believe what has just happened to her, she felt ashamed of herself but at the same time she enjoyed it too. Her arousal was evidenced by a dripping pussy that needed to be taken cared of. Zilpha was confused, she could not comprehend why she enjoyed being touched by someone who was trying to blackmail her and she could not understand why upon touching young Joey's cock she felt an impulse to masturbate him in order to please him. These thoughts struggled through her mind as she stared on a blank wall waiting for her husband to come.

When Joey got out of the office he walked to the guardhouse where the phone call to Mrs. Rollins' office came from. There he saw Mr. Rollins getting out of his car, he saw a man about 60 years old with gray hair and a small frame, he thought to himself this man could not satisfy Zilpha and what would this old man do if he knew that 5 minutes ago he had been licking his wife's succulent breasts. So with that thought Joey suppressed a laugh and then headed home, he could not wait for tomorrow so that he could continue what he started with Mrs. Rollins.

When her husband arrived Zilpha she had already packed her things and she was ready to go.

While they were driving home, Zilpha was looking out the window, her mind wandered to the incident with Joey she kept rewinding the scenes that happened earlier. As the episode, which occurred earlier flashed into her mind she could feel her vagina getting wet, soaking her lace panties in the process. She imagined holding on to Joey's cock and then masturbating her young student until his white hot cum flowed out of his enormous cock. Zilpha's daydream was cut short when they pulled up on their drive way. After disembarking from the car Zilpha immediately proceeded to the bathroom, ignoring her daughter that met her by the door, she needed a cold shower. While she took a shower, she reasoned with herself, she could not let emotion dictate her actions she must be reasonable, she could not let Joey have her. It would not be right, although she was yearning for a man, she could let her student blackmail her in to fucking him. These thoughts played out in her mind as she lingered in the shower to cool down her aching pussy. When she finished her shower she made a decision, she would not accede to Joey's bid but give him an alternate proposition.

********************************** The next day, Joey woke very early; he was excited to go to school. So Joey got dressed and then went to school very early. At around 8:15 AM, when all the students where milling to their respective classrooms, Joey went to Mrs. Rollins' office. As he peeked into her room he greeted his teacher

"Good morning, Mrs. Rollins! Did you sleep well last night?" Joey asked Zilpha in effort to mock her.

Zilpha was startled to see Joey this early, but she kept her composure and answered her young student's query.

"Oh its you Joey, I did not sleep as well as I would like to." She answered him without hesitation.

Then Joey entered the room and locked the door behind him.

"Well, Mrs. Rollins are you ready to continue where we left off yesterday?"

He asked his teacher while he got her hand and guided it to his throbbing cock and rubbed his cock with it through his pants.

"Joey, I have something to tell you." Zilpha interrupted as she removed her hand from his crotch.

"What?" Joey irritatedly asked her.

"Joey I can't let you have intercourse with me, because that would not be right. I'm old enough to be your mother." Zilpha explained to Joey with determination written all over her face.

"Ok, if that's your decision, fine. Just be ready for the consequences of that decision." Joey calmly told her while heading for the door.

But before he could turn the knob open, Zilpha grabbed his arm and

"Wait, I'm not finished yet. I said we can't have sex but I can do a lot of other things to pleasure you, like shall we say masturbate you? But that's as far as I can go Joey. Please understand?" Zilpha presented her proposition to her blackmailing student.

"What if I say no, Mrs. Rollins?"

"Well as I told you that is as far as I can go, Joey." Zilpha held her breathe as she waited for his answer.

Joey thought for a moment, He could say no to her proposal and she would be true to her word that masturbating him was as far as she could go, then he would email those pictures and that would start a scandal of sorts. Then Mrs. Rollins would suffer the consequences but he still would not have had her. But if he agrees to her proposal, at least he would be rewarded by a hand job from his mature teacher.

"Ok, Mrs. Rollins I'll agree to what you've said, but that would not just be a one time affair." Joey countered an offer.

"Ok, Joey, then that's settled. You'll not expose those pictures if I masturbate you." Zilpha clarified with him.

"Now can we start?" Joey impatiently asked her.

"We can't do it here Joey. Someone might barge into this office any time."

"Skip school tomorrow morning and go to my house so that we'll have some privacy." Zilpha explained to Joey while she hands him a piece of paper containing her address. "But... but..." Joey was trying to protest but Zilpha placed her finger on Joey's lips and then gently kissed him on the lips to stop his protestations.

"Now, Joey be a good boy and return to your class. And I'll see you tomorrow." Zilpha told her young blackmailer after she broke their kiss.

"Well... Ok Mrs. Rollins." Joey finally ended his protest, he was mesmerized by Zilpha's kiss.

After Joey went out, Zilpha sat down and heaved a sigh of relief. After contemplating on what happened Zilpha smiled to herself, she was getting out of this trouble anyway.


The very next day Joey, woke up at around 6:00 in the morning and by 7:30 he was standing across Zilpha's house. He could still see her husband's car on the driveway, so he concluded that he might still be in the house. So Joey patiently waited until 8:00 then he saw Mrs. Rollins' husband and her daughters went out the house and then boarded the car. Now he was sure that Mrs. Rollins was alone in their house. Joey waited for another 10 minutes before he approached Mrs. Rollins' house, he wanted to make sure that the car was not about to return.

Zilpha made breakfast early and then took a bath. She told her husband that she would not be going with them this morning because had to finish a report that was due this morning. When her family finished breakfast she hurriedly cleaned the kitchen and changed to her office uniform, which was a white satin blouse and an aqua green skirt, which was just cut above the knee. By 8:00 she was already pretending to work on some papers on her desk. By 8:10 her doorbell rang, Zilpha immediately got up and opened the door it was Joey.

"Good Morning Mrs. Rollins" Joey greeted her.

"Good Morning, Joey comes in." Zilpha replied as she guided him in, trying to project a smile.

"Sit down, make yourself comfortable." Zilpha told Joey acting very hospitable.

When Joey was seated, Zilpha sat beside him and then gently placed her hand on his thigh, in an effort to calm his nerves thus giving him an instant boner.

"So Joey, are you ready?" Zilpha asked Joey, she was eager to get this thing over with.

"I'm ready Mrs. Rollins, I've been ready for you the past 2 years."

"Joey, I think if we are going to do this you should call me Zilpha, at least while were doing this."

"Ok Mrs. ... err... Zilpha" Joey stammered his excitement growing with each passing second.

"Ok, Joey just sit here while I get something from my room."

Zilpha got up and went upstairs to her room. When she returned she brought with her a towel and a bottle of hand lotion and then she sat beside him on the couch.

"Joey you can take it out now" Mrs. Rollins ordered him.

"Take out what?" Joey was confused by her demand.

"I mean take off your pants." Zilpha told him as she faked a smile.

Joey anxiously followed her command he was really very excited such that when he pushed his jeans down, his cock sprang up, jutting from his nest of dark pubic hair. All ten inches of its glory.

Zilpha was surprised at how it looked like, it was enormous and its purple head looked like it will be bursting any time now. But Zilpha gathered her composure and acted as if seeing such a humongous cock was just an ordinary thing for her. Then Zilpha got hold of the bottle of lotion applied some on her palm and then she enveloped Joey's cock with it. Joey jerked as Zilpha's hand made contact with his cock. He could not believe it, his fantasies are becoming a reality the woman of his dreams was giving him a hand job. As Zilpha continued to stroke young Joey's cock she too felt a tingling sensation forming between her thighs, the same sensation that she felt when she held Joey's cock in her office. She was getting turned on again by what she's doing to her student. Such that Zilpha shifted her position, she was know kneeling on the carpet between Joey's spread legs, but still stroking his manhood.

"Oh Zilphaaaaaaaaa... that feels really goooooooooooood!" Joey expressed his satisfaction as Zilpha milked his penis.

Encouraged by Joey's reaction Zilpha cupped his balls squeezing them gently while her other hand continued stroking his cock. Joey felt that he was nearing an orgasm, so he stopped Zilpha from stroking his cock and then "Mrs.. Err Zilpha, can you take off your blouse?" Joey asked her, he would not cum yet without feeling her body.

Without hesitation Zilpha stood up and then unbuttoned her blouse and then took it off. She is now just in her bra. Then Joey pulled her in to him, such that she was leaning over him on the couch and her bra covered tits were just a breath away from Joey's lips. Then Joey reached behind her and unhooked her bra and as her bra fell harmlessly on the couch Zilpha felt Joey's breathe brushing on her pink nipples causing it to stand erect. By now Zilpha's pussy was drenched with her love nectar, her breathing grew heavy in anticipation of what Joey might do next. Then without saying a word Joey licked one of her nipple and then gently sucked on it. Bringing about a soft moan of satisfaction from his mature teacher.


Zilpha felt guilty when Joey reached out and licked her breasts Zilpha knew she should stop him, but she couldn't. She was being carried away by the moment. Such that without Joey asking her she wrapped her soft hands around his massive cock and then started to jerk it off again.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, Zilpha" Joey moaned as he continued to suck on her creamy white breasts.

After a few minutes of Joey's pleasurable onslaught on her bosom Zilpha was on the verge of an orgasm such that

"Hhhhhhuuuuummmmmmhhhhhh..." Zilpha moaned as she bit her lip to stifle her cries, her body hardened and her grip on Joey's cock tightened as she came.

Joey was not aware that Mrs. Rollins had an orgasm because he too was on the verge of cumming. The pressure of Zilpha's intense stroking was just too much for Joey to take such that

"Zilphaaaaaaaaa... I'm cummmmmmming..." Joey screamed as he squirted his sperm all over her hand some of it hitting her skirt and her exposed belly.

As Joey violently came in her hand Zilpha continued to milk his cock until it went limp on her hand. Zilpha then sat down beside him; she too was exhausted from her orgasm. After regaining her bearings she immediately got the towel beside her and then wiped her hand with and then she reached for Joey's cock with it and then cleaned it from his sticky cum.

"Was it good Joey?" Zilpha broke the silence as she continued to clean his cock.

"It was the best, Mrs... err ... Zilpha"

"Ok, now hurry up and zip up your pants coz I'm running late for a meeting at the office." Zilpha ordered her young student as she gave his limp cock one final rub before placing it inside his underwear.

"When can we do this again Mrs. Rollins?" Joey impatiently asked his teacher as he felt his cock beginning to get hard, caused by Zilpha's rubbing.

"Just let me know, so that we can make arrangements like this, coz we have to be discrete about this Joey we don't want anybody knowing about what we have been doing or else we can't be doing it anymore." Zilpha explained to young Joey.

"Can we do it on Saturday?" Joey suggested.

"Ok, I'll see what I can do for Saturday, Joey." Zilpha did not commit to Joey.

"Ok now, Joey hurry up someone might miss you at school." Zilpha suggested to Joey at the same time she went to the kitchen.

"Ok Ma'm I'll be going now." Joey told her as he got out the door.

When Zilpha returned from the kitchen Joey had already gone out. As she sat on the couch she saw remnants of Joey's cum on it and wiped it. Zilpha felt guilty about what she was doing but she reasoned to herself that by doing this she would be saving her family and there reputation, but to her there was a second reason for her actions she was actually getting turned on by the situation that a young man, such as young as Joey, would really be obsessed with her, a married woman of about twice his age.

As she sat on the couch the events a few minutes ago flashed back on to her mind, She was holding Joey's 10-inch cock on her hand and jerking it off. She imagined how it would feel to get that humongous cock inside her pussy. These thoughts made her very horny such that she gently cupped her bosom and then made short circular motions on her nipples in an effort to pleasure herself. Then Zilpha hiked her skirt up to her waist and spread her long slender legs on both sides of the couch and then rubbed her pussy through her soaked panties and then placed the crotch of her panties aside and then she brushed her clitoris with her long, manicured finger nails.

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..." Zilpha let out a soft moan as she imagined Joey's cock brushing on her clit.

After a few minutes of these, Zilpha was not yet that satisfied so she shoved two fingers into her drenched vagina as she visualized that Joey was ramming his ten -inch cock in and out of her pussy. This imagined vision was just too much for her such that

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhh... Joey." Zilpha screamed as she came for the second that morning.

After her orgasm, Zilpha was lazily rubbing her pussy when she came back to reality.

"No, I can't let my emotion rule me. You have a husband and a family you don't need this. That boy is just old enough to be your son. Masturbating him is as far as you can go with this boy." Zilpha reasoned with herself as she denied her feelings for the boy.

Unknown to Zilpha, Joey went out of the house and peeped through the living room window, concealing himself in the bushes beside the window. And what he saw through the window convinced him that Mrs. Rollins was not that firm in her position. He knows that he could seduce her well enough for her to give in to her feelings for him. So while he walked to school he devised a plan for the seduction of his mature teacher.

For two days, there was no contact between Joey and Mrs. Rollins until Joey approached her one afternoon while she was walking down the hall to her office.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Rollins."

"Good afternoon, Joey." Zilpha greeted him as well.

"Mrs. Rollins can we talk?"

"Ok, Joey we can't talk here let's go to my office." Zilpha explained to her student in a whisper.

While proceeding to her office Zilpha felt a surge of excitement envelope her whole body as she anticipated in her mind what Joey would want from her now. When they arrived at her office Joey, who was following her, immediately locked the door and went on to stand in front of her table while Zilpha sat on her chair behind her desk.

"Now Joey, what was that you would like to talk about?" Zilpha asked him in a casual manner trying to act cool but deep inside, her pulses where racing and there was an itch forming between her thighs that needed her attention. Seeing Joey for the first time since their encounter in her house triggered mixed feelings for this 43-year old teacher. One part of her wanted to smack the young boy doing this to her but another side of her was yearning for his young cock.

"You know what I want Mrs. Rollins." Joey confidently told her as he unzipped his pants and then pulled out his cock from his boxers.

As Joey's cock sprang out of his boxers, Zilpha just stared at the humongous meat in front of her. She had to squeeze her thighs together to keep her love juices from flowing out to her legs. Then Joey walked up beside her, with his 10-inch cock standing at attention a few centimeters from Zilpha's face. Zilpha just watched as Joey gently stroked his rigid member, Joey could feel Zilpha's breathe brushing across his cock as he massaged his young cock in front of her face. By now Zilpha's panties were soaked of her love nectar and that she was completely sexually aroused such that, with Joey's cock just a few centimeters from her face she licked the tip of his cock sending him trembling in pleasure.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh...........Zilphaaaaaa..." Joey screamed as Zilpha licked the bulb shaped head of his penis.

Throwing caution and reason out the window and letting her emotions take over her body, Zilpha passionately licked the sides of her young student's penis, running her hot and wet tongue all over his 10-inch cock causing Joey to groan in shear pleasure.

"Haaaaaahhh...haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....Mrs. Rollin's." Joey tried to suppress his cries but the pleasure of having his cock licked by the woman of his dreams was just too much for him to hold back.

Zilpha then got Joey's hand from the base of his cock and then replaced it with her soft hand. Then without warning Zilpha, slid Joey's enormous cock in her hot mouth.

"Huuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh....Mrs. Rollins...you are the best...." Joey cried as he experienced his first blowjob.

As Joey's hard meat slid in and out of her mouth, Zilpha looked up to see her young student squirming in pleasure. Feeling his warm cock in her mouth opened the floodgates of her vagina such that she had to touch her self to relieve the itch she was feeling between her thighs. So Zilpha lifted one leg on the arm rest of her chair, spread her legs wide apart and then slowly rubbed her pussy through her soaked panties.

Although Joey was overwhelmed with pleasure, but as soon as he saw what his teacher was doing to her self he hurriedly reached out to where her hands were playing and then gently pulled her panties aside and then ran his middle finger up and down her dripping canal.

"Huuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmhhhhhh......Joey....." Zilpha moaned, momentarily stopped her sucking of Joey's cock, as Joey's virgin fingers played with clitoris.

Zilpha was ecstatic at the feel of Joey's inexperienced fingers trying to give the pleasure she deserves.

"Put your finger inside my pussy Joey...please..." Zilpha begged her young student, as she was now totally overwhelmed by the pleasure that his naïve fingers are giving to her mature pussy.

So without hesitation, Joey slid his middle finger in to his mature teachers drenched vagina causing her to scream in pleasure.

"Haaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...Joey please don't stop." Zilpha was trying desperately to stifle her cries, as she experienced for the first time in 2 years someone else other than her self touching her depraved pussy.

Then after a few minutes of Joey's finger sliding in and out of her dripping pussy Zilpha came to an intense orgasm.

"Aaaargggggggghhhhhhhhh... Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh...Joeeeeeeeey." Zilpha screamed as she squeezed her thighs together enveloping Joey's arm between her soft plump thighs.

As the pleasure of being fingered by a boy about 20 years her junior started to subside, Zilpha reached out for Joey's cock, she released his cock from her mouth due to the intensity of her orgasm, and tightened her grip on her students cock and masturbated him passionately, stroking his massive member up and down in her soft hand. Then she returned his cock in to her mouth and then she tried to consume all of his 10-inches but just half way through his cock Zilpha gagged as Joey's cock hit the back of her throat. So she just wrapped her long soft fingers around the base of his cock and then started to jerk him off with her sucking on the bulbous head of his penis.

Then after a few minutes of these intense blowjob...

"Haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Mrs. Rollins I'm cummmmmmming......" Joey screamed as he tried to push Mrs. Rollins back, but Zilpha held on to his butt so that he could not move back and remove his cock from her mouth.

After a couple of strokes Joey exploded inside Mrs. Rollins mouth. Zilpha at first was surprised at the amount of sperm that squirted from young Joey's cock but she tried her best not to allow a single drop of his cum escape her mouth as she continued to milk his penis in her mouth. Then when Zilpha was sure that she has milked all of his cum out of his limp cock she released it from her mouth, Joey's slimy and sticky cum dripping from her chin and landing on her satin blouse.

Joey was awe stricken as he had just experienced cumming inside a woman's mouth and the feeling was just fantastic. After Mrs. Rollins released his cock from her mouth he sat down on a couch beside her desk. Then she joined him on the couch and, with her hand still stroking his cock sending his limp cock to harden again, asked to him.

"Did you liked it, Joey?"

"Yes, Mrs. Rollins that was the best orgasm that I have ever experienced before."

"But Mrs. Rollins you said that jerking me off was the farthest you can go with this?" He asked her as if he did not know the answer.

"Well, Joey lets put it this way there are times in our lives when we say, "To hell what people say, and just follow your feelings. Well Joey I just followed my feelings and am sure glad I did."

"So this means that we are now like this." Joey asked her and placing his two forefingers together.

"Oh yes baby, but we must be discrete with this we don't want anybody finding about us Joey." Zilpha explained to her young lover.

Then Zilpha kissed Joey passionately on the lips and this time she stuck her tongue inside his mouth, letting him suck on her soft tongue and in the process he tasted his own cum in her mouth. Their passionate embrace was interrupted when the intercom buzzed. So Zilpha reluctantly let go of Joey and then answered the phone, after talking on the phone for a few seconds, Zilpha cleaned up and then kissed Joey again lightly on the lips and then said

"I have been called to the principal's office, we'll continue this tomorrow. Is that all right with you Joey?" Zilpha told Joey as Joey zipped up his trousers.

"Ok Ma'm, where will we meet tomorrow?" Joey asked with excitement written all over his face.

"Just call me tonight, I must have thought of something by then." Zilpha told him as she handed him a piece of paper with her home number written on it.

Then Zilpha got some papers from her desk and then went to the door, but before she could open the door Joey grabbed her by the waist and then pulled her to him and then kissed on the lips and letting her suck on his hard tongue. But after a few seconds of passionate kissing Joey released her from hid grip and then patted her on her behind a signal to her to get going.

When Zilpha walked down the hall to the principal's office there was a bounce to her steps and an aura around her that could only be manifested by a sexually satisfied woman. And she could not wait for tomorrow to come, she was dying to get Joey's handsome cock in to her mature pussy.

That night at dinner, Zilpha talked to her husband.

“Honey, why don’t you take time off from work and take a trip this week-end.” Zilpha affectionately told her husband.

“That’s a nice thought, Honey. Where do you suggest we take that week-end trip?” Her husband asked her.

“No, Honey I would not be coming with you because I have a ton of papers to grade that is due on Monday. What I meant was, you should take a trip with your friends. Like go fishing, camping the works?” Zilpha nervously tried to explain to her husband.

“Oh OK, its just great that you suggested that because Marius just invited me to go with him and some of his friends on a fishing trip.”

Zilpha was relieved upon hearing what her husband told her. She now had to get her daughter out of the house too. So after eating dinner Zilpha and her daughter cleared the table while her husband packed his things for his trip tomorrow.

“Trix, so what are you doing tomorrow?” Zilpha asked her daughter while she loaded the washer.

“Well Mom, Pam asked me to help her prepare for her party tomorrow night. And Mom can I sleepover at her house tomorrow?”

“Ok baby, so what time would you be going there?” Zilpha asked her daughter so that she could have a time for Joey to come over.

“Maybe, 8 o’clock Mom.”

Zilpha was ecstatic upon hearing that from her daughter. So she hurriedly finished the dishes and left her daughter to dry the dishes off. Zilpha left the kitchen and went straight to the bathroom and then took a bath and then helped her husband pack his things for his trip the next day. After they finished packing, it was already 9:30 in the evening and Joey had not yet called. Zilpha was growing impatient at the fact that Joey has not called yet and she was excited to tell him the good news. So by 10 o’clock her husband retired to there bedroom and her daughter to her room but Zilpha remained in the living room waiting for Joey’s call. She just made an excuse to her husband that she has to finish checking some of her class’ papers. By around 10:30 there was still no call from Joey and by 11:00 Zilpha grew tired of waiting for his call, so she went to her bedroom and then layed beside her husband pretending to sleep. But in truth she could not sleep because she was still hopeful that Joey would call her. At around 11:30 the phone rang, Zilpha jumped up from her position and waking her husband up in the process, and Zilpha answered the phone

“Hello...Is this Mrs. Rollins?” came the nervous voice at the other end of the line.

“Yes, who is this?” Zilpha answered her heart beating a little faster in anticipation that this would be the call that she was expecting.

“Ma’m this is Joey!”

“Can you call again in 2 minutes because I’ll take your call downstairs.” Zilpha told Joey and then replaced the reciever on its base.

“Who was that honey?” her husband asked her as Zilpha put on her robe.

“Oh it’s just Betty, she wants to compare notes on some matters. Just go back to sleep honey because you have an early day tomorrow.” Zilpha nervously fibbed to her husband.

“Ok honey but don’t take too long on the phone.”

Zilpha hurriedly tip-toed to the unlit area of the living room and then sat on the couch beside the telephone and waited patiently for the phone to ring. After a couple of minutes the phone rang and Zilpha immediately lifted the reciever and answered the phone

“Hello.............” she answered in a hush.

“Hello, Mrs. Rollins?”

“Yes?, is this Joey?” Zilpha made sure she was talking to the right person.

“Yes, Ma’m this is Joey.”

“What took you so long to call, I almost gave up on you!” she told Joey with a hint of dis appointment in her voice.

“I’m sorry Ma’m, I just wanted to make sure that everybody would be asleep when I make my call.”

“Ok Joey, well I convinced my husband to go on a fishing trip early tomorrow morning and my daughter would be going to her friends house at 8:00 so I’ll be home alone here tomorrow at around 9:00.” Zilpha explained to Joey her accomplishment.

“So that means that I’ll go there maybe at 9:00?”

“Yes dear, be here at around that time so that I’ll have some time to freshen up for you darling.” Zilpha affectionately told her student.

Just hearing Joey’s voice made Zilpha quite excited such that she was getting wet between the thighs as she listened to Joey’s voice on the phone.

“Zilpha, when I get there tomorrow I want you to be in your robe with no bra and you would only be wearing a paing of thongs. So that it will be easy for me to slide my hand down your robe and then fondle your luscious breasts.” Joey instructed his teacher.

“Oooooooh Joey, your making wet with what your saying.” Zilpha told her student as her hand slid down her robe and then carressed her naked breasts.

“Oh you’re very naughty Mrs. Rollins! Do you want me to talk dirty on the phone while you touch yourself there?” Joey suggested to her.

“Yes, Joey please talk dirty to me.........please!” she pleaded with Joey as she opened her robe and then her hand wandered down to her crotch and pulling her panties aside.

So while Joey talked to her on the phone suggesting things he would do to her tomorrow, Zilpha’s hand continously rubbed her pussy. Running her finger up and down her very wet slit and stroking her tense clit. Then without regard of being caught by her husband Zilpha lifted her silk negligee up to her waist and then started to slide her finger in and out of her dripping pussy until

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh............. Joey I’m cumming!” Zilpha suppressed a scream as she experienced a violent orgasm causing her body to tense up.

After having that orgasm, Zilpha continued to rub her pussy while the telephone was still on her ear.

“Oh Joey, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!” Zilpha expressed her longing to Joey as she tried her best to catch her breathe.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Rollins, I’ll be there tomorrow and give you the loving you deserve.” Joey assured this lonely woman.

“I’ll be waiting for you my prince.............my hot and wet pussy will be ready for you tomorrow my sweet prince. Good night!” Zilpha whispered on the phone as she bade Joey goodbye.

After placing the phone down, Joey hurriedly pulled his cock out and then masturbated to the thoughts he had given Mrs. Rollins earlier and after a couple of strokes Joey spewed his cum all over his bed he was ready for tomorrow.


The next day Zilpha woke very early she was too excited to sleep such that by 5:00 in the morning she was busy cooking breakfast in the kitchen and by the time her husband woke up at 6:00 breakfast was ready and Zilpha was on the porch sipping her coffe and imagining Joey’s cock sliding in and out of her mature pussy and in the process getting her all wet between the legs.

“Honey, why did you wake up so early? Is there something wrong?” her husband asked her as he peeked throught the screen door.

“No, Honey I just wanted breakfast to be ready before you left.” Zilpha tried to look concerned.

Then she stood up and then ushered his husband to the kitchen for breakfast. While they ate breakfast she could not concentrate on her food she was just too thrilled to eat breakfast. So after her husband finished he went to the bathroom and after several minutes he was on his way to his fishing trip. By 7:30 her daughter was also ready to go so she just packed her some breakfast and sent her on her way. After clearing the table and washing the dishes Zilpha took a well deserved bath. After her bath Zilpha went to her room and then changed to what Joey asked her to wear. As she put on her thong panties she couldn’t help but admire her body on the full length mirror. Her full ass cheeks sandwiched the thin fabric of her thongs letting her admire her well rounded ass. “Not bad for a 40-year old mother.” Zilpha thought to herself as she ran her hands down her naked ass.

After admiring her voluptouos body she applied an abundant amount of her perfume on her body, the same perfume that would definitely drive any man crazy. By 9:00 the door bell rang, so she hurriedly wore her robe and then went downstairs. When she opened the door to her absolute pleasure it was her Joey.

“Good Morning Mrs. Rollins....You look nice today!” Joey greeted her.

Without uttering a reply Zilpha pulled Joey inside and then kissed him on the cheek. The seductive smell of his teacher made his cock hard as he tried to control himself. Then Zilpha got Joey’s hand and then guided him towards her bedroom. When they reached the bedroom Zilpha sat Joey on the edge of the bed and then stood in front of him.

“Do you want me to take this off, darling?” Zilpha asked her young student as she played with the tassel of her robe.

Joey just nodded a reply as he was too consumed by the prospect of actually making love to the woman of his dreams. Then Zilpha seductively undid her robe and then slowly she let it slide down her desirable body. As the robe hit the floor, it left Zilpha only in her thongs her bare breasts, with its nipples standing proudly, exposed to her young lover. Then Joey pulled her in and then gently started kissing her voluptuous breast as his hands wandered through her body.

“Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmhhhhh............ Joey that feels good!” she expressed her satisfaction at the job that Joey was doing to her.

Then after a few minutes Joey stopped his onslaught on her bare breasts and then gently pulled Zilpha to the bed, causing her to lay down, her back flat on the bed. Then Joey stood up and then started to undress. While Joey was taking his clothes off Zilpha just stared at her young lover and then marveled at the sight of his 10-inch cock standing at full attention, ready to be rammed in to her mature pussy. When he finished with his clothes, Joey gently reached out to the sides of her hips and then delicately pulled her thongs off of her. Then Joey held Zilpha’s ankles and then spread them apart, causing her thighs to divide and thereby exposing her naked pussy. Then with nary a word Joey started kissing Zilpha’s legs, starting from her ankles then to her calves and then down her thighs causing her to moan in pleasure

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh..........Joeeeeeey!” Zipha moaned as Joey’s tongue licked the insides of her thighs.

Then Joey gently licked the outsides of her pussy and then he parted her pussy lips and then licked her wet slit. The salty taste of Zilpha’s soaked vagina excited Joey even more such that he ate her pussy with a passion of mad man.

“Haaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh............Joey what are you doing to meeeeee?” Zilpha screamed as she experienced for the first time ever her mature pussy being eaten.

As Joey’s tongue worked its wonders on her vagina, Zilpha bucked her hips to the direction of Joey’s tongue strokes on her love canal. While Joey kept on carressing her vagina with his tongue Zilpha screamed her satisfactions to the boy’s actions.

“Oh Joey I love you...........Joey you are the best darling. No one has done that to me before.........baby please don’t stop......baby.

After a few minutes, Zilpha was bucking her hips wildly to the rythm created by Joey’s tongue in her vagina. Then all a sudden Zilpha arched her back and then pushed Joey’s head deeper in to her pussy and then squeezed her lover’s head between her soft thighs.

“Haaaaaaaaahhhh........haaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh........Joey baby..........!” Zilpha screamed as she came violently on Joey’s face.

Zilpha then released Joey’s head from the grips of her thighs and then collapsed on her bed, that was the first time she had ever had her pussy eaten and she definitely liked the sensation created by Joey’s tongue lapping up her wet cunt.

Then Joey layed beside her on the bed and then started to kiss her passionately letting her taste some of her salty juices from his moouth. Then Zilpha as if energized by Joey’s kisses went on top of Joey and then started to kiss his body. She started with his chest, nibbling on his nipples, and then went down to his navel, licking his belly button and soliciting a satisfied moan from her young lover.

“Hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh.....Mrs. Rollins......” Joey expressed his satisfaction.

Encouraged by Joey’s reaction, Zilpha continued on her downward path and then finally got hold of Joey’s humongous member. Then Zilpha held Joey’s cock with her soft hand and then she started to lick the bulbous tip of his penis and then caressed Joey’s hard cock with her experienced tongue sending him quivering in pleasure.

“Haaaaaahhhhhhhh........Mrs. Rollins....That feels really gooooood.........”

Then, as if on cue, Zilpha consumed Joey’s cock into her hot mouth. Then she jerked her head up and down Joey’s cock, sliding his penis in and out of her hot mouth. While her mouth was full of Joey’s cock Zilpha hand wandered to his balls, squeezing them gently and in the process heightened the pleasure that Joey was experiencing.

“Oooooooohhhhhhh..........Zilpha! What are you doing to meeeeeee.........” Joey was delirious with pleasure as Zilpha sucked his cock with passion.

Although Joey was enjoying the sensation of his cock inside Mrs. Rollins’ hot mouth, but still he wanted his cock inside her pussy. So he lifted Zilpha’s head from his cock, her face covered with saliva as she rubbed his cock all over her face, and then let her stand. Joey then whispered to her

“Ma’m I want my cock inside your pussy now.”

Without replying to Joey, Zilpha pushed him back on the bed and slowly went on top of him. Then Zilpha kissed him again with the passion of a sex depraved woman. While they were locked in a passionate embrace, Zilpha reached for Joey’s cock and gently guided it in to her dripping cunt. As Joey’s cock entered her, Zilpha broke their kiss and cried loudly

“Haaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh........Joey.........your cock is so big........”Zilpha cried as her pussy was stretched to its limit by Joey’s cock.

“I’m sorry ma’m .....do you want me to stop?”Joey feared that his cock might hurt his beloved teacher.

“No....baby, we will just take it slow.........I’ve never had a cock as big and as beautiful as yours.” Zilpha assured her young lover.

Then Zilpha slowly lowered her pussy on Joey’s cock and then began a slow humping motion on top Joey’s cock, then after a few more strokes Zilpha’s pace quikened and she wildly began to straddle Joey’s cock.

“Haaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.........Joey I love you baby........your cock is so delicious.......” Zilpha screamed her satisfaction.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh Zilpha your pussy is so hot........I love you..........” Joey groaned as he reached out and pulled her to him self and then he carressed Zilpha’s breasts while she wildly straddled his cock.

After a few minutes of sliding his cock in and out of Zilpha’s hungry vagina, Joey was on the verge of cumming.

“Ma’m ........hhaaaaaaaaahhhhhh........I’m cumming very sooooooon......” He tried to warn his teacher of his impending orgasm.

“It’s ok baby........haaaaaaahhhhhh.....come inside my pussy...........”

Then with all the force he could muster Joey came inside Zilpha’s pussy. His semen overflowing out of Zilpha’s mature pussy. But that did not stop Zilpha from going up and down Joey’s cock, because she too was on the verge of another orgasm such that after a few seconds after Joey came inside her, Zilpha’s body tensed up and her back arched backwards and she let out a loud cry of satisfaction.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.........Joey I love you...........” Zilpha screamed as she collapsed on top of Joey.

After collapsing on top of her lover Zilpha looked up and saw Joey smiling from ear to ear.

“Darling did you like that?” she asked him with tenderness in her voice.

“Yes, Ma’m liked it very much. And Ma’m I love you.” Joey answered her as he kissed her forehead.

Then with those word spoken Zilpha still on top of Joey, rested her head on his chest and drifted to sleep while his cock was still inside her pussy.

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