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Muscle encounters 4 Yvette Bova

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Muscle Encounters 4- Yvette Bova
By lilguy
Man meets Yvette in the Gym

I was given a job at a gym. It was the late shift, Only VIP's went in. In was
very easy, I mostly the towel boy and helper. Wasn't really the trainer or
beef cake. Normally a rich people came in just to relax, or some health nut
that really didn't need my help anyway. I look at who was coming in that night
and was shocked. It couldn't be who I think it was.

It said

"Yvette Bova"

Yvette Bova was a black female porn star. She was also a bodybuilder with her
own website. She was very fit and well built. She did a lot of muscle worship.
She also would wrestle men. She was known for her tight ass and big tits. She
was a figure of ebony gold. She started in several movies. She was pretty
nice. She was about 5.8. She had black hair and was much sculpted.

I heard a whistler to come in the Gym. I walked in, my knees were shaking and
that was when I saw her. She was at her competition weight and show every
muscle was bulging like a human action figure. Her body glistens with sweat
from the work out... We were all alone just me and her.

Yvette Bova stood at the work out room bench pressing about 200 pounds. She
was wearing a tank top and shirt skirt. My mouth was wide open when you saw
that she was wearing no panties and a very short skirt. I have a view of her
perfect clit. It stuck out an extra 3 inch due to working out. She was
dripping wet with pussy juice. I could see her hot juicy clit sticking out.
The shirt was tight and showed off her gigantic breast.

She got up. She closed my mouth

"Didn't the boss tell you that it not nice to drool in front of guess sweetie"
Yvette said

"ummm sorry" I said

"It ok I am use to it. Plus a girl don't dress like this if she didn't want
attention" Yvette said. She had warm smiles. Her shirt was sweaty and you
could see her breast. Damm did any of these girls wear bra's

"Your kind of cute" She says "What your name

I tell her your name

"So umm how may I serve you" I said

"How may you serve me?" She says. She has a big and warm smile filled with
perfectly white teeth. "I think I have an idea"

Her voice is really salty. She grabs you to her and kisses you. She moves you
hand down to her ass.

Squeeze it baby" She says

I gave her a tight squeeze. She whispers for me to keep it up

"You know my arms are not my only muscle that can flex and pull" She smiles

"But I'm you help"

"Well help me get off. I saw you watching me. Saw you little timid eyes scan
me. You look cute and it been a long time on the road. I haven't had a change
to get a man in a while"

She gripped my balls through my pants. It felt like cumming right there. I let
out a gulp.


"shhhhhhhh" She says. She takes off her shirt showing off her perfect breast
"You ever been with a woman stronger then you it a rush"

"Take that cock out for me baby. I am going to make you feel good. My ass
going to squeeze the life out of that cock" She said

my palms were getting crazy wet for being in front of that sexy. I took off
your pants franticly fizzing with the belt.

"Here let me help you silly" She said pushing me against the wall. She yanks
my belt off. My pants dropped. She squeezed my erection on through my
underwear and pushed me on the bench press machine. Her nipples stood pointed
and dark brown. She sucked me trough my underwear and add a little teeth

"ohhh shit" I say

She takes my shoes off and chucks them across the room and then my socks and

"GrrrrR" She says smiling and tears open my shirt. Yvette licks my chest and
sucked on your nipples. I feel Bova's hand in my underwear as the sexy black
goddess stares in your eyes and kisses you. She tears my underwear off leaving
me totally naked on the floor

"mmm someone happy to see me" she says

You like these muscles don't you baby" She says

"Ohhh hell yes" You say

"You like these big tits. You like these in your face" She said

She bring your face down smothering your face with them. My cock is like steal
now. She grabs it

"mmm think I got my answer" She says

"You're so beautiful"

"mmmm you think so. I am not to strong for you" She says

"Hell no your not" You say

"Touch these biceps baby" She says

I feel them. Her biceps are rock hard, like balls of steal wrapped in smooth

"Imagine your dick between them..Imagine what I could do to your body" She

"Ohhh you're a goddess"

"mmmmm your charmer you"

She grabs me and hold mu cock in her hand. She nibbles on your ear. I feel
those big breasts against me as I start to make out with her. My tongue
twisted each other as she kissed me passionately. You grab her ass and give it
a good slap. You slap in a bit harder as she hear you moan. She returns the
favors and squeezes your ass hard. I jumped up a bit. She let out a laugh as
she gives in slap. The feeling of mud fingers in her pussy is sweet.

She moans and grinds against it as you two make out as her pierce tongue
tickle the inside of my mouth

"I be nice and let you pick how we fuck first" She says

"I like my cock ride" I say quietly

"Speak up baby"

"I would like to get ridden...Please Miss Bova" I said

She smiled

"You want me to ride that cock baby" Yvette said in a sultry voice

"Yes. Please"

"mmmmmm please so polite." She laughed. She had a beautiful smile. She kissed
me and pushed me down. She laid towels across the floor and got ready. My cock
was taken into her as I moved her hands up to feel her arms

she flexed as she rode me up and down. My entire cock was buried in her tight

"Feel those biceps. You like it baby." She said


"Can you handle it baby."

"Yes bring it"

"You sure because I going to fuck you hard"

"Oh shit"

"Ohhh yea" She said grinding into me

Her pussy was now dripping wetness down on my cock. She squeezed my chest
grinding into me. Her breast bounced up and down as she thrust up. She lets
out an orgasm dripping on you.You got to feel her tits and she gives a wry

Yvette pushed my hand down

"Naught naughty...don't touch less ask" She says slamming down on your cock
"Yea trust it baby..harder...yes LIKE THAT!!!"

Her balls rub against her ass. She kissed you feeling your deep inside her.
She nibbled on my lip and cover my with passionate kisses. Yvette kisses your
chest and suck your nipples

"ohhh yesss" I moaned

"Fuck my cunt ohhh yea" She said squeezing your balls. She moves you're hands
down to her ass. You get a good squeeze of her ass and squeeze the cheeks

"Shoot that load in me going to cum with you" She says

She start riding you faster as you shoot your load with her. She bites down on
your lips. Your body collapse under her. She laughs

"Damm baby hope you're still alive" Yvette said "Because your sweet little ass
got a long night head of you, Can keep you hard all night, make you cum
gallons baby. Your mind"

That night she fucked me until I couldn't move. That night laid in a hospital
knocked with an IV in me, a tattoo on my ass said

"Property of Mistress Yvette Bova"

I know soon she be back to collect her property.

The End

The End

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