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Exhibitionist fun, Jamaican vacation

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I’m definitely an exhibitionist and would do much more exhibiting if I didn’t have my job to worry about. This true story is about how my exhibitionism started while on vacation in Jamaica.

My wife and took a vacation to an adults only all-inclusive beach front resort in Jamaica several years back (1995), of course without the k**s. We had agreed prior to arriving that we would be open to new things and try most anything that came our way. That being said, our first opportunity to try something new arose right when we arrived at the resort and was asked if we would like to stay on the clothed or clothing optional side of the resort. It was explained to us that the clothing optional side was for the more relaxed and adventurous type while the prudes usually stayed on the clothed side of the resort. The clothing optional meant that you could choose to wear clothing or not in all areas except the restaurants. This meant the rooms, walkways, bars, Jacuzzis, pools, lounges, beach and water activities could be done in the nude. We took the plunge and chose the clothing optional side.

My wife and I drew some attention even when we were checking in simply because she is black and I am white, not something seen very often in Jamaica. We made our way to our room and changed into our bathing suits, my wife wore her new Brazilian bikini (with a very small back to the bottoms) and her big tits spilling over the cups of her top and I wore my blue and white striped bikini again with a Brazillian back (which was unlined and clung to my cock and balls when wet). Now my wife had been pretty reserved up until this point and this was the first time she wore such a small bikini. My wife is 5’4”, 120 lbs with a 38DD-28-39 body and her skin is a light brown color with dark brown hair coming just over her shoulders. I on the other hand stood just over 6’ and weigh in at 185 lbs. with a small tight ass and an average size 7 ½” cock which I keep shaved very short and short brown hair with a mustache. We made our way to eat then out to the beach. The weather was great, about 87 degrees with a nice warm breeze coming off the ocean and the beautiful blue water was about 84 degrees. On our way to the beach we past numerous clothed and nude couples and singles all of which were very nice and surprisingly most of them had decent bodies, not model quality but neither was I. Once at the beach we found only three other guests clothed the rest were completely nude. We found ourselves two lounges and immediately one of the employees, a very dark skin Jamaican man with an awesome body and one of the best smiles I have ever seen came to us and placed two beach towels on our lounges. The males name was Kermit, yes just like to frog, and he explained that he could tell we had just arrived and explained that the Jamaican sun was very strong and he advised that both of us sue sunscreen to avoid a nasty burn and ruining our vacation. Kermit told us that the resort supplied various types and strengths of sun block and he would be happy to assist us with choosing and applying the lotion. I told Kermit that I already applied sun block but my wife would need some and him to apply it. My wife looked at me with eyebrows raised above her dark sunglasses as she realized that I had just asked this Jamaican stud to rub her body with sun block lotion. As I looked around the beach and felt I should take advantage of the nude beach opportunity and strip, so without telling my wife I just stood up and removed my swim suit then laid back down nude for the first time in public. Again I got a rise from my wife’s eyebrows but she didn’t say a thing.

Kermit came back and started applying the lotion to my wife’s body during which he asked if she would be removing her swimwear, to which she said maybe later. The sun felt great on my skin and I was sporting a semi hard on when I asked my wife if she would like something to drink from the bar and she said anything fruity.

Now walking around in my flip-flops and sunglasses was a big turn-on for me! I had to concentrate to keep myself from getting a full on hard on and this was extremely difficult. I gotta say that my semi was making my dick look pretty good bouncing around as I walked. I finally made my way to the bar and ordered a couple of rum drinks from the bartender. As I was waiting one of the men asked if I had just arrived, when I asked how he knew he said I was a little too bright (referring to my skin tone) to have been here very long. Tim introduced himself and his wife Donna, both were nude with very tan bodies. We spoke while I waited for my drinks and found out that they had been at the resort for 4 days and 6 more days to go. Donna said I had to go to the night time parties the report had as they were definitely worth staying up for. My drinks were ready and so I told them both it was nice meeting them and I hoped to see them later so they could meet my wife.

Again, I loved walking back to the beach just letting everything hang out so to speak. I found my wife on her lounge and she smiled when she saw me taking her drink from my hand and started to drink it rapidly. Now I should tell you that my wife only drinks while on vacation and we don’t vacation all that often. Over the next hour I made my way back to the bar four times and my wife was feeling no pain at all. I grabbed a couple of floats and was able to get my wife to go into the ocean with me. As we were floating around my wife started commenting on the men and women she had seen on the beach talking about the dicks, pussy’s tits and asses. She seemed to be focusing on the dicks and pussy’s a lot. I asked her what she liked and she said, “Oh my gosh did you see that guy done by the water with the hard on?” “His dick was so hard and he didn’t care that everyone could see him.” “The lady with the brown hair next to me had a shaved pussy and her pussy was wet!” She went on and on about all the people she had seen and it was obvious that she was excited from looking.

I started rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples slowly working my way down to her pussy. I worked my hand under her swimsuit and started fingering her wet pussy. I kept rubbing around her clit then sliding my finger inside her nice pussy. I asked her to keep telling about the people on the beach and as she spoke about dicks and pussies I slide another finger into her pussy and kept fucking her. A short time later she came hard grabbing onto my arm and shaking her thighs as she rode out her orgasm while floating in the Caribbean ocean for all to see.

We made our way back to the beach, grabbed our towels and stared for our room. We both wrapped our towels around our waits and I carried my suit in my hand. As we walked my wife pulled my towel off and grabbed hold of my dick and using it as a leash as we walked. Now this was something I wasn’t expecting and it made my dick hard quickly. We pasted about three couples who just looked at her hand around my dick, smiled and said hi. We made it back to our room, stripped her swimsuit off and fucked fast and furious. We took a shower and rested for a while before going to dinner.

We dressed conservatively and had a nice dinner then headed to one of the many bars near the beach. After our first drink Tim and Donna came up and introduced themselves to my wife and sat down with us at our table. I guess I should tell you that both Tim and Donna were nude and my wife seemed to like their bodies, especially Tim’s completely shaved cock and balls. During our conversation Donna mentioned that tonight was sexy sleepwear night at the disco and we should go as it would be great fun. To my surprise my wife said it sounded fun and we would be there. We continued to drink and later returned to our room to get ready for the party.

We made it to our room and decided to take another shower before dressing. My wife told me she really liked Tim’s cock and balls being shaved and asked me if I would shave mine. I told her sure and proceeded to around my dick, balls and ass until I was completely bare and it felt great! I had this kind of tingling feeling all around my groin and ass, man it was great. My wife liked the look and gave me a little suck before we got dressed but she stopped short of letting me cum. We continued getting ready and I usually sleep in the nude so I didn’t have any sexy sleepwear but I did have an after shower wrap that was made of terrycloth and went from my waist to just above my knees and secured with Velcro so I chose to wear that. My wife had brought a new negligee that consisted of a white one piece satin thong body suit with lace covering her tits or rather displaying her tits and a lace cover-up. My wife looked super sexy in her outfit with her nipples clearly being displayed through the lace top and her ass being displayed through her lace cover-up. After looking at her in her new outfit I got another semi hard on, which was obvious though my wrap, of course I had nothing on underneath it and we headed to the party. We found Tim and Donna and were pleased to see their bedtime attire. Tim was simply wearing thong underwear and Donna had on a silk green one piece negligee that showed her body well, but not anywhere close to my wife. We got a round of drinks and quickly became very warm and my wife took off her cover-up which meant she was clearly showing off her tits and ass to everyone around. During the party they announced it was time for the sexiest male and sexiest female of the evening. We talked both girls into entering the contest only after agreeing that both Tim and I would enter as well.

We all lined up and they had the women step forward and had each of them step forward, do a turn and whatever else they wanted to get the crowd on their side. Donna did pretty good by pulling her top down and shaking her tits at everyone. A few other women did the same and even flashed some pussy to the crowd. When it my wife’s turn she pulled her arms out of the top as she turned and lowered the top of her outfit to her waist so as she faced the crowd she was completely topless. The crowd started clapping for her, louder that the rest, which got her worked up. She started dancing around, turned away from the crowd, bent forward at the waist looking at the crowd from between her legs then pulled her thong to the side exposing her pussy to everyone. With the crowd clapping and hollering my wife started sliding a finger in and out of her pussy in front of a large crowd of people she had never met. It was so arousing watching my conservative and somewhat drunk wife finger fuck herself in front of a crowded room full of aroused people.

Now it was time for the men to step forward, now remember I wasn’t in anything sexy just my wrap and it wasn’t doing a very good job at concealing my erection. Tim and I stepped forward and Tim put on a good show thrusting his hips making his dick bounce back and forth in his thong sack. When It came to my turn to step forward and do my turn I did with the front of my wrap being pushed forward by my raging hard on. As I was finishing my spin for the crowd my wife pulled my wrap off my body and threw it over her head behind her. At this point I’m standing in front of the crowd with possibly the hardest dick I’ve ever had looking at everyone and showing off my shaved dick and ass. The crowd had fun laughing and cheering me on as my wife reached around from behind me and started stroking my dick in front of everyone. I removed her hand and moved to stand behind her and it was then that I realized that she was still topless and her nipples showed she was enjoying herself. What a crazy time we were having. At the end of the contest my wife was announced as the winner of the sexiest lady of the evening while some guy we hadn’t met won for the men.

We continued to party late into the night and ended up going to one of the spas that was close to the ocean, stripped down and jumped in. Now this was the first time my wife had been nude in front of more than one person in her life and there were about 7 other couples in the spa already. I went to get us some drinks and when I returned I saw that my wife was sitting on the edge of the spa leaning back on her elbows with her knees about a foot apart. Now here’s my wife leaning back fully displaying her entire body to everyone in the spa and walking past and this got my dick stirring again. As we relaxed some of the people commented on my wife being the one that won the contest and how they loved her show. Once again my wife surprised me by asking what they thought was the best part of her show, her titty shaking, at which point she leaned forward and shook her titties for everyone. She then asked if they thought her pussy was the best part and she just spread her legs, way too far, and started fingering her pussy for everyone. I can tell you that all the dicks I could see were hard and some of the women were stroking their husbands as they looked on. My wife continued to add fingers to her pussy and started playing with her nipples for all to see. By the time she came she had four fingers in her pussy and was banging away at her pussy so hard her entire body was shaking as her hand thrust into her pussy.

After she came my wife leaned over and started sucking my dick and playing with my balls. I just sat back and enjoyed the feeling and the sight of her sucking my dick in public and was shocked to feel her pushing a finger up my ass. Now this was again something new for us and we were both having a great time. My wife kept pulling her finger out of my ass and sticking it up her pussy then back up my ass. By the time she stopped sucking my dick she had three fingers up my ass and she just leaned back spreading my legs so everyone could watch as she deeply finger fucked my ass with three fingers. This went on for a bit and she abruptly pulled her fingers out of my ass and sat on the edge of the spa telling me to fuck her. I did as she asked and started to fuck that hot pussy of hers. I got to tell you I have never felt her pussy so wet as it was right then. We just kept fucking with the sound of her juicy pussy filling the night’s air when my wife told me to fuck her ass. You should know that we had anal sex only one other time and she said it just wasn’t for her, so I was very surprised at her wanting it in the ass. She laid back and I put her ankles on my shoulders and eased my wet dick up her ass. She said she loved it and wanted me to fuck her ass off so I started slamming her ass good. It only took me about five minutes of thrusting up her ass before I was ready to come. I pulled out of her, stood on the spa step and pulled my wife up to my dick. I proceeded to stroke my dick until I started cuming all over her face and finally shoved my dick in her mouth as she sucked the rest of my cum from my balls. We melted into the spa and received a round of applause from those around us. We stayed another 30 minutes or so and were provided with some very hot action from our watchers.

We made our way to our room showered and happily passed out.

The next day we went to the beach, this time just wearing sunglasses and flip flops and while we were relaxing, one of our watchers approached us and said they had some good pictures from our show during the contest and from the spa. He said he would be glad to e-mail copies to us if we gave him our e-mail address but we opted not to. We didn’t want to give him any information about us.

This was just the first part of our vacation and we had several great times during the rest of our stay, including the first time I was fucked in the ass by a man. Maybe I’ll write about that later.

Happy times!


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