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My Fetish For Panties Ch6

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Thanks again for all the feedback, glad the majority like my panty-biography! I actually wanted to continue my experiences chronologically, but I decided to share experiences as they happen and thus fresh in my mind! This happened this past weekend.

As you can see from my profile, I have a room mate named Kimmy, that I grab panties from and use for my panty perversion! Anyways, a little about her and my life now. I own my house and a few years ago started renting one of my rooms out to college students (female usually) for the sole purpose to feed my panty fetish! I use the excuse that my neice stays with me when she's in town and is more comfortable with another girl staying there then a guy! hehe! I have a hooker friend that I made a deal with to stay over for a week every couple months to give the impression that she's my niece! I'm pretty choosy about the girls I rent to as I do want to try to get in their panties eventually and usually rent to BBWs, as I love them and they are easier sometimes to get sex from then a "hot" girl. (don't get me wrong a "hot" girl to me consists of a girl that's at least 200lbs plus! but what society deems as hot is what I mean!) Anyways Kimmy answered my ad last year and after meeting her rented her the room. She's differant then anyone else I've ever ented to, 24 yrs old, tight 110lb body, but is "mousy" and not stuck up and even a bit niave and innocent! But her personality sold me so she's been here ever since! All throughout the year I used her worn panties to sniff and jerk off into, all with Kimmy being unaware of it. But about two months ago, I decided to test the waters and "get caught" by her jerking off. She goes out every weekend with her friends and always comes home a bit tipsy, sometimes even continuing to party with me, but anyways, I put my headset on to give the impression I couldn't hear her coming and layed naked in my bed rubbing my little nub with my finger vibe. She has to walk by my room to get to hers which is at the end of the hall and when she did so saw me doing what I was doing! She didn't do anything and proceeded to bed and woke up the next morning and said nothing about it! So I tried the same thing the next weekend with the same results. Then the next weekend I did the same thing except I put on a pair of hose and grabbed her dirty workout panties (she goes to the gym about 3 or 4 times a week and wears the same panties and socks and outfit) anyways, I think she was a bit taken back seeing me in pantyhose but then relized what I had d****d over my face and freaked out!! She screamed and walked into my room grabbing her panties and calling me a perv and other names! She went to her room and came out a minute later saying she wanted to talk to me in the living room and to make sure I was dressed.

I expected her to tell me she was moving out, (as a few other girls had told me!) and went into the living room to face the music. She told me that she figured the last couple times I exposed myself to her was on purpose and although she was flattered didn't want to hurt my feelings by telling me she wasn't interested in her 38 year old overwieght landlord! But after seeing me smelling her panties, in a pair of pantyhose, figured she should say something, and asked if I would stop, which I told her I would. However, a few days later I came home to find her sitting on the couch with a smile on her face and she told me that maybe we could work something out. She'd give me her panties and I would cut her rent back. Which was fine with me, so that's what we started doing! She'd leave her well worn panties in the main bathroom for me after she took them off, and I'd sniff and lick them and enjoy them for a few days nefore putting them in with my laundry and leaving them for her folded up on the bathroom counter! However, the following saturday, she came home quite tipsy and called me into the living room and wanted to know why I liked sniffing panties so much, so I explained everything to her including how I enjoy being humiliated by sexy girls such as herself! She thought for a minute and asked if she could arrange something to do that would cut her rent even more, and after a day of thinking, went back to her with the idea that if she could dominate me and still give me her used panties I would let her stay here rent free, and she of course agreed and so it was set. However she had a vacation planned and has been gone for the last couple weeks, only returning friday. We kept in touch through e-mail and msn and she said she was still game for our arrangement when she returned! She did have me do a couple things before she left though, take some pics of my tiny nub both nude and in panties and send them to her, and she had me masterbate a couple times in the living room as she chatted on the phone, looking at me every once in awhile smiling, just small things like that, except the night before she left she had her friend over and they called me into her room to check these pics out that some "random guy sent by accident" to her e-mail! Of course they were mine and I had to sit there as her friend laughed and humiliated my tiny nub without her knowing it was mine!! Kimmy's friend is HOT and I've had a crush on her since I met her, and having her look at my penis and make fun of it was super exciting!! I was so turned on that I went straght to the bathroom and jerked off into kimmys panties!! Also last weekend, she had me go on msn and put a show on for her friends back home while they partied it up and laughed and humiliated me, all the while thinking I was some perv that Kimmy met randomly on chatroulette! They made me dress in panties and lingerie and dance around, expose my tiny penis to anyone who showed up at the party! Within a 2 hour period I think about 20 differant people saw my little nub and humililated me about it! I was in heaven!!

So Kimmy got back here friday afternoon and so my experience begins!! Now just to let you know, we set some ground rules, she won't get naked, nor am I allowed to touch her and sex is definatly out, and we do it only one night a week unless she wants to do more, and although she's a relativly shy girl, feels she could do it for some free rent! I have sent her vids and stories of what turns me on so she has an idea of what to do! Also I'm not to mention it unless she does, as she still finds it weird and hasn't done anything without some liquid courage first!

So friday finally came and I told her that she should relax and we could "play" saturday. She e-mailed me a list of things to buy, pink frilly panties, pink pantyhose, and a flogger as well as lube and lipstick. Saturday came and she told me she was going out for a bit but e-mailed me telling me what she expected me to do once she called to say she was coming home, and left! I ran to my computer and and found her e-mail telling me to shower and dress in the pink panties and pantyhose and I could do whatever I wanted until she called. So I went online after showering and dressing in my pink frilly lace panties and pink pantyhose and logged onto xhamster and watched porn until she called about midnight extremely drunk! She told me to pour her a stiff drink and be on my knees at the door holding it for her when she got there. I must admit I was very nervous as I wasn't sure if she was bringing anyone with her but did as she asked and twenty minutes later the door opened and luckily (disappointingly? lol) she was alone. She said she was surprised I actually did everything she asked and said I must be serious and told me to sit on the couch opposite her, and rub my penis while she told me about her night! They went out to the male strip club and she said she was so horny from it that her panties were soaked!! She told me she wanted to watch me sniff and lick them and masturbate in front of her, so she went to the bathroom and came back with a towel around her waist and soaking wet panties in her hand which she handed to me. I grabbed them and brought them to my nose and smelt her juicy pussy and felt the wetness against my nose! They were light blue cotton briefs with strings at the hips but full back and the word "juicy" on them! I sat back and buried my face in them, forgetting all about her being there and rubbed myself through the pantyhose and lace I was wearing getting up to my full 2". I licked and sucked at the crotch until all I could taste was my own saliva and turned them around to smell the back, unfortunatly I couldn't smell her ass at all and it was at that moment Kimmy spoke and I looked up at her standing there nude from the waist down rubbing her pussy!! I said huh? and she asked if I wanted to go down her!! I said yes!! and she flopped down on the couch and spread her legs and I dove in! The odd thing was she covered my head with the towel so she couldn't see me and as I licked her awesome little clitty, kept moaning some guys name, saying how she wanted him to eat her out all nite!! I didn't mind though! I ate her wet pussy for only 2 or 3 minutes before she grabbed my head through the towel and held it against her crotch as she orgasmed!! Afterwards she was all flushed and I could tell she was embarressed, so I just sat back on the couch and she got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back, she asked if it would be cool if she just went to bed as she was wiped and I agreed, telling her not to worry about it!

When I got up this morning, Kimmy was gone out and I just checked my e-mail and watched some porn thinking about last night and getting to munch on a hot 24yr old pussy! I was wearing my pink frilly panties Kimmy told me to buy and my robe. When she got back, she called me into the living room and we talked and she told me she felt a bit wierd about using me the way she did, but I asured her it was all part of what I wanted and she calmed down and thanked me and asked if I wanted relief! Not wanting to push my luck I asked if she could just bend over and show me her butt while I jerked off and to my surprise she asked if I wanted her to pull her shorts and panties down! (I had only meant for her to bend over in her shorts! lol!) I asked her to leave her panties on and I think she was more comfortable doing that! She was wearing a pair of black cotton booty panties with pink trim around the waist and legs and her ass looked amazing in them!!! I can remember jerking off into the same ones a few months back before she knew and it really turned me on! I wanted to smell her butt though them, but again didn't want to push my luck and make her feel more uncomfortable so I didn't! I truly was happy enough just to see her bent over in those sexy panties!! It only took about 2 minutes for me to spurt my little load and after I cleaned up, we watched TV for the rest of the afternoon as if nothing happened! By the time she went to bed tonite things were back to normal and she's cool with everything as far as I can tell. I can't wait to see what happens the next time we play, but rest asured I'll be writing about it here!

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