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Adult nursing - sharing the milk with friends

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by Summer

My husband, Mark, and I have been in an adult nursing relationship (ANR) ever since the birth of our first c***d (now nearly 10 years ago). When I was 5 months pregnant with c***d number 2, we discovered that Mark got very sexually aroused watching me nursing one of his five brothers (Gary).

This led to us having the best and most prolonged (lasting over 5 hours) sex we had ever had. Thereafter, every time his brother suckled at my breasts (which now happened 2 or 3 times a week). Mark would fuck me senseless afterwards, enjoying all my orifices in one tremendous sitting – my pussy, my ass and my mouth. It was the most incredible sex ever!

This obviously got Mark thinking because when I was just about to enter my eighth month of pregnancy with baby number 2, he said he wanted to talk to me. He sat me down and started “Summer you know how much I love both you and Sean (our firstborn who at that time was about 18 months old) and that I’d never do anything to hurt you?” I nodded, wondering what on earth was coming. Was he leaving me? What had I done?

He continued “don’t look at me like that babe, its nothing terrible. You know how much I enjoy watching Gary suckle at your breasts? You know how aroused I get watching him drink your milk and finger-fucking you? And you have to admit we do have the best sex ever afterwards? Well – I’ve decided I want even better sex. I’ve decided that I want Gary to fuck you and I want to watch.”

I was thunderstruck. I didn’t know what to say. What did he expect me to say? Did he expect me to agree? I knew that he and Gary used to share girlfriends when they were younger but wives? I just couldn’t believe that my husband, who I loved more than life itself, wanted me to have sex with another man – even if it was his brother – in front of him. What was he thinking of?

However, before I could say anything Mark continued “I’ve spoken to Gary and he’s keen (well there’s a surprise I thought – knowing that Gary had always fancied me!). It’s going to happen this weekend.”

I started to protest “but Mark, don’t be silly. I’m 8 months pregnant for god’s sake!”

To which he replied “I know. That’s the whole point babe. I want to watch him fucking you WHILE you’re still pregnant, BEFORE the new baby comes. I want to watch him emptying his seed into you whilst you are still full of mine – just like you are now!”

I was aghast – I had had my fair share of lovers but none since Mark, I just couldn’t believe what he was saying to me. I looked to see if it was a joke, to see if he was laughing – but he wasn’t. He was deadly serious. My husband actually wanted his brother to fuck me whilst I was eight months pregnant and to watch while it happened!

He carried on “and you can stop looking like that Sum, I’m not asking you – I’m telling you. It’s all arranged. My folks are having Sean, Gary IS coming over Saturday night, he WILL fuck you and I WILL watch - so get used to that idea! You’ll do as you’re told, like you always do!” And that, as far as Mark was concerned, was the end of the discussion.

For the rest of the week I thought of nothing else. Since marrying Mark and giving up work, he was right – I had always done as he told me. I had done everything he’d ever asked. I had become his “milk-maid” and remained his “milk-maid”, I had allowed his brother to suckle me two or three times a week, I never wore panties when we went out, I always wore low cut tops which really showed off my large breasts, I even drove the car with my breasts uncovered and exposed when Mark was with me - because that was what he liked. He liked other men to see me naked! He liked other men to want me! So, I reasoned, what was so different about this? And at least it was someone I knew, I reasoned.

After Sean was born and we had decided that we would maintain my milk and continue with our adult suckling – we made a commitment to each other. In many ways it was more of a commitment than our marriage vows. We agreed that I would provide him with milk and that he would suckle me, at least 3 times a day, 365 days of the year. In an ANR, you can’t have a day off – the milk still gets made, the breasts still swell, they still need nursing – regardless. It is a joint time commitment like no other.

Because of this, I resigned myself to what was going to happen on Saturday and told myself that it would just be a one-off. After all, I did enjoy fucking – always had done – and he’d obviously made up his mind so ……. In some ways – I even started to look forward to it!

When the weekend came, we dropped Sean at my in-laws and Mark took me shopping. He chose a very low-cut, very revealing, button-front maternity smock for me to wear for the evening. He said “I want you to look your best babe, for Gary!” He was really excited all day. The anticipation I guess. He couldn’t settle to anything and couldn’t even suckle me properly – so I was uncomfortably full all day.

When we were at home getting ready, I started to put on evening trousers with the smock but Mark stopped me saying “no hun, just the top. Let Gary see what he’s getting eh?” So there I was – high heels and a smock top that just skimmed my bottom, with quite obviously, no panties underneath. My large, milk-filled, heavy breasts were hardly contained in the low-cut top (which just about covered my nipples) and I very obviously had no bra on either! My eight-month pregnant, swollen belly stuck out at the front.

When I was ready – Mark could see that I was uncomfortable and said we should have time for a quick feed before Gary arrived but just then the doorbell went. This meant that I still had very full, very tender breasts as we had now missed at least one feed!

Mark sent me down alone to open the door. Gary came in and looked me up and down – as if I was a prize cow. Leering, he said “wow – don’t you look fabulous Summer hun – you’re almost wearing that dress! Come here and give me a big hug” which I did. As he hugged me, one hand stroked my naked buttocks and one hand stroked my very swollen belly. He obviously wasn’t planning on wasting any time!

Mark came down, said hi and got us all a drink (juice for me – remember I was 8 months pregnant!) and we went into the lounge. Without any time wasting, Mark got down to business. He pulled me onto his lap on the sofa opposite Gary. He undid all the buttons on the front of my smock and pushed it off my shoulders. Then he pushed my legs apart so that Gary could see my naked pussy. Mark started to finger-fuck me, whilst suckling on one of my enormous, leaking breasts – presumably to hopefully get me in the mood! I could hear Gary’s breathing becoming laboured.

After about 10 minutes of suckling and finger-fucking, Mark pushed me off his lap to a standing position and completely removed the smock. And there I stood - totally naked except for my heels. An eight-month pregnant woman – swollen with c***d, not far from her due date – naked in the lounge in front of her husband and his brother. They were both very obviously in a state of arousal!

Mark slapped me on the naked rump and said “go on hun, over to Gary – it’s his night remember”. So, I went over to Gary who eagerly pulled me onto his lap. He started to kiss me – tongue deep in my mouth (it was the first time my brother-in-law had kissed me properly) whilst one hand started squeezing a breast (milk spurted out) and the other one started to finger-fuck me, like Mark had done.

After a few minutes, Gary got up and pulled me with him. He looked me up and down, rubbed my swollen belly and squeezed both tits making me wince and milk spurt out again. He looked over at Mark and said “you sure b*o? You can still change your mind you know.” To which Mark replied “no way mate. I’ve been looking forward to this all week – she’s ready for it – aren’t you babe?”

So Gary smiled and led me over to the dining table in the corner. He’d obviously given some thought to the easiest way to have sex with an 8-month pregnant woman. He pushed me face down onto the table top so that I had my belly on the cold wood, my heavy, breasts hanging over the other side and my bottom exposed in the air.

Holding tightly onto my swollen belly, Gary positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy and, with no further ado, pushed it all the way in, in one go, until the whole of his penis was inside my pussy and his balls were tight against me. Because I wasn’t really aroused and because he was quite a lot thicker than Mark, it hurt a bit and I moaned and writhed on the table top. He said, loudly, “relax – you’ll get used to it, If you weren’t pregnant I’d be fucking you in the ass girl and that really would hurt!” To which Mark laughingly replied “next time b*o, next time!” Gary then started to move in and out, gently – presumably because of my condition – all the while holding onto my swollen belly.

Mark then came around to the front, eyes sparkling watching avidly – obviously enjoying the show. After a minute or two he said “too gentle, give it to her harder Gary, ram it in – she can take it, I want to see her belly move and her tits spurt” so that’s what he did – on my own husband’s command!

He started to pound in and out of me hard, holding me steady by pushing down on my belly. As I started to cry out, Mark rammed his fully aroused cock into my mouth for me to suck whilst Gary was hammering me from behind. Mark also started to pull on my swollen, milk-filled breasts in his excitement – milking them so that milk was going everywhere – all over the table and the floor.

So there was this eight-month pregnant woman being fucked by her own brother-in-law in her cunt and fucked by her own husband in her mouth and milk was everywhere! And you know, I actually started to enjoy it – I actually started to feel really sexy and entered into it.

Somehow, presumably due to the joint excitement, they both managed to come simultaneously – Gary in my pussy and Mark in my mouth. He held my head still so that all his cum went straight down my throat, ensuring that I swallowed it all and didn’t waste a drop!

And yes - when Gary left (over 2 hours later – having fucked me twice more – one of which WAS in the ass and yes it did hurt – a lot!) Mark continued to fuck me for the rest of the night in every available orifice which, of course, was his aim in the first place – to have great sex with his wife!

And no, it did no harm to the baby, other than I was totally exhausted the next day! But I still had to feed Mark 3 times and look after a toddler!

Since that night, Gary has fucked me (in front of Mark of course) on a weekly basis – occasionally more often! He even fucked me 12 hours before Luke was born – at Mark’s request!

I had been having the odd early labour twinge during the day and I knew I wouldn’t go much longer before giving birth. When I mentioned to Mark that night that I thought the baby was close, he decided that he wanted Gary to fuck me one more time wilst still heavily pregnant and knew the next day might be too late.

It seemed that Mark kinda got off on the idea of his wife being ripe with his seed whilst accepting another man’s seed. Anyway, he quickly called Gary to come and do the business – which he did willingly.

Due to the size of me at that time (imagine a baby elephant and you’re close!) the easiest way to facilitate sex was for Gary to sit on a chair whilst I straddled him. He put his cock into my pussy and I faced outwards with Mark kneeling in front of me suckling at my breasts and rubbing my enormous bump. Gary used his hands on my sides to help raise and lower me onto his cock. So there was I, in early labour being fucked by my brother-in-law whilst having contractions. All the time, I could feel the baby moving inside and Mark could feel it kicking through the wall of my stomach. Gary said later that as he plunged into me, he could feel the baby’s head! Awesome.

I have to say that that night was the most FANTASTIC sex that I have ever known! Gary fucked me (again at Mark’s request) for a couple more hours until I decided I was in heavy labour and Mark called the midwife at about midnight. Gary took Sean to his parents for us while we got on with the business of having a baby!

Now, giving birth when you are in an adult nursing relationship takes some forward planning. I obviously couldn’t have lasted a 20 hour labour (for example) without being suckled! We were lucky to find, via the internet, an independent, Swedish, earth-mother type of midwife who at our initial meeting stated that she was perfectly happy for Mark to suckle me throughout the labour. Which he did – lying on the bed beside me suckling for the whole 8-hour labour – he was even suckling at the moment of birth!

The only comment the midwife, Ingrid, made about my obviously cum-filled pussy (Gary had climaxed 3 times - although she presumably thought it was my husband’s and not my brother-in-law’s) was to say “I’ve never known anyone have sex whilst in labour but it obviously did the trick – I’ve never seen a birthing mother so relaxed or so ready-stretched!”

It’s just a shame I’ve never fallen pregnant since. I would dearly love to repeat the experience of being fucked whilst in early labour - I have never felt as sexual and sensual since!

As I’ve said before, there’s no reason why I haven’t had more babies. We don’t drink heavily, we don’t smoke or take d**gs. We have never used any precautions. And Mark decided, when it became obvious that Gary was going to continue fucking me regularly, that he didn’t want Gary using any precautions either. He decided that he didn’t care whose baby I might carry – as long as I got pregnant again! So, by rights, given the number of times I’ve been fucked in the last 10 years, I should have quite a brood!

Possibly, the constant breastfeeding has actually worked as a natural contraceptive – I’m sure a medical person would have a lot to say on the subject of being “in-milk” for 10 years!

Still, other than the lack of more babies, we are happy as we are – our sex life has never been better – Mark still enjoys watching Gary fuck me at least once a week (and then enjoys me himself for the rest of the night). This has now been going on for over 7 years and shows no sign of stopping!

Mark’s interest in me hasn’t waned at all – in fact it has grown quite considerably since all the attention from Gary. He still insists on me wearing no panties and short skirts (instant access he calls it!). Sometimes, we can be at a party or something and he will just come up behind me and ram his fingers straight up my pussy and keep them there whilst we carry on a conversation with people – he loves the feeling of power over me!

He also still insists on me having my truly enormous, milk-filled breasts on show as much as possible – even more so than before. And now that I have been “in-milk” for 10 years – they are truly humungous – 40G the last time I was measured. And whenever we go out in the car without the c***dren, he still has my breasts out of my top, totally naked, before we even leave the drive!

And me – well I’m happy. Of course I am – how could I not be. I have two men fucking me and drinking my milk (along with my good friend Merry) every week. Basically, I’m a happy, slim, enormous breasted, well-fucked mother of two - and long may it last I say! Try it!

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