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Secretary and her Boss. First lesbian encounter.

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My name is Mandy, and yes, I am always, always randy. As randy as hell. I need to cum several times a day, and I had always been used to a hard cock to satisfy my aching pussy. Mind, I didn't always get that, so I would regularly slide my fingers inside my panties to rub my clit and push my fingers into my soaking wet pussy. Oh God, how I loved the feeling as my clit swelled up under my touch, and my fingers fucked my dripping cunt. I used to finger myself at my desk at work, one hand on top of the desk holding my pen, but the other hand hidden between my legs and rubbing away. I would get so wet, especially knowing what I was doing while those around me were working normally. Of course, I could only go so far, and then I had to go to the loo where I could open my legs properly and give myself the relief I so desperately craved. I had never had sex with another girl, and used to fuck with my boyfriend most nights. However, I loved my pussy being eaten, loved my clit licked and stroked by a tongue, loved my cunt lips being pulled into a mouth, or loved my clit being licked while my pussy was being fucked by 2 or 3 fingers. Oh shit, I get so wet just thinking about it, but my boyfriend just wanted me to suck him and fuck him. He wouldn't lick me, he wouldn't lick my pussy or drink my cunt juices like I wanted. Then one time he had left his computer on, and when I opened it up I found that he had been looking at porn. I was curious, and looked to see what he had been watching, and saw that he had been watching a video of a 3some, 2 girls and 1 man. I started watching, and immediately my fingers found my waiting twat again. Yes, I enjoyed seeing the man fuck the two girls, saw his cock going deep into their waiting and wanting pussies, but what really turned me on was seeing the two girls kissing while one of them was being fucked. And then I heard the girl being fucked say to the other girl, lick my clit while he fucks me. Oh please, lick me now. God, my fingers were rubbing my clit harder than ever as I saw her go down on her friend. The cock was filling her, but I could see what was really turning her on was the other girls tongue licking her swolen clitoris. She put her hand down between the legs of the girl who was doing the licking, and while one girl licked the others clit, the other one fucked her fingers hard into her friends cunt. I couldn't hold back any longer, and came with a shattering climax, wetter that I felt I had ever been before. My fingers were soaked with the juices of my pussy, and I did as I always did after I had cum and put them straight to my mouth, savouring the taste of my own cunt juices.
That night when my boy friend phoned, I told him not to come over. I had other plans, and went to bed with strange thoughts in my mind. I wanted to lick another girls clit like that. I wanted to push my fingers between another girls swollen pussy lips. I wanted to taste another woman's juices, and I wanted to know what it would be like to have sex with another woman for the first time. Somehow I knew that once I had tasted another girls pussy, sucked on another girls nipple, kissed another girl, maybe tasting my own juices on her lips, that I would want more and more. I knew I just had to have sex with a girl!
That night I could not wait to get to bed so I could close my eyes, slip my fingers down between my thighs, and start dreaming about my first sexual experience with another girl. Sometimes when I masturbate I like to do it quickly, just rub myself and make myself cum as quickly as possible. At other times I like to make it last. To stroke my breasts first, to feel my nipples hardening under my touch, and to feel that beautiful moistness start to come in my pussy. I have nice tits. I know that the men at work look at them, and sometimes I deliberately stand underneath a fan so that the cool breeze from the overhead fan will blow down across my chest and make my nipples stand out. I am sure this turns them on, but more important it turns me on too, and it’s another chance to sit back down at my desk and start rubbing myself again.
I like feeling my breasts, to pull on my nipples, to squeeze then hard, and to know that soon I will be slipping my fingers back into that beautiful smooth moist wet place between the lips of my pussy.
Sometimes, when I rub myself off in bed, I know that cumming once will satisfy me. After all, I know that if I wake up during the night I can always touch myself again. However, this night, I knew that once would not be enough. I was so aroused. So wet. I rubbed my clit with my fingers, squeezing it between them, hearing the juices squelch between my fingers I was so wet and aroused. I thought of the 2 girls in the porn movie. I thought of the tongue of one of them first of all licking the swollen clit of the other before plunging her tongue into that waiting cunt. I remembered that when the cock hhad come out she had immediately pushed her tongue as far in as she could, and I remembered seeing the other girl writhe and moan before she came. I knew that what had really brought her off had not been the cock, but had been the feel of the other woman’s tongue probing and poking into her hot wanton twat. Oh Nikki, I wanted that tongue to be mine. I wanted to taste her pussy juice. I wanted to know what it felt like to bring another woman off. And as I was thinking of that I came for the first time in bed that night, and God how I came. I felt my whole body tingle and almost scream out in pleasure. I felt again that I had cum like I had not done before. I felt like I was discovering a new world. A world of girl on girl. A world of pussy on pussy. A world of tasting and being tasted. A world unlike anything I had known before, but one that I knew would give me untold pleasure, and give me the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that I had dreamed about.
I was still wet from my previous orgasm. I seemed to be wet all the time now. My fingers had hardly left my dripping slit before I was rubbing them there again. I slipped two fingers inside, and then brought them to my mouth and tasted the juices from my cunt. It tasted so good, and while I was licking the fingers of one hand I slipped the fingers of the other hand back in, only deeper this time. Then I tasted them. It tasted so good. For a while I alternated like this – two fingers in while I licked the wet fingers of my other hand. Then the other hand in while I licked more juice from the other fingers, but soon I could not stop myself, and again I rubbed furiously at my clit and brought myself to another massive orgasm.
I came twice more that night before exhausted, I dropped into a deep sleep dreaming of pussy rubbing against pussy, of breasts rubbing against breasts, of clits rubbing against clits, and my face buried deep between another womans legs.
The next morning I woke up late, and only had time for a quick shower and a quick rub of my clit before I had to get in to work.
This time though, instead of looking at the men in the office, I was looking at the girls. I was looking at their tits, looking at their legs, looking at them and wondering if they had shaved pussies or not. I was looking at the girls who I fancied sharing a bed with, looking at the girls who I wanted to lick my pussy, and looking at the girls who I wanted to fuck with.
The one I liked the most, however, was not one of my colleagues, but was my boss. She had her own office, and sometimes used to close the door so that the rest of us could not see her. Now I wondered if she was doing the same as me. Maybe she was slipping her hand between her legs, maybe she was rubbing her swollen clitoris, maybe her cunt was getting as wet as mine, and maybe she was making herself cum like I did in the toilet.
She was wearing a suit today. But she had the jacket of the suit off and had it hanging over the back of her chair. She was sitting at her desk, and I could see her tight skirt had slid up her legs showing her stockinged thighs.
She had on a white blouse, and it was pulled tight across her breasts, pulling the buttons so that the cleavage between her firm breasts was just visible. She had on a lacy bra, and I could just make out the shape of her nipples through it. I wondered what it would be like to take them into my mouth, and to bite on them gently, to feel her body move as I stroked and fondled her tits.
My cunt was wet again and I let my hand go down under the desk. I eased up my skirt and let my fingers stroke the front of my knickers. They were wet already. Oh how I wanted her to know what I was doing, and to finger me too.
Just then she looked at me and our eyes met. Her gaze dropped and I realized she could see under my desk. She could see what I was doing. She could see my fingers inside my cunt, and she knew that I was masturbating. I let my eyes drop to her breasts and she smiled at me.
Why don’t you come in here she said, and close the door behind you.
I took my fingers out of my pussy and walked into her room. I closed the door, and I went and stood in front of her. She parted her legs slightly, and I moved between them. Her skirt slid even further up her legs, and I could see her cream knickers just showing. I moved a little further towards her, making her open her legs wider. I could see the shape of her pussy lips through the thin material of her panties. I could see the dark shadow of her pubic hairs too, and I ached to put my face down and lick her, suck her, taste her and make her cum like I wanted too.
She put her hand down and gently stroked the front of her panties. Do you like to see me rubbing myself she said. Do you like to see the shape of my pussy. Do you like to see me rub my cunt? Would you like to feel how wet I am. Would you like to see me cum? Yes, yes, yes, I gasped feeling totally out of control and realizing that my dream was going to be realized. I was about to have sex with another woman.
She pulled her knickers to one side and I could see her beautiful wet pink clit already aroused, and standing proud of the lips of her cunt. She put one finger in, sliding it in and out 2 or 3 times, and then she put it to her mouth and licked her juices off in front of me.
Would you like to taste my pussy, she asked.
God yes, I said. She put 2 fingers back into her soaking cunt and brought them out, and gave them to me to lick. How beautiful they tasted, and how I savoured every drop.
I want you to make me cum now, she said, and I knew exactly what she wanted.
I dropped to the floor between her legs, and pushed them apart even further. I moved my face close to her, and smelt the sweet smell of her aroused sex. I could hardly wait before I buried my face deep into the lovely swollen aroused moistness that was her her pussy. Her cunt. At last, I was tasting, sucking, licking. I felt her move and jerk against my face. I knew she wouldn’t take long to cum. I felt an amazing power as I knew I was about to satisfy this hot sexy woman.
I licked harder. I rubbed my tongue up and down over her swollen clit. I pushed my fingers again and again deep into her soaking wet cunt. Fuck me Mandy, she said. Fuck me hard. Don’t stop. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cumming. I cant stop, she said, and I small gush of pussy juice spurted out into my face as she climaxed against me.
I looked up at her, and saw the lust and desire on her face.
I sat up and put my lips to hers, Let me taste my cunt on your mouth, she said.
We kissed, and I knew then that satisfying the needs of my boss would never be the same again.
It will be your turn to make me cum next I said.
I can’t wait she replied, and I knew once more that sex was going to be something better than I had even dreamed about. I didn’t know if I would be fingering myself again that night, or whether she would be fingering me instead. Whichever it was, I couldn’t wait for it to start.
Part 2
I thought I was going to have to wait until that night before my sexual needs were fully satisfied, although I had no doubt whatsoever that before the end of the day my fingers would again be slipping deep inside my horny wet pussy. However, just as I was starting to feel the need again, I saw my boss get up from her chair and come out of her room towards me. My desk was at the back of the room and when she was standing in front of me no one else could see what was happening.
I looked up at her and I could see that expression of lust again on her face. Did you enjoy fucking me with your fingers she said, and did you enjoy licking my clit and tasting the juices from my cunt?
God yes, I replied. It was wonderful. I can still taste your pussy in my mouth now.
Are you wet again, she said. Of course, I replied. I am always getting wet, and thinking of you makes my cunt almost drip with desire and arousal.
How would you like to know that I have taken my panties off, she asked, and that my pussy is just there, waiting for your fingers again.
I looked up at her breasts, and could see her nipples already hard and pushing against the material of her blouse. She had unbuttoned an extra button on her top, and I could see more of those beautiful tits. Oh, how I wanted to take them in my mouth and suck on them, but more than that, I wanted to slide my fingers again up her waiting crotch, and I could see from the look in her eyes that that was what she wanted too.
I will make it worth your while if you do fuck me with your fingers, she said.
I will do the same for you tonight after work. I will lick you and suck you and taste you until you cum and cum and cum. I was so aroused and horny. Her tight skirt clung to her hips and she turned slightly so I could see her arse tight against it. There was no tell tale sign of underwear, and I knew she was telling the truth about her having no knickers on.
She turned towards me again and moved closer, her legs slightly apart. There was a slit in the front of her skirt, and as she opened her legs slightly I could see her stockings. I reached forward and slid my hand up between her thighs. I felt the top of her stockings and I stroked the soft smooth skin of her inner thighs. Higher, higher she groaned. Touch me. Finger me. Rub my clit and make me cum. Shit, I was so wet, and I moved my hand up higher until I touched the wetness of her cunt lips. That’s right, she said. Rub my clit, then finger fuck me. I want you inside me so badly. I started rubbing her clit with my thumb as I slipped two fingers inside her soaking hole. She was as wet as I was, and with my other hand I started fingering myself. I had moved my legs out from under my desk so she could see what I was doing and I could see how much that turned her on. I slid my own skirt back so she could see my fingers rubbing my own clit, while with the other hand I rubbed her clit and fucked her pussy. I knew she couldn’t last much longer, and sure enough I felt her cunt tighten over my fingers as she reached her climax, her juices again gushing out over my hand.
I still had to make myself cum, and she watched as I brought myself off too. How no one else in the office noticed what we had done is beyond me, but after a moment she smiled and walked away. I can’t wait until we fuck again tonight she said. Do you want it to be in my office first, or on your desk out here? I could only smile weekly as I moved my legs and still moist swollen pussy back under my desk.
Part 3
The afternoon dragged by as I waited in anticipation of the sex I was going to have after work. Occasionally I would look in to Sara’s room (that was the name of my boss) and if she caught me looking she would open her legs slightly and pull her skirt up for me to see up to her pussy, and to see that she still had not put her panties back on. She also quite deliberately rubbed her fingers across her slit, and then put them to her mouth, all the time looking me in the eyes and once with her other hand she fondled her breast, squeezing her nipple and the juices just flooded my own pussy as I watched her.
I wanted to go to the loo and bring myself off I was so horny, but I deliberately waited so that the first touch on my swollen pussy lips would be hers.
5 o’clock came, and it seemed to take an age before everyone else left the office. Normally I was away quickly so that I could get home and play with myself, but not this time. Today I knew that it would be Sara playing with me instead.
At last we were alone, and she came over to me, desire in her eyes, her blouse buttons undone again showing even more of her beautiful firm breasts. Her nipples were hard and I reached out and stroked one. The first woman’s breast that I had ever touched, and fuck, it felt so good.
Where do you want us to fuck darling, she said to me, and I almost came just listening to her. I’ll fuck you anywhere I replied. I just want to fuck and fuck and fuck.
As I fondled her hard erect nipples and breasts, she pulled me towards her and I experienced my first lesbian kiss. Oh, it felt so good. Our tongues probed into each others mouths, deeper and deeper, and all the while our hands were exploring each others bodies. She moaned as my hand slipped down her skirt and found the naked flesh on her inner thighs. I wanted to touch her again, I was desperate to feel that soft wet warm pussy again, and I expected her to be without her panties still. However, this time I felt the soft material between my fingers and her swollen flesh. I pressed against it, and felt my finger slip inside still with her panty gusset between me and her. Her panties were soaked though by now, and heaven knows what my own were like.
I was just about to push the material to one side when I felt her own hand move inside my skirt. I heard the most desperate moan leave my lips, and I pushed my whole body down on to her hand trying to get her to touch me. I think she wanted to touch me as much as I wanted her to, and no sooner than her fingers had lifted my skirt were they stroking me hard against my own knickers. I had on a skimpy silk pair with a lace front which I knew showed the shape of my pussy lips, and my shaved pubic mound which turned even me on when I used to fuck myself with my fingers in front of a mirror at home.
Inside please, I gasped, and immediately she pulled the thin silk to one side and started rubbing at my clit. God, I was so wet, and so fucking horny. I knew I would come in no time, and while I was still trying to finger her cunt, I knew that I could no longer concentrate and I gave myself over to the pleasure her fingers were giving me.
She was looking me right in the eyes, and talking to me as she rubbed my pussy.
Is this what you like Mandy she said. Is this how you like your pussy fucked? This is better than a cock isn’t it, she said, and you know that this can go on and on and on.
Her fingers were now moving in deeper and deeper, faster and faster. I was cumming now, I knew I could not hold back any longer, and indeed I did not want to hold back. Oh fuck, yes fuck fuck fuck. Now there was no need to be quiet, and I cried out loud as I reached the most amazing orgasm. I felt my whole body reacting. The sensation was like nothing I had ever known before with a man. She pushed most of her hand deep into my pulsating cunt and pressed the palm against my clitoris and gripped the whole of my aroused sex. I seemed to cum again and again and again, although in truth it was just one wonderful orgasm. My whole body writhed and rocked against her, and the convulsions seemed to go on for ever.
Slowly I came back to reality, and as I looked into her eyes I saw she was smiling. Now aren’t I going to be the best boss you’ve ever worked for, she asked.
Oh yes, I replied, and I’m going to be the best secretary that has ever worked, and fucked, for you too.

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