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Reetu losing virginity to three guys

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I’m going to tell one of my past experiences this time. I was torn apart by three guys at the age of 16 and that’s how I lost my virginity. It happened once when I went to my friend Shreya’s flat to return her notes which I had borrowed. I had planned to stay at her place that evening as my parents were going out to a temple.

I called up Shreya but it was his brother Sarun who answered the call. He said she would be there and asked me to come over at 6pm. When I reached there, only Sarun was at home. He said Shreya had asked me to wait for her and she had gone out urgently to a cousin’s house nearby. Even though I’ve seen Sarun a couple of times before, I was not friends with him.

One reason for that was Sarun was Shreya eldest brother who’s 10 years elder to us. He was 26 then and was a matured guy. He was clean shaven, about 6 feet tall and with a well built body. I was not nervous because it never occurred to me that he would have had any wild fantasies about me. While I was watching TV in the living room, I noticed him staring at my breasts.

I knew I had huge boobs that often attracted my classmates at school. I tried not to give much attention and pretended I did see him looking at my boobs. After a while, he was making a call and I assumed it was his friend from the way he was talking. He went inside his room and closed the door. I was relieved and continued watching TV.

In about 15 minutes, someone rang the door bell and I was confused if I should open the door or not. “Sarun bhayya, someone’s ringing the doorbell.” I called out to him. “Can you please open the door Reetu? That’s my friends Rohit and Abhinav. Tell them I’m having a shower.” Sarun replied from inside his room.

I did not feel anything fishy in his voice and I went up to the door and opened. Rohit is a person, whom my friend Shreya had a crush. He is a really handsome guy, tall and dark with sharp features. Even I liked him. But Rohit was Shreya’s treasure and hoped he would propose her sometime in the future. Abhinav was an average guy.

I opened the door, smiled at them, walked back and sat on the couch watching TV again. I was feeling a bit weird with three boys alone in a flat that I did not even know what to do. While watching TV, suddenly Rohit placed both his hands over my shoulders and moved down his hands, cupped my boobs and squeezed them.

I was frozen the moment as Abhinav was watching me with a dirty smile. Forget crying, I couldn’t even utter a word. “How do you feel it dear?” Rohit asked playfully. “Man, this girl is a real turn on. What your name?” Abhinav asked me while approaching me with his meat taken out of his shorts. That was the first time I was seeing a cock in real.

I tried to call Sarun for help but Abhinav pushed his dick into my mouth. My eyes were watered as it filled my mouth. I tried to resist but he held my hands. Rohit now took off my top and I was sitting in front of them wearing a bra. Rohit pressed my boobs and sucked them greedily while Abhinav was trying to mouth fuck me.

I hardly knew how to do a blowjob and I was still trying to resist and get up. But two lusty guys on me made it impossible for me to move. That when Sarun opened the door and I thought he would come and help me out. But he was surprised to my boobs being sucked wildly and a cock on my mouth. I could easily see his hardened cock through his shorts.

He just stood there for a while watching me being ****d and then joined the fun. Sarun came and spread my legs and lifted my skirt up to my thighs. Now I knew I had no choice. I was in anger and grief that I tried to kick Sarun with my legs. But held both my legs tightly and widely open. “Behave well or we are going to beat you up bitch.” Abhinav threatened me.

Now I took my mouth away and pleaded to Sarun as he was only person I knew. “Sarun bhayya.. Please leave me. I don’t know to do this. Please for Shreya’s sake” I was now crying. As a reply Sarun just rubbed my pussy hardly and then removed my panties. In no time he was rubbing my clits with his thumb while kissing my thighs.

I was getting a shiver over my whole body. Meanwhile, Rohit took out his erect cock and pushed into my mouth and made my hands rub his balls. Abhinav was squeezing my boobs with one hand and shagging his cock with the other. Sarun kissed my thighs and moved up to my pussy which was getting wet now. I was feeling the pleasure bit by bit.

I continued to sob and moan at the same time, while sucking Rohit’s huge hard cock. Sarun started licking my wet cunt, sucking my pussy lips and rubbing my clits. I was getting turned on now that I was no more crying but was moaning in pleasure. “Sarun bhayyaaa…. Aaaaaahhhhh…. Ummmmmmmmmmmm… uuufffffffff… ” I cried out.

“Look how the bitch is enjoying it now!” Abhinav got excited now. I got the practise of sucking the cock now and Rohit was enjoying nicely. “Uufffff… Suck it you slut.. Faster.. yeaa.. do it faster.. more.. yeaah.. like that..” Rohit couldn’t resist now and he exploded in my mouth. I did not know if I should drink it or not.

“Don’t you dare spit.. Drink it!” Abhinav shouted in excitement and I drank all the cum as I was getting excited by Sarun licking my cunt. My wet pussy was dripping pre cum when he pushed his middle finger inside my tight and untouched cunt. “Ouucchhh.. It’s painful bhayya… Don’t do it please. Please.. I beg you.” I cried out.

He started pushing it even more and fingering my pussy while licking my clitoris. I was having a pleasure at the same time I was not able to resist the pain. I started crying loud now and was getting nervous. It made my hole tighter and hard for his finger to push in. Abhinav lost his patience and he asked Sarun to move away and he spread my legs.

“You slut.. I will show you what pain is now. Take my cock in now.” And Abhinav pushed his cock into my cunt. It was tight and not easy to push it’s way through, so he rubbed my clits and spit my pussy to lubricate it. Rohit started sucking my boobs and squeezing them while now Sarun was pointing his meat to me for a blowjob.

I was crying in pain while Abhinav was pushing his dick into my pussy. After a while of rubbing my clits I was on the verge of an orgasm when his cock slid into my hole easily. I was at ease now and it was not much painful now. I started enjoying his thrusts. “Oh my God.. her pussy is so tight. It’s so good.. I’m gonna fuck you to heaven you slut.

Ooooooohhhhh!!!” Abhinav was in real pleasure now and so was I. I started sucking Sarun’s cock now. His had a thick cock that was huge for my mouth but I sucked his tip and drank his pre cum. It was a wonderful sight for Rohit. I was lying on the couch, my skirt up with no panties, legs widespread, fucked hard by a guy,

me giving a blowjob to the other and my large boobs being sucked wildly by the third guy. “Aaahhh… Do it more… again.. faaster.. Ohhh.. its feels good… yeaa.. do it to me again … please.. Ohhhhh yeaah… Uffffffff…… Aaahhhhhh” I was crying out in pleasure now which made Abhinav loose his control and he came inside me.

He pushed deep into my hole while exploding and kept his meat inside until his cum filled my tight hole. His sweat was dripping over my body. Sarun was about to cum when Abhinav pulled out his cock and immediately Sarun penetrated my pussy. It was not that hard as Abhinav’s cum was a good lubricant.

He started fucking me harder and faster than Abhinav as now the cunt ws more relaxed. I was enjoying every bit of it now. I shagged Rohit’s dick with my hands and licked Abhinav’s cock clean and sucked the tips of it for more. “Saali.. You want more? Take it now… Make me cum inside your small pussy.. Let me have you bitch.. ” Sarun yelled in pleasure.

“Yes bhayya… Do it more and give me all of it… please do it faster …” I cried when Sarun bursted his cum inside me. My cunt sucked it all up. I was left there for a while and they watched me lying on the couch tired and this time Rohit inserted his cock into me.

I was fucked several times that day and even though it started as pure ****, towards the end I was enjoying every bit of it. My pussy was torn apart by these guys and it was so swelling that I could not walk properly for two days. And that’s how I lost my virginity to three guys!

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