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Helping the Homeless

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Tom was walking home from school on a crisp autumn day. The sun shone through the bare trees, and a slight breeze carried cheerful bird chirps.

Despite the happy atmosphere, Tom could not have been in a more sour mood. His English professor gave him a failing grade on a term paper, and a car had nearly hit him as it sped down the road, only slowing down to scream "watch where the fuck you're going." Being a broke college student, this was normal for Tom. His car had broken down three weeks prior, and he could not have been more angry at that very moment if he tried.

Three blocks from his apartment, Tom saw a scuffle in a shaded alley behind a gas station. Upon closer inspection, to his horror, Tom saw three thugs unmercifully kicking and beating a man curled on the sidewalk. With his rage already threatening to overflow, Tom exploded.


"Bring it, motherfucker," one of the thugs said.

Without hesitation, Tom strode towards the three thugs with his hands balled into fists at his sides. He placed his balled fist in his jacket pocket as he reached the three thugs. When Tom was arm's length from the three men, he whipped his pepper spray out of his jacket and sprayed two of the thugs.

They fell to their knees, face in their hands, screaming obscenities. Their cohort, shocked at their fate, gaped at the both of them, giving Tom a chance to punch him right in the chin. The third thug went down, presumably out cold.

Suddenly, Tom remembered the victim he had saved from the thugs. Before him was a shockingly skinny remnant of what once was a man, with a head of shaggy brown hair, and dressed in rags. Thinking quickly, Tom threw the man over his shoulder and made his way from the alley before the two thugs had their sight returned, or the third awoke.

Just as Tom gently placed the homeless man on his living room sofa, the man's eyes fluttered open and surveyed his surroundings. His face was a bloody mess, but his nose didn't look broken. Bruises were already forming on his arms, and when the man tried to sit himself up, he moaned in pain.

"Woah, woah, man, don't try and get up, you're really hurt," Tom said.

"What happened to me?" the man said, almost in a whisper.

"You were being attacked by three guys when I showed up, I stopped them and carried you here. Don't worry, though, you're safe now."

"Thank you so much."

"Not a problem. Say, do you need anything? Do you want to try and clean some of this blood off?"

"That'd be great. I can't thank you enough, you saved my life."

"Like I said," Tom stated. "It's no problem at all. Come on, let's get you cleaned up."

The man's arm was wrapped around Tom's shoulder's for support as they shuffled to Tom's bathroom. Tom put the toilet seat down and helped the man sit on top of it. Then Tom grabbed what he guessed was supposed to be the man's shirt and threw it on the floor. The man's chest may have once been built, but now Tom could see ribs poking out of his chest. Then Tom grabbed the top of the man's pants and slowly worked them down his legs. Fortunately, the man wasn't wearing any underwear, which would have undoubtedly been the smelliest garment of all. His hairy dick was nestled between two hairy balls, radiating a putrid odor.

"I'll start the bath while I go put these in the wash," Tom said, grabbing the man's clothes. "While I'm out there i'll get some epson salt to put in the tub. It will help with the soreness, and to clean your cuts."

Tom carried the man's clothes to his laundry room, and was about to put the man's clothes in the washing machine when he thought to himself.

"These are never going to get clean, I'll just give him something of mine to wear," as he chucked the rags in the trash. Then he reached on the top shelf and grabbed the package of epson salt.

When Tom walked back into the bathroom, the bath was just about full, so he turned off the faucet and sprinkled the epson salt onto the water. Then he helped the man up off the toilet and into the tub.

"Let me go get some rags to wash you off with," Tom said. He went to the laundry room once more and grabbed some clean rags from a hamper. When he got back in, the water was a light brown color, the caked on dirt was already beginning to come off.

Tom grabbed one of the rags and went to work on the man's face. Lightly scrubbing, he continued and worked his way to the man's neck and shoulders, he was about to continue to the man's chest when he realized that the rag had stained brown. Squeezing the excess water out of it, Tom tossed the rag into the sink, then reached into the dirty bath water and unplugged the drain.

"What are you doing?" the man asked, with a slight panic in his voice.

"Oh, I'm just going to drain the tub and fill it with fresh water," Tom said, as he saw why the man had panicked. The receding water revealed that the man's dick was rock hard under the murky water. "Is that what you're worried about?" Tom said with a chuckle. "Don't worry, man, we all get hard every once in a while, and it's not a bad size if I do say so myself," Tom said with a wink.

The man blushed and laughed nervously as Tom began filling the bath with clean water. This time, Tom only filled it halfway. Then he pulled out a bottle of shampoo. Tom massaged the man's head as he worked the shampoo into the homeless man's greasy hair. After he was done, Tom let the shampoo sit, while he covered a rag in body wash and cleaned the man's face, neck, and upper body.

"Do you think you can stand up so I can clean the bottom half of you?" Tom asked hopefully.

"Yes, I think so."

"Alright, let me get my shirt off so it doesn't get wet," Tom said as he relieved himself of his shirt.

Helping the man to his feet, Tom scrubbed the man's back, the back of his thighs and legs, then turned him around and scrubbed his stomach, bypassing his groin, and moving to the man's thighs and lower legs. The water was barely dirty this time, with more suds than dirt in the water. Tim continued scrubbing, cleaning the man's ass, the bottom of his balls and all around his dick. Then, Tom scrubbed the man's dick, and being a tease, he jerked it a couple times with the soapy rag.

Moans radiated from the man's throat and Tom decided bath time was over. He quickly rinsed the man off with the shower head and wrapped him in a towel. Then, Tom guided the man to his bedroom, and laid him down on Tom's bed.

Before the man was even settled on the bed, Tom attacked his hairy dick with everything he had. He inhaled the man's fresh scent mingling with the scent of the streets that would probably never come off. He licked the man's bulbous head and traced the dick's veins with his tongues.

Meanwhile, the man was moaning uncontrollably, from pain or pleasure, Tom didn't know or care. Guttural sounds reverberated from Tom's throat as he gagged on his prize. This dick was his. He had earned it for saving this man's life. The man's beautiful balls were lying against his legs, and Tom fondled them with his hand. While squeezing the man's left nipple with the other. Tom continued his onslaught on the man's dick.

Suddenly, the man commanded Tom. "Sit on my face." Tom quickly pulled off his pants and boxers and crawled onto the bed. Then he put his legs on either sideof the man's head. With both hands, Tom reached down and pulled his ass cheeks apart, lowering his sweaty ass above the man's open mouth mouth. "Lick that ass hole," Tom commanded.

Immediately, the man began slurping like a champ at Tom's ass. Tom pulled his cheeks further apart and the man went in for the kill. Tom moaned deeply as he felt the man's tongue probe out of his mouth right into Tom's puckered asshole. Then, Tom felt the whole tongue repeatedly lapping at his hairy shitter, followed by the man's nose and chin. God! The man was burying his whole face in Tom's ass!

While the man ate out Tom's ass, Tom leaned forward and resumed furiously sucking on the man's' dick. Gargling, Tom forced his mouth down to the hilt of the man's cock. Halfway down Tom's throat, the man's dick occupied all of Tom's mouth. Tom's nose rested against the man's balls, and Tom began fucking his own throat with the man's dick, being tighter than any pussy, the man almost came right there, but Tom stopped, not wanting to be done too soon.

With both Tom's ass and the man's dick being probably lubed by eachother's saliva, Tom poised himself directly above the man's cock.

"Are you ready to ride the bull, cowboy?" the man asked coyly.

"Yee-haw!" Tom screamed as he speared himself on the man's freshly cleaned dick.

Being so weak, the man could only sit there writhing in pleasure as Tom fucked himself on the man's enormous dick. Balls slapped against ass and Tom loved being in control. He could feel every vein swipe across his anal cavity, and the head rubbed his g-spot perfectly every time Tom went up and down on the man's dick.

Tom grinded his ass against the man's groin, while all eight inches of the man's cocked massaged Tom's anal cavity. Moans and yelled of pleasure echoed around the apartment as the homeless man's cock erupted inside Tom, coating his insides in the white goo. Shortly after, Tom's untouched cock erupted all over the man's chest.

Spent, and with the man's dick still inside him, Tom laid against the man's chest, in his own cum and said, "look's like I'm going to have to clean you up again. By the way, I'm Tom."

"Andrew," the man said.

"Nice to meet you, Andrew," Tom said, giving him a peck on the lips.

"Same to you," Andrew replied lazily.

And they fell asleep right there, as Andrew's deflated cock slid out of Tom's ass with a slight pop.

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