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First Time Sniffing Panties

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Like most guys or girls for that matter, who have a panty fetish, I can remember my first experience with panties like it was yesterday! I was a teenager, always horny and always jerking off if given five minutes alone! I had a younger (Tammy) and older (Rachel) sister, and I never once thought of them in a sexual way. Now their friends on the other hand was a different story! My older sister had this one friend, Nina, who was drop dead gorgeous! She had tight everything, and was the star in many of my jerk off fantasies! Anyways, my sister and Nina would always sleepover at each others houses. Many a night while she slept just down the hall, I fantasized about sneaking in and fucking her, but of course I never did. One night however, I did cross the line, and a panty fetish was born!

My mom's aunt passed away, and being she was executor of auntie's will, my mom had to go 6 hours out of town and deal with the funeral arrangments and what not. She left on Thursday and my dad was to meet her Friday night, leaving us behind as the funeral wasn't going to be until the following week and my mom figured we'd just be better off at home. My parents of course left Rachel in charge and gave her an allowence for food and entertainment. Rachel bitched a little, but after my mom said she could have Nina stay over while they were gone to help out, she calmed down. Now Rachel wasn't your average bitchy sister, nor I the bratty brother, so we all got along pretty good. Friday we all did our separate things, and come Saturday, Rachel asked if I wanted to go to the movies with her, Nina and Tammy. Seems the three of them wanted to watch some new chick flick, I declined, wanting to catch up on a school project that was soon due. She agreed and shortly after six, I had the house to myself.

Now at first, I wasn't even thinking about doing anything sexual, because I did actually have a project to work on. But after working on it for an hour, needed a break and found myself alone, able to rub one off. As I layed on my bed thinking of Nina, jerking my dick, I had a wicked thought of jerking off in her bed where she slept last night and was going to sleep that night! I was excited as I walked nude down the hall to Rachel's room and went in, laying down on the spare bed that Nina had been in not twelve hours before! I could smell her shampoo and perfume on the pillow, and found myself getting extremely aroused. I thought of sniffing the bed where her tight ass would've been resting, and almost shot my wad! I can still remember how hard my dick was and how I could feel my heartbeat throb in it as I moved down the bed sheet, sniffing it, trying to pick up the scent of her crotch. (although at that point I wasn't even sure what it smelt like! lol) but when all could detect was laundry detergent and nothing else, I was very disappointed.

I remember sitting on Nina's bed crosslegged, wishing I could smell her crotch when I spotted her gym bag over by Rachel's closet. It hit me like a ton of bricks! Her PANTIES!!!! She would've changed her clothes that morning and they'd still be in her gym bag!! Best of all, her panties would be in there as well!! I quickly hopped off the bed and darted over to the bag, snapping it open, and rummaged through it, looking for panties. I had found three pairs. One was plain white cotton, one blue clotton and one black cotton. I inspected them all and found the blue ones to be clean, the black ones and white ones dirty. I took them all to the bed and laid down, holding the panties in front of my face for a closer look. The white ones were the dirtiest, they had strong yellow stains in the crotch and long brown streaks in the behind. The black ones seemed cleaner, except for the crusty white stains in the crotch. I gingerly held the black ones to my nose, pressing the crotch gusset against my nostrils and inhaled............and at that moment, I knew what a crack addict went through the first time they took a hit from the pipe! I couldn't get enough of the smell. For the first time in my life I was smelling a pussy!! It was just like my friends had described, smelt a bit like mom's wednesday night salmon, mixed with a pissy scent. I don't know how long I sniffed those black ones, but all of a sudden I felt my dick spasm and I had the biggest orgasm of my life! I came so hard it hit the head board and spewed all over the panties over my face! I laid there catching my breath for awhile before getting up and cleaning up my mess.

I was amazed at how much cum I had shot, seeing as how that was the third time that day I had jerked off. As I grabbed the panties to put them away, I couldn't help but take a sniff of the white ones. I stood their in my sister's room, naked, holding a pair of her friend's dirty underwear to my face sniffing her most intimate parts and I got a hard on again! I laid back down on the bed and inspected the white cotton panties that had been on the girl of my dreams just hours before! I inspected the yellow stains and sniffed their pissy scent, but when I sniffed the brown streaks on the seat of them, I almost came again! At that moment, I knew I'd always love the smell of dirty ass sweat! It smelt like the sweetest perfume to me and I sniffed them as hard as I could and pulled on my dicklette furiously until I made it spit it's forth load of the day. Although it was lighter then the previous one, it still shot high in the air, hitting me in the face! I cleaned up a second time and decided to keep the white ones to sniff later.

I had those panties for years after that night, and sniffed them to many orgasms. I also never stopped searching for dirty panties and to this day LOVE the smell of a girls butt!

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