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Hardintown Mom Goes to Gloryhole

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Hardintown Mom Goes to Gloryhole

As a single mom with little time or interest in dating your sexual needs are often put off. In my case the only real relief has been my vibrator and some internet porn. Most of my time is devoted to my daughter Beth.

Recently I came home to see that I had a new neighbor. I noticed right away that he had one of those sporty Camaros.

"Hi, I'm your new neighbor Connie." I said as I shook his hand

"Nice to meet you! My name is Jeff." He said

"Welcome to the neighborhood!" I said with a smile

"You are the first! Most of our neighbors don't want anything to do with me since they discovered what I run." He laughed

"And what would that be?" I asked with curiosity

"I run that sex shop down on Main Street." He laughed and I thought of all the controversy that had surrounded the opening of the sex store in our conservative town of Hardintown

"Oh I see. Is your business doing ok? I mean with all the controversy and all." I asked

"Actually it is going better than I would have expected! A good number of men in this town find their way to my store and really more than a few women do too!" He laughed

"Women go in too? On their own?" I asked a little surprised

"Yeah but most of the ladies use my special entrance in the alley. It is very discrete. You would be surprised how many notable ladies stop by to play.” He laughed

"I don't understand why they just don't order their toys off the internet." I said with a laugh

"Oh they don't come to my store to buy things. They just go back to the glory hole and suck and fuck to their perverted hearts content." He laughed

I had heard of Glory Holes but to know that they existed a couple miles from my house was news.

"If you ever want to check it out for yourself just knock on the alley door and I will show you how it works. It is very discrete. I only let women in the back door and then I have a special hallway to the ladies area. You might see another woman you know but the guys are anonymous to you like you are to them." He said as he smiled

I walked home but my mind was swirling with the thought of anonymous cocks to suck and fuck with no messy relationships. I had not had a dick to play with for years and suddenly I saw a way to do it. My pussy was suddenly soaking wet!

"Hi mom! How was your day?" Said Beth

I looked at my pretty blonde daughter as she looked up from her homework. She was growing into a beautiful woman.

"Would it be alright if I spent Friday night over at Sara’s house? Please!" She asked

"I think that will be alright as long as her parents agree!" I said

As we ate dinner my mind turned back to the glory hole and then the realization that Friday night I would be alone. I suddenly knew that I was not going to miss my chance!

On Friday I drove over and parked at a grocery store that was on a street behind the porn shop. I then quickly slipped into the alley and saw the back door. My heart was racing! I started to knock when the door opened. Out came the local high school football coach. He quickly dodged past me. Jeff stood there chuckling.

"Come on in Connie! I'm glad you decided to come by and check out my little fun shop!" He said with a smile as I stepped inside

"I thought this was the women's entrance?" I asked as I pointed toward the recently departed coach

"Well I make a few exceptions for a couple of guys that are afraid to come out of the closet." He laughed

I looked around and there were some boxes and other things. There was a door to the left and a door to the right.

"Let me explain how this works. The heterosexuals are on the left side. So that is where the ladies go. On the right side that is for my gay and bi men. I require that those in the booths pay the rent by feeding the video equipment but other that it is whatever people want to consent to. So would you like to see a booth?" He said with a knowing smile

I shook my head yes and felt my nerves on edge. We walked through the door. As we started down the hall I could hear someone giving a sloppy blow job and a guy moaning that he was cumming. As we proceeded down the passage I heard a thump thump of two people obviously fucking hard. Jeff grinned at me.

He then opened a door and he showed me where my money went. He then pulled a $10 Bill and put it in the machine. He showed me how to pick movie.

"Ok, when your ready put a finger through one of the holes and you can have some fun. Enjoy yourself and if you need anything let me know. I do have nice assortment of lubes and condoms.” He smiled and left.

I looked at the movie were a woman was sucking on an incredibly large cock. I knelt by a hole a looked through and could see the flickering light of a movie. I put two fingers through the hole. Suddenly a large brown cock pushed through and was inches from my face.

Hardintown Mom Goes to Gloryhole 2

It had been so long since I had a cock that my pussy was burning with desire.

“Come on baby suck that cock!” moaned a voice from the other side

I slid my lips around the head and then pushed them down the cock. My mouth was flooded with pre-cum as I heard a satisfied moan on the other side of the wall. I pumped the cock with slow and deliberate strokes. I had forgotten how much I loved to suck on a cock.

“That’s it baby! Suck my dick!” said a voice on the other side that sounded surprisingly young to me

The cock started a fucking motion in and out of my mouth. I pushed my tongue into the bottom of the cock and let it ride along the tip of my tongue. Suddenly there was a quick knock on the wall and then my mouth was filled with sperm. My reaction was to start swallowing as fast as I could. More and more cum slid down my throat and into my stomach. I kept lick and kissing the cock as the erection slowly deflated before my eyes.

The cock slipped back through the hole.

“Thank you honey.” I whispered to my anonymous friend

“ahhhh yeah…that was good.” The voice said as I heard the door open and close on the other side

I turned to look at the other hole and I was pleased to see a cock already sticking through. I quickly moved to it. I started to lick and kiss the wonderful dick. I was aware that I had the other man’s seamen still on my chin. Just the thought of that turned me on even more.

Hardintown Mom Goes to Gloryhole 3

I let the cock slide into my mouth and I started to steadily pump it with my mouth. I had never sucked one cock after another before but I liked it. My hand reached down and I found my soaked pussy. I started to rub my clit as my mouth pumped the wonderful cock. I could still taste the other man’s seamen in my mouth and I really wanted to have my pussy filled with a cock.

“Fuck you mouth is so hot” said a voice on the other side of the wall

“Mmmmm you have a nice cock!” I said as I licked the head

A string pf pre-cum stretched from my tongue to the cock. I slurped the gift up and then pumped the delicious cock again. I opened my eyes and could see that my anonymous friend had shaved his pubic hair. I had never had a man that had no hair around his dick and I liked it. Actually I realized that I liked all cocks.

I pulled my mouth off it and slowly pumped the shaft with my hand. I really liked the feel of stroking his cock as my other hand toyed with my pussy. I wondered what his dick would feel like in my pussy. Then I could hear another woman moaning loudly as there was the obvious pounding sound from another booth nearby.

“Would you like to use my pussy?” I asked

“Yes! I don’t have a rubber, is bareback alright?” he moaned

I really did not care. I stood up and backed my pussy to the wall. I positioned the head at my opening and pushed back onto the cock. I felt the lovely dick slide into my extremely horny pussy. We seemed to not care how much noise we made as he and I slammed our bodies against the wall.

Hardintown Mom Goes to Gloryhole 4

“OHHHH Fuck Yes!” I screamed as an orgasm more intense than I had ever had before ripped through me

Just as my orgasm was ending I felt the cock slip from my pussy. I wondered why he had stopped and then I felt something I had not had for a long time as sperm dripped from my cunt. He had cum in my pussy and all I could do was moan with pleasure.

“Wow you sure fucked that cock!” said a voice from the other wall.

I saw a pair of eye peeking through the hole. I wondered how well the other could see me but apparently well enough that he knew I was fucked.

“Ever fuck a black cock?” he said as a large black dick slid through the hole

I had never even thought about having sex with a black man before but I looked at the large cock and felt my pussy sopping wet with my juices and a stranger’s seamen. I walked over and stroked the thick long shaft and felt the cock pulse in my hand. I was fascinated by the color of his black cock in my white fingers and then I knew I was going to fuck this big black cock. I turned around and pushed my white pussy onto the black shaft.

“OHHHH Fuck!” I groaned

“MMMMM that is a hot pussy mamma!” He groaned as I started to fuck the cock

Hardintown Mom Goes to Gloryhole 5

I had never experienced a second cock in my pussy after being cum in. The feeling was erotic that I started cumming myself again. All I could do was lean against the wall as the black man fucked me with long deep strokes. I looked across the booth to see cock I had fucked earlier was hard again and sticking through the wall. It was too far away to get my mouth on it but I reached out and stroked it with my hand.

“Stroke my cock and ride his cock!” the voice commanded

I wanted to do nothing more than that!

“You like my black cock! Fucking white pussy is so fucking hot!” my black fuck partner said

“Stroke my cock! You will make me cum again!” said the other voice

My body was constantly jerking with the erotic pleasure of being fucked and looking at that lovely cock in front of me. My mouth hungered for the taste of cum. Then my black friend knocked on the wall announcing he was getting ready to shoot his load.

I quickly dropped to me knees and sucked the black cock with quick strokes. Then I felt his cum flood my mouth! It was wonderful to feel it pumping string and after string of cum into my mouth. I started to moan as he started to stop. I let it slip from mouth just a little quickly and another two shots of sperm splattered my face.

Hardintown Mom Goes to Gloryhole 6

“Fuck that was good! I would have loved to cum in that tight pussy! Maybe next time!” the black man said

I then turned to my other cock and quickly began to suck him. His cock tasted of cum and sperm from our previous fuck. It made my pussy drip with excitement. My fingers found my slit and I worked my pussy with abandon. My mouth pumped the cock and I wanted to make it cum again. I obsessed with getting yet another load in my mouth as quick as I could.

“Fucking black cock made you horny! Suck that dick I have something for you!” he groaned and for the first time I recognized the voice

Then his dick jerked and I felt the head swell as he grew close to exploding. In my mind I wanted to give this cock more pleasure but I also had just realized that I was sucking my daughter’s boyfriend!

The cock jerked hard and cum filled my mouth!

I sucked hard as the boy ejaculated a large load of seamen in my mouth and I wondered if he did this to my daughter as well.

“If he does she is a lucking little slut!” I thought as I opened my mouth and let him paint my face

Hardintown Mom Goes to Gloryhole 7

“Fuck that was awesome baby! I hope you come back some time but I have to go now. Thanks for the fuck and blow job!” he said and left

My head was spinning! I had just sucked and fucked Beth’s boyfriend! I pulled myself together and decided that I had enough for tonight. I started to leave but as I got to the end of the hallway another door opened and an attractive blonde stepped out. We both looked at each other and the surprise must have been on both of our faces.

“Ahhhh Hi Connie….” She said

“Lisa!” I said as I looked at my daughter’s best friend’s mom

I could see she had sperm on her chin and from the stains on her outfit since she had serviced many cocks. She was looking me over in the same way and probably noticed that I looked like a well fucked whore. We stepped into the office and Jeff was chuckling as he watched us looking nervous at each other.

“I see that you two know each other! This happens here once in a while but both of you came here to fuck and suck at the glory hole so you know the other will not tell on you. So Connie, did enjoy your first experience?” he asked as Lisa looked at me

“Yes, it was fun.” I said as I decided not to be embarrassed by Lisa knowing what I had done

“Great! I love a satisfied customer and you satisfied at least three by my count. Lisa it was great seeing you here again should I keep a booth open for you next Friday as normal?” he asked

“Yes! I will be back as long as my husband can watch the k**s. Maybe we could car pool, Connie?” She giggled

The air had cooled as we stepped out and headed home….

The beginning

(A word from the author: I have decided to explore the Glory Hole Fantasy and you can expect a few more tales of women who discover the joy of sex without repercussions but then sex always has complications! If you enjoyed the tail let me know with a thumbs up. I always enjoy your comments and messages.)

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