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ball busting

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Paul loved it when his mom got a new job that left him home alone after school. From 3pm to 6pm he was free to do what he wanted. The first thing he did was to go to his room and get his porn collection and masturbate with out fear of his mom walking in. After a few days he started to get bored with his porn collection and decided to see what else he could find to stimulate his mind and body.

He walked into his mom’s room completely naked, knowing that no one was home. He looked at a picture of his mom; he thought to himself, she is not that bad looking for a 42 year old woman, defiantly a MILF. He looked around the room and found her underwear drawer. He briefly sifted through them; they were all just standard panties. He closed the drawer disappointed that there was nothing exciting in there.

He turned around and noticed a plastic box under her bed. He pulled it out and opened it up. Inside were a several pairs of stiletto high heels, a shoe box full of thongs, g-strings, and some sexy tops, rope, some whips and crops, a bunch of other leather toys, and some vibrators. He spent that afternoon go through the box of his moms stuff. When he went to put the box back he noticed behind it was a smaller box marked CB3000.

He did not have a chance to get it since he knew his mom would be home soon. The next day he went online and searched for what a CB3000 was. He was shocked to see that it was a men’s chastity belt. He read all the instructions on how to properly install it and was excited to try it on himself when he got home.

When he got home he striped naked and went to get the CB3000 box under his mother’s bed. He opened it up know what exactly what to expect. He spent a few minutes finding the right ring size and spacers. He found the right combination and reached for the brass lock. He made sure it was the right key for the lock before locking it. He tried to escape, but found that it was impossible.

He knew that at any time he could take it off, but it felt good to have it on. He took it off and put it back under his mother’s bed leaving him enough time to masturbate before she got home. He continued playing with the chastity belt for a few weeks and was getting more and more used to having it on.

After a few weeks he got home from school and went to his mom’s room to get the chastity belt. He was getting pretty quick at putting it on. In a matter of minutes he was locked up. He went to his room to watch some porn to get him in the mood for when he takes it off. After of few hours he was super horny and since his mom would be home soon it was time to take off the CB3000.

He went back into his mom’s room to get the key. He put the key in the lock and twisted…nothing happened and he tried again. He took the key out and noticed that it looked different from the key that he had been using for the past few weeks. His heart was pounding as was his cock in the cage.

He tried franticly to pull his cock out of the cage. He tried for about 10 minutes then he heard the garage door start to open. His mom was home. He quickly put everything back in the box and put it under the bed. As his mom was walking in the house, he ran into his room put on some jeans and turned on the TV.

His mom came into his room and asked how he was doing. He answered is a quick reply of good. She left the room as his heart was still pounding. He was thinking where the key could be. His cock was rock hard in chastity belt, well as hard as it could be.

As he was still trying to figure out what to do, his mom came in and asked him again if everything was ok. He looked at her and noticed that she was wearing a new necklace. He was staring at the necklace when his mom snapped her fingers to get him to pay attention.

He looked up at her eyes and asked what was on the necklace. She pulled the chain from her cleavage and at the end was a small key. He nearly fainted at the site of the key. His mind was racing on what to do. He deiced it would be best to tell her and get the key to let himself out.

He was shaking when he started to explain to her how he has the CB3000 on and that she has the key on her necklace. She looked at him and asked to see it. As he pulled down his pants she asked him if it was comfortable. He answered that it was quite comfortable as she looked at it.

She reached for the CB3000 and put her hand around his balls and inspected it. She laughed as she said wow you did a good job of putting it on. He asked if he could have the key to unlock himself. She looked up at him and said maybe.

He was in shock, he asked why. As she was holding her sons balls in one hand and inspecting the CB3000 with the other she said that he has two choices. First he leaves it on for the next month while she holds the key, and every time he asks to be released will be 10 kicks in the balls and an extra week of being locked up. The other choice was daily ballbusting, but he would be released from his CB3000 everyday to play with himself.

He looked down at his mother still holding his balls and asked what would happen during the month of chastity. She smiled and told him he will be begging to be released after a week of the blue balls he would be getting. He then asked how hard the ball busting would be since he had never had his balls busted. She squeezed his balls a little and said she would go easy on him, for the first day.

He regretted the decision he had to make. He told his mom he would stay locked up for the month. She squeezed his balls a little to feel how full they were and told him to get ready for dinner and don’t bother putting clothes on. As Paul’s mom left he looked down at his locked cock and balls.
Paul walked into the kitchen and was shocked to see his mom setting the table naked, well almost naked she was still wearing the key necklace. His cock strained against the plastic confines of the CB3000. He could feel his balls boiling. Paul sat down at the table and could not help but staring at his mother’s breasts and the key in between them.

After dinner Paul was already on edge. His cock was as hard as it could get in the CB3000 and his balls were full. His mom knew this and was teasing him right along. Paul asked if he could change his mind and select the ballbusting instead. His mom laughed and told him no. He had to stay locked up for the month and to present his balls to his mother for his 10 kicks.

Paul protested but his mother cut him off and reminded him if he asked to be released it was 10 kicks and an extra week in chastity. What could Paul do, his mother had him by the balls in more than one way. He asked his mother how she wanted him to present his balls. She told him to get on his knees and spread his legs so his balls could hang freely.

Paul got down on his knees and spread his legs. His balls hanging freely waiting for his mother kick. He looked up at his nude mother her nipples were hard and her pussy was moist. He knew she must have wanted this and was turning her on. She asked Paul if he was ready for the 10 kicks.

Paul closed his eyes and braced himself for the first kick. Before his mother kicked she told him to open his eyes. She wanted him to see her foot smashing into his balls, and she wanted to see her son’s eyes as she kick his balls. Paul opened his eyes and watched as his mother kick his balls.

Paul reached for his balls to protect them from the pain. His mother laughed in joys at the sight of her son clutching his balls. She told him to move his hands and get ready for 9 more kick. She did the next 4 in quick succession. Paul was in agony as his mother had complete control over his balls.

She gave a Paul a brief moment to recover before giving his last 5 kicks. She gave Paul an option for the last 5. She would either do 5 kicks or 5 minutes of squeezing. Paul did not know what to do. He knew he did not want to get kicked any more. He told his mother to squeeze his balls.

Paul went to the couch as his mother sat down on the floor in front of him. She told him to slide forward so his balls hang over the edge of the couch. She took a firm grip on each one of his balls and told him to start the timer. She started squeezing her son’s balls and Paul cried in pain.

It had only been a few seconds and Paul was begging to stop. His hands were trying to free his trapped balls from his mothers grip. He could not do anything as his mother was squeezing his balls. She kept a firm grip on each ball while looking at her son’s eyes. She knew now his balls belonged to her.

What seemed like hours to Paul, the 5 minutes was finally over. Paul let out a sign of relief as his mother let go of his balls. His mother asked him if he would be asking to be let out anytime soon Paul shook his head no as he rubbed his balls. Paul’s mother said OK ans sat down next to her son on the couch.

She turned on the TV and put it on the Playboy channel. She did this she setup the channel lock to only have the adult channels available to watch. She wanted her son’s balls to boil over with cum. As they were watching Paul’s cock began to twitch in the CB3000.

He looked over at his mother who was slowly rubbing her pussy. He looked up at her breast and the key hanging in between them. His mother looked over to him and asked if he was doing OK. He did not know how to answer for the sake of his balls. He said he was doing well.

She wanted to push it a little further. She asked him how his chastity belt was feeling. He gulped; his cock was hard, well as hard as it could be in the CB3000. His balls were sore from the previous torture and we also becoming full. He looked at his mother and said it felt good. She asked him, what felt good? He said that his chastity belt felt good.

His mother smiled in glee as she just got her son to say that being locked up in his chastity belt felt well. Over the next few weeks Paul was being put to the test. His mother walking around nude, the only thing on TV was the adult channels and the fear of his balls taking another beating.

The month was almost up when Paul’s mom walked up to him and asked him how his balls were feeling. He said they are pretty sensitive and it felt like his cock was dripping precum. She examined his CB3000 and noted his cock was dripping pre cum. Paul was super horny his balls were full and his cock was hard almost 24/7.

Paul’s mom told him he had one more week to go as that was the punishment for asking to be release early at the beginning of the month. She said she was proud of him for not asking again and commented this in a week he will have to choose again. Paul did not think that far ahead and did not realize he would have to choose again.

After another week of teasing his balls felt like they were going to burst. It was a Saturday when Paul’s mother told him to sit down on the couch. She took hold of her son’s balls and told him she had though it over and having him make a choice would be very difficult.

She told him what she wanted to do. First she was going to measure Paul’s cock and balls to order a more permanent metal chastity belt. Second he did have a choice in if he wanted to cum. However, she would not discuss it until the new device arrived.

After w few weeks of measuring she received the metal chastity device. She tied her son to a char and unlocked his CB3000. It had been almost 2 months since his cock was free. It sprang to life dripping pre cum. Paul was happy to be out of the CB3000. His mother started to put on the metal chastity belt. To Paul it actually felt more comfortable then his CB3000.

After she locked it with the special lock she admired her work. She looked at her son and gave him his two choices.

First, was permanent chastity. She explained to him he will get one last orgasm before she will place industrial adhesive in the lock, place the key in the lock and snap it in half. This would make removing the device all but impossible. There would be no more ballbusting as his balls would now be busting from the inside out.

Second was that he did get to have at least two orgasms. He would be locked in his new chastity device and after 6 months he will be giving the opportunity to orgasm or remain in chastity. However, if he wants an orgasm it will cost one testicle. After another 6 months he will be give the choice again, so on and so on.

Paul’s mother waited in anticipation of her son’s choice. Paul did not know what to do permanent chastity or orgasms at the price of his balls…

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