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Tricked by a shemale

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I was out with a couple of guys from work, Brian and Dave, and we were having some drinks at a local bar. I'd never been out with them before, but they invited me and I didn't want to be rude.

While we were having our drinks I had made some negative comments about gay men at one point, you know how it is, right? Just trying to make some conversation, but they hadn't said anything back, negative or positive, but they did exchange a look that I didn't think about until later... much later.

Brian ordered us another round and I excused myself to take a leak. All I remember after that was coming back, starting to sip my drink and then I woke up disoriented, naked, and tied to something. I also had something covering my head so I couldn't see anything and I immediately began struggling against my bonds.

A voice I recognized as Dave's said, "hey, he's finally awake," and the hood covering my head was pulled off.

I saw Dave and Brian wearing leather straps crossing their chests, leather chaps and nothing else. They both had very large penises, probably 8 or 9 inches flaccid and I felt a cold chill run down my spine as my own cock tried to retreat inside of my body. "Oh fuck, what had I gotten myself into?"

Brian came over to me and said, "So, you don't like fags, eh? Well you know what? I think that anyone who goes around saying they don't like fags is probably a fag them self. So we're going to do some experiments to find out if you are or not."

I immediately began to plead, beg and apologize for offending them. I swore I wouldn't say anything to anyone if they just let me go.

They just laughed at me and said, "it's not going to be that easy to get out of here. First you have to pass our tests."

"What kind of tests are we talking about? And if I pass you'll let me go?"

Dave took a few steps back and said, "let's get started. Now if you don't do what you're told we'll have to punish you. First rule is you can't close your eyes or look away from what we tell you to look at. Got it?"

Brian chimed in, "You don't have to say anything for these tests. Your body will answer for you. If at any time you get a hard on we'll know you're a fag and then we'll all have some real fun."

I nodded my head up and down as my mouth had gone dry.

"Good he said. Now I want you to look at my cock, fags love cock and I know from experience that Dave and I have really nice cocks."

With that Dave lifted his cock and placed it in his palm just under the helmet like he was weighing it. It was soft, thick and long and I was disgusted by it and tried to look away. As soon as I did Brian slapped me across the face real hard. I saw stars and felt a trickle of blood from my cut lip. "Don't look away, that was nothing, every time you disobey one of us it will get worse for you," he said. I looked back to Dave and what he was doing. He was running his one hand up and down his hardening prick and playing with his balls with the other. Both of them were completely shaved so that probably made their cocks look bigger, but as he began to get harder he was growing to massive proportions. Dave said, "so, do you like this? Want some? Bet you want to touch it, don't you? A real man's cock, not that little sissy thing you have between your legs."

Fortunately for me I was not getting aroused by this. Brian pointed this out to Dave and he left momentarily and came back with some lotion. He poured the lotion out into his hands and took hold of Dave's cock while standing behind him. Dave's hands went to his nipples and he moaned out load as Brian began stroking him slowly from root to head with one hand while his other hand massaged Dave's huge balls.

"Oh that feels so fucking good," Dave said between moans and gasps.

"Still no reaction from our little friend," Brian said. "Maybe he is straight, we should let Donna try, then we'll know for sure."

Brian stopped stroking Dave, much to his disappointment, and left the room. When he returned he had the most beautiful women I'd ever seen with him. She was a stunning blond wearing red lingerie. Her eyes were outlined in dark liner and she was wearing hot red lipstick.

"This is my sister, Donna." Brian said to me. "She's going to see if you're really straight or if you're just too scared to get hard to our cocks."

Just looking at this beauty made my cock twitch. "Oh Brian, I think he likes your sister, his little wee-wee is trying to say hello."

Donna looked at Dave and said, "Don't be such an asshole, can't you see he's scared?"

Donna walked over and stood so close I could feel the head coming off her skin. I smelled her strawberry shampoo and saw myself reflected in those beautiful blue eyes. She leaned close to me and closed her eyes just before our lips me.

Her tongue darted into my mouth and swirled around against mine. She sucked my tongue into her mouth as our lips mashed together. I could smell her lipstick as we exchanged saliva back and forth. My cock sprang to attention and all too soon she broke the kiss and stepped back.

"Yep," Dave said, "he really likes Donna."

Dave and Brian just watched as Donna got to her knees and took me into her mouth. I couldn't believe this was happening! I'd never been so hard in my life feeling her lips form a seal on my cock as she worked he mouth up and down on me. I was getting close to shooting when she stopped and stood up.

"I want you inside me." she said. She turned around and pulled her panties down part way and backed onto my cock. I felt my cock head pressing against her asshole then it just opened up and swallowed me. I slid into the most heavenly feeling I'd ever experienced. No vagina or anything I'd ever experienced before felt as good as my cock inside Donna's asshole.

She pushed back and bottomed out on my cock, then she started to squeeze with her ass muscles. Squeezing and releasing, over and over, driving me to the brink, but then once again, just before I was ready to shoot she moved away and my cock exited her hole.

Dave said to me, "so, you really really like Donna, eh?"

Like her? I want to marry her I told them!

Donna smiled and said, "it's not fair you have all the fun, you should take care of me too, will you do that for me?"

I said, "anything. I'll do anything for you or to you!"

With that Brian and Dave came over and untied my arms. Then walked me over to the front of a bench and tied them to a ring in the floor just in front of it. Donna moved in front of me and leaned over to take off her panties, when she did she also reached into them with one hand while pushing them down with the other. She sat down in front of me, still blocking my view of her pussy which was only inches in front of my mouth in my current position.

"Ok, remember," she said, "you said anything" and with that she took her hand away and a big shaved cock popped into view and hit me in the face.

Oh fuck! She's a he! I had been tricked by a shemale and was now kneeling in front of her/him with a raging hard on (her/him? and me)

Before I could react Donna reached forward and grabbed my head and pulled my mouth onto her cock. Yes, I was still thinking of him as a she. I was so confused. I was on the way to being in love with this beauty, I had had my cock in her mouth and her ass and was now being force fed my first cock!

One of the first things I noticed was the tasted. Donna was very clean and feminine smelling but her pre cum was flowing and didn't tasted too bad. I would have thought I'd puke but I found myself kind of liking it as Donna started to fuck my mouth slowly.

I felt a hand on my cock and knew either Dave or Brian was taking advantage of the situation.

Donna told me to look into her eyes while I sucked her and when I did she smiled at me, pushed me off her cock and leaned in to kiss me on the mouth. Then she let go of my head and I returned to her cock on my own. Suddenly I wanted to suck her and make her cum. More confusion. Was I gay? Sucking the cock of a beautiful woman didn't seem gay for some reason. But things were also escalating in the rear! I wished I could turn around to see what was happening but that was impossible.

One of the guys spread my ass cheeks apart and started to lick my asshole. Holy shit! That was amazing! I've never had my ass eaten until now and the sudden feeling made me swallow Donna to the hilt. I felt her cock head enter my throat and there was no gag reflex, I guess because I wanted it so bad.

Meanwhile the tongue in my ass was replaced by a lubricated finger. The finger was pushed in, rotated a few times then removed and replaced by 2 fingers, then 3. Soon I felt what I knew was a cock pressing against my hole and felt a sudden panic set in. A voice, it was my angel Donna, told me to relax and push out like I was taking a shit and that would open up my ass and make it easier....

I felt the cock pressing and did as she'd advised. I pushed out like I was shitting and felt my ass open up and one of the guys cocks pushed inside. My anal ring clamped down on the shaft as soon as the head was in and he stopped to let me get used to the feeling.

When the cock was inserted I had stopped sucking, but now Donna had taken my face in her hands and started me up and down again.

Whoever had their cock in me had started moving back and forth too, gradually getting deeper each stroke and I was starting to find it strangely enjoyable. I was giving a blowjob and a guy was fucking me and I was enjoying both!

Suddenly Donna pushed my face back until just the tip of her cock was in my mouth and began to shoot her load. The position meant that her cock slit was shooting right on my tongue.

"Don't swallow yet," she ordered me as I looked lovingly into her eyes. Her cum just seemed to cum forever and completely filled my mouth. I moved my tongue around and got a good taste of her cum and I don't know if it's because she was just so damn beautiful or what, but I found that I loved the taste and wanted to do this again.

Out of the side of my eye I saw Brian coming over with a huge hard-on so now I knew it was Dave's cock in my ass breeding me like a woman. Dave began to fuck me faster and faster then suddenly just plunged into me all the way to his nuts, which I felt slapping against my own, and I could feel him shooting his load into me. As soon as I felt his cock twitch and ejaculate in my ass my own cock exploded. Brian saw this and quickly got beneath me and collected my cock with his mouth. I finished shooting into his mouth and Donna's cock was now soft and she withdrew from mine.

"Show me," she said and I opened my mouth for her. "Good girl, now swallow." There was something especially erotic about being called a girl that made me swallow instantly. I missed having her cum in my mouth but now Brian came over with my cum in his mouth, dribbled it onto his cock and presented it to me.

What can I say? I was a complete cock sucking faggot sissy slut now and wanted all the cock and cum I could get. I took his cock covered in my cum into my mouth and began to give my second of what would be many many more blowjobs....

Let me know if you like story.

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