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Victorious: Jade's punishment (FULL STORY)

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Victorious: Jade's punishment

Victorious: Jade's punishment (FULL STORY)

Victorious: Jade's punishment (FULL STORY) 2

Victorious: Jade's punishment (FULL STORY) 3

Tori Vega was standing in front of her locker at her high school, Hollywood Arts, when her older sister, Trina Vega, came over to her.

''Hey, Tori'', Trina greeted her sister. ''How is your coffee?''

''I hate this bitch'', Tori hissed. ''What do you mean?, Trina asked her confused.

''Sorry, i meant Jade...this bitch trapped me again with a garbage coffee...what's her fucking problem...i mean.. i'm always kind to her.''

''She was really mean to you in the last time.'', Trina said.

''You're right...especially since she broke up with Beck''.

''Do you remember the last time when you were angry because of her?'', Tori asked her.

''How could i forget it...in that night i fucked the shit out of you because of her...

With that said Tori rolled her eyes while thinking back to this night....how Trina burst naked into her room just wearing her ten inch strap on..how she threw her into her bed...how she quickly ripped her clothes off of her and started to fuck her hard and fast with her legs resting on Trinas' shoulders.Tori loved to see her sisters big boobs bouncing and shaking with each thrust.Trina fucked her for almost 30 mins in every position (what Tori liked) until she told her what happend...

''Hey Tori..what are you thinking about?'', Trina asked, bringing Tori back to earth.

''I think we should teach her a lesson'', Tori said with an evil grin.

''And how?''

''Since Beck and her broke up she spends a lot of time with Cat...and Cat told me yesterday that Jades' parents are out of town for the whole week..''

''And that means we have a lot of time with her today'', Trina continues.

''That's right and before i forget it....Cat also told me that Jade is a natural pussylicker.''

''What a slut'', Trina said giggling while the school bell rings for the last lesson.

''Let's talk later about the details when we're home...

For Tori was her last lesson the longest lesson in her life. All the time she was thinking about what she would do with Jade. She was angry and horny at the same time. When the lesson was finally over she went home as fast as she could to prepare everything for Jades' ''punishment'' with her sister.

''Tori, why do you take so long?'', Trina Vega shouted for her younger sister Tori.

Trina is standing in front of the frontdoor in their living room. She is wearing hot pants and a black tank top that shows much of her big tits and because of the fact that you are able to see her nipples through her tank top, you can say that she isn't wearing a bra.

''I'm ready!'', Tori shouted when she went upstairs to her sister.

The older of the Vega sisters was speechless because Tori is wearing a police uniform and she looks damn hot in it.

''Where did you get the uniform?''

''It's still from this method acting lesson with Sikowitz and i thought that i could use it for other events too'', Tori said with a grin.

''And it was a good idea, but something is missing...'', Trina said while she opens some buttons of Tori's blouse to show of much more of her cleavage.

''Mmmm you don't wear a bra, Tori... and i love it.''

''Exactly like you and your big tits look great today.''

Suddenly Tori pulls Trina's tank top down so that her big boobs are hanging out and puts her face between them to lick and kiss them. All what Trina could do was to moan especially when Tori began to suck on her nipples.

''Ohhh Tori...don't stop...you are making me wet'', Trina said between her moanings.
''Let me see..'', Tori whispered.

Without losing time Tori opens her older sister's hot pants and slowly slips her hand in. She begins to rub her pussy to feel Trina's wetness.

''So wet...'', Tori whispered.

''All because of you little s*s'', Trina said with a grin.

Right after Trina finished her sentence Tori kissed her hard on her lips and sticks her tongue in Trina's mouth. When Tori broke the kiss she rammed two fingers in her pussy what Trina surprised, but instead to finger Trina's pussy she just sticks her fingers out and licks and sucks on them to taste her sisters pussy juice.

''Mmm you tast as good as always...wanna taste yourself?''

''Hey, why did you stop to finger me?''

'' I think it's time to visit Jade because it's getting late...oh before i forget it..'', Tori said while she runs upstairs to come back with a paper bag.

''What's in the paper bag?'', Trina asked her while putting her hot pants on.

''Some toys we can use later...now let's go.''

After a short time the Vega sisters arrived at Jade.

'Who did you actually message while driving?'

'You will see later...', Tori answered and got out of the car.

'Are you ready for this?', Tori asked her sister when they were standing in front of the door.

Trina just nod and Tori knocked hard on the door. As soon as Jade opened the door Tori and Trina bursted in and they pressed Jade with her face hard against the wall.

'What the fuck is going on here!', Jade yelled while Tori managed to tie Jades' hands up on her back with her handcuffs.

After that they found a bedroom with a large bed and lied Jade with her face down on it.

'What do you want from me VEGA!', Jade yelled again.

'You trapped me once too often...therefore i thought that it's time for a little payback. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will.', answered Tori and gave Trina a sign to flip Jade over.

Jade is wearing a tight tank top and hotpants like Trina. Without losing some time Trina opened Jade's hotpants and yanked them down (while Jade tried to fight against it). To her surprise Jade didn't wear any panty and on top of this her pussy was shaven. Jade's reaction was to press her legs together.

'Mmmm i bet she doesn't wear a bra too', Trina said.

'Let's prove it.', Tori continued.

'Don't you dare to touch me!', Jade yelled.

Immediately the Vega sisters grabbed Jade's top and ripped it apart exposing Jade's huge c-cups.

'Hey..this is my favorite top!', Jade hissed.

'You mean..this WAS your favorite top....you're such a slut...no panty and no bra', Tori said and started to laugh with Trina.

'Trina...don't you think that it's getting hot in here?', Tori asked her sister while looking up and down Jade's nude body.

'You're right little s*s....'

With that said Trina pulled her top off what caused her big tits to jiggle. After that she took off her hotpants and was naked too. Tori opened her blouse slowly and swayed her hips seductively and this caught Jade's attention. Jade tried to fight against it, but Tori was too hot. After Tori threw her blouse away she stopped to dance because she already got Jade's attention. Shortly after that she took of her pants and rubbed her pussy a little bit. Jade just stared at Tori. She thought to herself that Tori's latina body is just perfect....skinny with the right curves. Besides she has an ass to die for. Tori may not has big tits like her, but they are perfectly shaped for her body...firm and round..a nice handful...and the fact that Tori still wore the police hat somehow turned her on, but Jade recovered her senses and shaked her head.

That was when Tori walked to Trina and to Jade's surprise they started to make out right in front of her. Then Tori kissed her way down to Trina's big tits and began to alternately suck on her nipples.

'You two are sick!', Jade hissed still surprised.

Immediately Tori stopped to suck on her older sister's tits and walked over to Jade.

'Oh yeah? But your wet pussy and your hard nipples tell me that you liked what you saw..don't tell me that it didn't turn you on to watch us making out like this!', Tori said and rubbed a finger over Jade's slit to taste her.

'You taste good and your tits aren''t bad too, but they aren't as big as Trina's.',Tori continued and pinched her nipples.

'Hey guys!', suddenly greeted a female voice.

The girl was Cat who are standing in the door frame. She looked so innocent with her two pigtails.
Besides she is wearing a skirt with long socks and a tight blouse what shows a little bit cleavage.
All three girls just stared at her.

'Cat...help me!', Jade yelled.

'I'm not here to help you!', Cat answered and walked over to Trina to kiss her and then to Tori.

'What?! You too!! But why??'

'Because Tori and Trina are better lovers.', Cat said and leans back against Tori and kissed her.

Without losing some time Tori opened Cat's blouse and threw it away. With one hand she groped her tits and with her other hand she opened her skirt and yanked it down. The only clothes Cat was wearing were her knee high socks.

'You are damn sexy', Tori whispered while she is groping Cat's tits and rubbing her pussy.

Suddenly Tori stopped and walked over to the bed.

'Now the fun can begin. Cat..come over here and show Jade how to eat a pussy out and I will take of her tits with Trina.'

With that said all three girls climbed in the bed, but before Cat was able to eat Jade's pussy out the Vega sisters had to force her to open her legs. As soon as her legs were open Cat buried her face into Jade's pussy. At first Jade tried to press her legs together, but with each second her legs got weaker because of Cat's 'pussylicker' skills and she couldn't use her hands because of the handcuffs. In addition to that the Vega sisters sucked and licked her boobs agressively. Both sucked hard on her nipples and slighlty bit on them while squeezing and massaging her boobs.

'Do you enjoy it?', asked Tori with a grin.

'I enjoy it!', Cat answered quickly before burying her face in Jade's pussy back again.

Jade didn't answer and looked scornfully to Tori and then to the ceiling. Jade was too proud to admit it and tried not to show any emotions, but Cat was too good in eating out pussies. Cat stuck her tongue deeper into her pussy and swirled her tongue around while her nose rubbed against her clit.
After that she used her fingers to finger fuck her, sucked hard on her clit and swirled her tongue like before in her pussy around her clit. Jade knew that she wouldn't last any longer and a quiet moan escaped out of her mouth. Jade was near and her moans became louder.

'Cat.. it's enough'!, Tori suddenly yelled and Cat obeyed.

'What's wrong?', Cat asked and licked her lips clean.

'Yeah...what's wrong...Vega!?'

'Did I give you the permission to cum? You can cum when I give you the permission to cum and you have to earn it!', Tori said in a lightly aggressive but sexy tone..still wearing her police officer hat what made her sentences more powerful and sexy.

'And how?'

'I've heard that you are a great pussylicker....how about you eat all three of us out?'

'Forget it!!'

'I was hoping you'd say that....Cat..I think Trina needs your attention.'

Immediately Cat literally jumped on Trina, put her face between her big tits and started to shake her head.

'Mmmm i like i when you're motorboating my tits, but i know a better place for your face.'

'And i know a good place for your face as well.'

As soon as Cat finished her sentence they she climbed on top of Trina in the 69 position and licked Trina's slit up and down before she started to suck her clit hungrily. Trina just grabbed Cat's hips and pressed them down on her face. Both began to moan.

In the mean time Tori stood up and walked to her paper bag and took a vibrator out. After that she climbed back into the bed and grabbed Jade's hair to force her to look at Cat and Jade. At first Tori used the vibrator for herself, but then she had an better idea. After that she rubbed the vibrator up and down Jade's slit to tease her more and more.

'What are you doing..VEGA!?', Jade yelled and tried to fight against it.

'You didn't want to eat us out...therefore i have to punish you for that...'

Tori exactly knew how to break Jade. Nobody would take a torture like this for a long time. Every time when Jade was near to cum Tori just stopped and waited until Jade was calming down.
Jade wished that she could rubb her pussy to get off, but her hand were still cuffed behind her bag and this torture was too hard...Tori teased her with a vibrator and wouldn't allow her to cum...in addition to that she was forced to watch Cat and Trina in 69...Cat is riding Trina's tongue now while she is fingering her pussy and sucking her clit.

'Wanna take your dicision back?'


'Good dicision...'

Jade was too horny to resist any longer and she hated herself for that.

'Trina..Cat you can stop now....who wants to be the first?'

'Cat deserved it.', Trina said.

'Yeiii', Cat cheered and spread her legs right in front of Jade.

Jade then started to lick Cat's dripping wet slit up and down. Jade knew that it wouldn't last long to get her off because of Trina. After that she swirled her tongue around her clit and sucked it hard. She just wanted to get her off as fast as possible. After some minutes Cat was cumming. Jade wanted to raise her head up, but Tori pushed her head down and forced her to swallow Cat's pussyjuice.

'Now it's my turn, but start with my tits', Trina said while groping her tits.

As demanded Jade started with Trina's tits. She used her tongue to play with her nipples before taking them in her mouth to suck on them hard. After some minutes Trina suddenly grabbed her hair and pushed her down to her pussy.

'That's enough...it's time for you to eat me out!'

Trina was even wetter than Cat. Jade was sure that the reason was that Cat the better pussylicker is.
Like before Jade started by licking up and down her slit, but this time she sucked and licked more agressively. It didn't take long until Trina was cumming too and like before Tori pushed her head down.

Immediately Tori took Trina's place and spread her legs. Jade just stared at Tori's hot body while pussyjuice was dripping down her chin.

'What are you waiting for?!', Tori yelled bringing Jade back to earth.

Jade started unlike by the others to kiss and lick Tori's inner thighs what Tori liked.

'Mmmmm...not bad for the beginning...you better be good in eating my pussy out too', Tori said while stroking Jade's hair.

Jade didn't answer and just licked all over her pussy. Then she stuck the tip of her tongue between her pussylips and licked up to her clit and teased it with her tongue. A little moan escaped out of Tori's mouth and she started to grope and squezze her tits. Jade then kissed her clit and sucked it in her mouth to swirl her tongue around and ligthly bite it. Jade was surprised how tight Tori was when she stuck her tongue into her pussy. Jade began to fuck her pussy with her tongue and tried to lick every edge of Tori's pussy.

'Come on...Jade... is that all you got...I thought you are a great pussylicker!', Tori yelled and pushed Jade's head down.

Suddenly Jade stuck her tongue deeper in her pussy and started to shake her head from side to side.

'Oh Yeahh...that's what I'm talking about!', Tori said and started to move her hips.

Jade switched between fucking Tori with her tongue and shaking her head with her tongue deep inside her pussy.

'Ohhhh goddd...... don't dare to stop.....mmmmm.'

All you could here was the wet noises of Jade eating Tori's pussy out and her moans.

'Yessssssss.....right there.....ohhhhhhh godddddd damnnnn!!!'

Suddenly Tori grabbed Jade's hair and raised her head up while she rubbed her clit furiously. To Jade's surprise Tori is a squirter and covered her whole face with her pussy juice.

'That was fun.', Tori said pleased and rubbed with her hand over her pussy.

'Can you make me cum now?', Jade asked.

'Uhmm....sure..just lie down..Cat, how about 69 with Jade for a warm up? ', Tori said and gave Trina a sign to follow her to her paper bag.

Tori took two strap ons out and both took them on. Immediately both girls walked back to Jade and Cat who was lying on top. Trina moved to Jade and Tori behind Cat. Without losing some time Tori rammed her fake all the way into Cat's pussy. Tori started with slow and deep thrusts. With each thrust she took up her pace and after some minutes she was fucking Cat vigorously.

Wherease Trina just rubbed the fake cock between Jade's pussylips to tease her more and more until Jade begged her to fuck her. After that Trina fucked her as hard and fast she could...pumping in and out of her while rubbing over her clit. When Tori realized that Jade was about to cum she gave her sister a sign to pull out.

'Awww god..i was sooo close...what's wrong with you!!', Jade hissed.

'I have a better idea to get you off....', Tori answered while pulling her face cock out of Cat and laid down on her back.

'I want you to ride me.'

Immediately Jade climbed on top of her. As soon as the tip of her strap on touched her pussy Tori pushed her all the way down what Jade didn't bother because she was too horny. Jade finally started to move her hips up and down what caused her big boobs to bounce. Tori raised her head up and began to suck on her tits

'Oh yess...suck my tits....!'

Suddenly Tori grabbed her hips and started to thrust upwards.

'Mmmmmm don't stop...yess..yesss....!', Jade moaned with closed eyes.

Tori took up her pace and slowly pushed Jade's ass cheeks apart.

'I think it's time to unleash her!', Tori said and gave Cat the sign to do it. (Tori knew that she has broken Jade)

In the same moment when Cat unleashed her Jade leant forward and kissed Tori hard on her lips. Tori opened her mouth and Jade stuck her tongue in her mouth. This went on for some minutes until Jade raised herself up and began to ride her again. Then Tori pushed Jade's ass cheeks again apart, but this time she stuck two fingers in.

'Ohhh yessss....finger my ass.....i love it.....'

After a minute Tori suddenly stopped to finger her ass.

'Why did..............

Jade couldn't finish her sentence because Trina rammed her strap on into her ass as soon as Tori pulled her fingers out. Jade screamed and arched her back. Trina grabbed her hair and pulled her back.

'This isn't the first time that you get fucked in the ass, is it? But i bet this is your first dp.', Trina said and pushed her forward again.

Jade was stil gasping for air and she felt like she was being torn apart, but with each thrust the feeling became better and better.

'Fuckkk yesssss......right there.......mmmmmm'

'Sounds like the slut enjoys it', Trina said and slapped Jade's ass.

Immediately the Vega sisters took up their pace and found after a short time the perfect rhythm...when Trina pushed in Tori pulled out and vice versa.

'Cat come over here and suck Jade's boobs!', Tori commanded Cat who was fingering herself all the time to this view. Cat obeyed Tori and started to suck Jade's boobs.

'Oh god..yesss..yessss....fuckkkkkkk'

All you could here were Cat's slurping noises, the sound of skin slapping together and of course Jade's loud moans.

Tori could feel Jade's pussy juice running down her legs and she knew that Jade is close and she was right. Suddenly Jade screamed, arched her back and rolled her eyes back into her head.

'Fuckkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssssssss.....ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!'

'That was what I needed...I think I should trap you more often', Jade finally said when she recovered her breath.

'You've gotta to be k**ding me.........

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