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My husband, my son, and I spent the entire morning packing our Eldorado sedan. The trunk was so full that all three of us had to sit on the hood to close it. Now we were leaning against the car, taking a breather.

“Hot day!” I said, wiping the sweat from my brow with a sleeve.

“Going passed 90 they announced on the radio this morning,” my husband said. “Record for late August.”

My son jumped up. “Oh I forgot something!” He ran back in the house.

A few moments later, I heard him stomp down the stairs.

“Where are you going to put that?” my husband asked

I turned and saw my son carrying a huge, flat screen TV. He shrugged. “The back seat?”

“Not a chance!” my husband said. “You see how hard it was to close that door. I’m not touching it again till we get to your dorm.”

“The front seat? In the middle?"

“And where’s your mom going to sit?" I said

“Let’s see.“ He opened the passenger side door and wedged the TV between the console and the seat. "See? Plenty of room.” Folding his six foot frame into the car, he sat down and patted the seat beside him. “Here mom."

I shook my head but tried anyway. The door wouldn't close.

“This isn't going to work,” I said and got out.

“Tell you what,” my husband said. “Leave the TV. When we come to visit, we'll bring it with us."

"No way!" My son jumped out of the car and stood by the door. “That’s like two months without . . .”

"What else can we do, Son?”

Our son stared at the front seat for a moment. “Mom can sit on my lap,” he announced.

“What! Are you k**ding?” my husband said. “It's a three and a half hour drive to Ithaca."

"I know, but Mom doesn't weigh much. What do you say, Mom?”

I thought about it for a moment. “What the hell. Sure!” I said. “But when it gets uncomfortable I want to stop. Immediately! Okay?”

My husband nodded his head.

“Alright I need to clean up before we head out," I said. ”I feel like a stinky wet mop.”

After a quick shower, I slipped into a pair of white lace panties and a floral, yellow, sun dress with thin spaghetti straps. Too hot for a bra! I wanted to be as comfortable as possible during this trip. I looked in our full length mirror. The dress was short and only came down to mid-thigh. For a mother of a college bound son, I still looked hot.

The car horn beeped twice. I skipped downstairs, locked the front door, and quickly walked to the car. Waiting and sitting in the car, my son was wearing beige shorts and a cream colored T-shirt. I plopped onto his lap and swung my legs into the car. My son’s bare legs were firm yet cushy beneath my rear end. The down covering his muscular thighs felt soft and silky. He closed the door.

“Okay?” I asked my son over my shoulder.

“Fine, Mom! You’re as light as a feather. No problem."

I glanced over the TV at my husband. "Enough room to drive?" I asked.

"Plenty!" he answered. “Let’s go.”

"Can you even see me?" I giggled.

"Only the top of your face, dear. Can’t see a thing in the side or rearview mirrors. Hope the police don’t stop us. You alright?"

I wriggled around on my son's lap. “Yeah! Great! Kinda cozy. Better than I thought. And if you turn on the air conditioner everything would be perfect.“

A metallic hum buzzed then a gust of cool air blew up my legs.

“How’s that?” my husband asked.

“Ahh!” I said. “Nice!”

My husband pulled the car out of the driveway, and in a few minutes we were cruising up the interstate at seventy.

I leaned forward to turn on the radio. “‘Vogue’!” I cried. “I always used to dance to this song.”

Without a thought, I began mouthing the words and moving my hips from side to side in time to the music. I didn’t care that my dress had shimmied up, revealing my see-through panties. “My favorite song in college,” I said peering over my shoulder.

I was stunned to see that my son’s eyes were lustfully glued to my wiggling ass.

“Didn’t you use to have all Madonna’s albums?” my husband asked, peering at me over the TV.

I nodded and smiled, but I was distracted by a surprising glob of moisture bubbling out of my pussy. Noticing that my son’s attention was focused on my panty-covered ass was turning me on. Guilty too! When the song changed, I settled back down onto my son’s lap. A large bulge greeted my ass. Although thrilled and turned on to know that I could give my son a hard-on, I tried to shift positions to relieve his discomfort. But my wriggling only caused him to get bigger. Wow he was even thicker than his father and that’s saying something. The front of my panties was now soaked, and I felt lightheaded with desire.

“Anyone need relief?” my husband called. “Or a hot dog?”

We were just passing the rest stop an hour outside of NYC.

“Not me,” I said.

“We’re fine, Dad.”

“Okay! Next stop in sixty miles.”

A lone black and white cow in a rolling green meadow stared across the railing at us as we drove passed.

In the reflective surface of the slate grey, TV screen, I caught sight of me propped on my hefty son’s lap like a slutty doll. The view was hot yet disturbing. His half-shut eyelids quivered. He shifted slightly and his huge dick ended up wedged in the crack of my ass. Did he do that on purpose? Oh my god! This was wrong. I mean he’s my son. Yet oh how horny I was. I found myself yearning for him to try something. We sat like that for a while, each throb of his cock causing my pussy to gush.

"How you doing, Son?" I asked.

"Uh . . . Okay, Mom. You?"

"Feels good," I whispered and clenched his cock with the cheeks of my ass. A chill fluttered up my spine. “Real good! Your arms getting tired?”

"A little."

"Here." I placed both his hands on the top of my bared legs. "Is that better?"

"Um yeah! Much better, Mom!"

He was trembling. I looked across the top of the TV at my husband and grinned, then down at my son’s fingers. His thick thumbs were resting on the inside of my thighs just a hand’s breadth away from my wet panties. I placed my hands atop his and started massaging while guiding them up my thighs. He offered no resistance. When we arrived at the front of my sopping panties, he sighed.

“You alright, Son?” his father asked.

“A little cramped,” he said. “But I can handle it.”

I spread my legs open a little more and his hand fell into the gap, fingers lying against my panty covered pussy.

“How’s that?” I asked.


Chills cascaded up my body with each spurt of pussy juice. My mind was totally gone, and I was loving it. I wanted more. I waited in vain for him to start exploring. Maybe he was afraid so I leaned back on his heaving chest and pressed my pussy forward against his fingertips. His warm breath puffed against my neck and his cock thrummed against my ass. Scintillating spasms and hot thoughts of what it would feel like to have his huge hard dick inside me caused me to abort reason; I took hold of his hand and guided it to the waistband of my panties. Breathing in, I slowly slid his twitching fingertips down into my panties, through my pubes, over my clit, and between my pussy lips. Oh god! His breath now came in quick gasps. He began stroking my slippery pussy lips, and I took my hand out.

“Hey you two!” my husband said. “Kinda quiet over there.”

“Just taking in the view,” I murmured breathlessly. “Son I need to switch positions. You stay put – just where you are, and I’ll adjust myself slightly.”

“Okay, Mom,”

Lifting my hips, I hooked my thumbs in each side of my panties and abruptly yanked them down mid-thigh. When I sat back down, my son’s finger pushed into my pussy up to the knuckle.

“Oh!” I gasped almost fainting.

“Dear?” my husband jerked a glance at me.

I smiled back. “Nothing. Just love this panorama. You, Son?”

“Yes, Mom. Gorgeous!” He peered around my waist. “The view.”

My panties were binding my legs so I started to push them farther down. Helping me, my son rolled the goo drenched lace over my knees, down my legs and around my ankles. I lifted my leg so he could pull them over my sandals. He tossed them and they landed on the floor mat with light thwack. I threw open my legs as wide as I could. The air between my sweaty legs felt so good. My son sank two fingers deep into me. I let out a low moan.

"You okay?" my husband asked, looking at me.

Smirking, I nodded. “Thought it would be a problem sitting on our son’s lap. But not really. Not so bad, this ride. Pretty fun, actually.”

My son began moving his fingers in and out.

“Good!” My husband said. “Glad you’re having fun. How much farther can you handle?"

"As far as you can. How about you, Son?"

"Yes, Mom. I want to go as far as possible."

"Good," I answered. "The farther we go, the better."

“Alright. If that's okay with you, Honey?"

"No Problem! Helps me too. I don’t want to stop.”

I turned and looked at my son. "I don't want you to stop either."

"Son? How are you doing with your mom on your lap?"

"Fine, Dad! Mom’s been shifting around so it doesn't get too uncomfortable.” He thrust four fingers deep into my pussy. “She lifts up every once in a while to relieve the pressure."

I chewed on my lip to keep from moaning as my whole body shivered in response to my son’s fingers, my hips moving forward to meet them. Glancing at my husband focused on the road, I realized what a good thing it was that the TV was blocking his view. Wonder what he’d do if he could see his son finger-fucking his wife.

“Interesting odor in the car,” my husband said suddenly, winking at me. “Reminds me of the hot day you and I went to Coney Island . . . Before you were born, Son. And ha you were wearing that tiny circle skirt. No underwear! Shit! All the guys were fucking out of their mind while we were riding the roller coaster. Me too . . .”

My son pulled out his fingers. I wondered if he became shy because of his father’s story about us having sex in the old Chevy. But no, he quickly started unzipping his shorts. Then he unbuttoned my dress. The cool air from the vent splashed against my nipples making them rock hard.

“Then I took her right there in the backseat. Didn’t I, Dear?”

My son twisted my nipples between thumb and forefinger, and I squealed.

“You took the words right out of my mouth,” my husband said. “The parking lot! Can you imagine, Son? Several guys passed and checked us out. One guy even watched from the boardwalk the entire time and . . . Naughty times those!”

My son ran his hands up my belly, around my hips and buttocks, up my waist. He ended up at my tits, caressing and cupping them in his palms. I stuck out my chest so he would press harder. He licked and nibbled on the nape of my neck.

"If you wouldn’t mind, Mom, could you just raise up a little so I can position myself better."

As I rose, my son rubbed the head of his cock up and down my dripping pussy lips.

“That’s better,” he said.

“Glad you guys are working it out,“ my husband said.

“Great, Dear!“ I said then looked back at my son. “Ready?”

He nodded.

I lowered myself slowly back down onto my son’s dick. A moan of pleasure whispered from my lips. I couldn't help myself.

My husband snapped his eyes towards me."I’m stopping. You don’t sound like you’re doing alright."

"No no no! Don't stop! Keep going! I'm good for the next half hour or so. What about you, Son? The next half hour?”

“At least, Mom. That change of position really helped. Eased my cramping a lot. But one more thing. I need to rise up for just a minute. Is that OK?"

"What do you want me to . . . ?"

"Nothing. Just stay on my lap and I'll take care of everything."

Raising his hips, my son rammed his dick deeper in me than I’ve ever experienced. Then again and again, . . . while fingering my clit. I almost came instantly.

"Here, let me get a little more comfortable," I said while clenching his dick with my pussy and wriggling from side to side. God it felt good!

"How soon do you think we can come back upstate to visit our son?”

"Well . . . I got two huge contracts to fill. Take till October, at least.” He blew the horn long and hard. “Get the fuck out of the way! Drive in the slow lane, you idiot!” He glanced at me. “But it's not that long of a drive. You can visit him without me."

I felt so naughty and horny talking to my husband with our son's dick pummeling my pussy.

"I understand, Dear. Don't feel bad that you can’t. Do you mind me coming alone, Son?"

"Not at all, Mom. Come as much as you want. In fact, the more you come, the better.” He pushed up into me real hard. “How soon?"

"Soon, Son, real soon."

I started gyrating my hips while keeping my head still, hoping my husband didn't notice. He didn’t. The orgasm hit like a tsunami. Grabbing my son’s hands, I pressed them hard against my tits. He kneaded them vigorously. I closed my eyes and a good thirty seconds of hot waves cascaded over me. Done, I collapsed back on my son. He wasn't finished yet, however. Thrusting madly, he jabbed his dick against my cervix like a jack hammer. Suddenly his legs straightened, and several blasts of warm cum shot into me like jets of water from a Waterpik.

Soon after, we both passed out.

"Hey you guys, hungry?" my husband’s voice awoke me. “Sorry for waking you.” He was smirking at me. “Good place coming up.”

"What, Dad?”

“An old greasy spoon I remember from when I used to commute up here. Great food!”

I turned around and looked at Mike. He was smiling at me.

"You, Mom? Think you could eat something?"

"I'm pretty filled up, Son. But a light snack or something sounds good. And a bathroom to freshen up a bit."

“Alrighty then! The next exit.”

Leaning forward, I quickly retrieved my panties from the floor while buttoning my dress. My son's dick slipped out of me and plopped on the seat gooey from my juices and his cum. As I pulled up my panties, he quickly stuck a finger into my pussy again. I slapped him on the hand with a smile. Licking his finger, he stuffed his dick back in his zipper. My only feeling of regret was that I hadn’t tasted that thick piece of meat. That’s what I was really ravenous for.

"How much longer’s the trip?" I asked my husband.

"An hour more, if that. Do you think you guys can manage?

"Sure! If our son can. Easy for me. I’m not loaded down with an 125 pound weight wriggling on my lap. What about you, Son? Another hour?"

"A breeze.” He winked. “In fact I can’t wait.”

"I thought you’d both be full of complaints by now."

"Complaints? You, Son?"

"Not a chance, Mom. This is the best family outing we’ve ever had. I bet the next hour’s going to be even better.”

“You being sarcastic, Son?” My husband raised his eyebrows.

“Not me, Dad! I mean it. I’ve never felt so close to Mom. This experience deepened my relationship with her in a completely unexpected way. Right, Mom?”

“Right, Son.”

Sighing, my husband said: “Well I’ll be!”

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