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My first uncut smelly cock

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I am a 28 y.o. man, and mostly speak french so please bare with the mistakes I will make writing this.

I often masturbate while remembering the first (I only sucked another one afterwards...) cock that I sucked.

Back then I was 24. It was christmas evening, and I was alone at home. Yes alone on christmas! Tradition in my family is celebrating on the evening of the 24th, so that when midnight arrives, we can all say Merry Christmas aloud. We would also have breakfast on the morning of the 25. During the evening, my sister would go to celebrate at her boyfriend's, so did my mother, which left me all alone.

I spent the evening chatting with strangers from my city, while watching porn and masturbating. It had been 2 hours since I started masturbating, and I had not come yet. I knew a tsunami was on its way when the time would come...

I started chatting with a guy named Marc. Lived 15 minutes from my home. We talked about sex... and he then asked me if I had ever sucked a cock. I never did, but since a couple of weeks, I notices I was turned on by the all the cocks I was watching in the porn movies, and had started to look at movies with no girls, ans strictly guys jerking off. But I told him that if I ever sucked I guy, I want to be used like a little whore... and the idea of being force-fed a cock was a real turn-on.

He asked me if I would like to suck him. I was very tempted and curious, but was really stressed and worried that someone could catch us doing this. I didnt want to do this at home, cause I was afraid my sister of my mother would come home sooner than expected, and I didnt want to take the bus to get at his place.

He then asked me if I'd like to blow him in his car. At that moment, the idea seemed great, I had never thought it was something do-able. I gave him directions, we set a time to meet. He told me all he had to do was take a shower and get in the car. But I asked him not to. I always love the smell of my uncut cock that wasnt washed for a couple of days... and beleived that the cock I wanted to suck sould also have a strong odor. He asked if I was sure, that it had been 4 days without a shower... I said «yes I am sure», and the idea of the smell was a real turn on for me, and it was hard not to just wack-off to the idea of his uncut smelly cock.

The plan was set: I would wait for him at a designated bus stop. To make sure we could recognize each other, he would stop in front of the bus stop and ask «Do you know a 24/7 d**gstore around here? » (it was now 1:00 at night).

«I'll be there in 30 minutes» he last wrote. It was on. And I became very nervous. What have I done. Stress level: red alert!

I went in advance at the bus stop, convinced that if I waited in my house I would call it off at the last second. I must have smoked half a pack while waiting for him outside.

Suddenly, the green car, a u-turn, and a guy that rolls down his window asking : « Do you know a 24/7 d**gstore around here?». I get up. Legs are shaking, hands trembling. I get in the car. «WTF am I doing» I keep saying to myself.

he asks : «do you know any good spots??»

FUCK! I had not think about that... where could we go. « There are some abandoned warehouses 2 blocks down if you think it'd be good». «Peefect» he sais.

While driving the 2 blocks, I told him I never did that before, and that I was very nervous. He said not to worry, that I would soon forget about all that.

We got there. Between 2 warehouses. Parked the car. I couldnt say a word. Luckyly, he took matters in his own hands. He opened his pants, took the driver seat down, pulled his cock out, and put his 2 arms under his head.

I looked at the soft cock. It was small. Probably 2 inches. And then the smell reach my nose. It smelled like my cock and balls when I dont shower for 2-3 days. At that immediate moment I forgot all the tension and stress, I leaned and put all the cock in my mouth. My nose wwas touching his balls that had a very verrry strong aroma that made me so horny.

Slowly, the cock grew harder and harder, until it reached a good 6 inches of uncut smelly cock. When he was at the biggest, I pulled the foreskin and smelled the head. It smelled even stronger than the balls. I could notice white cream all over the head. I licked it all up, and remember I liked it so much I must have had the biggest hard on of my life. I kept sucking harder and harder,and faster and faster.

Suddenly, I felt his hands pushing on the back of my head. I had no choice but to take it all down, which made me gag a bit from time to time. Also, he would not let me take a brake of let me rest my mouth. His hands were making sure that his cock was not coming out of my mouth until the end.

Since the blowjob I was doing the that smelly cheesy cock (that was actually getting cleaner every minutes)was getting harder and harder, and especially since I could not take the cock out even for a second, it was now a verrrry wet blowjob. Spit was comming out everywhere around the guy's shaft.

My mouth was so packed with drewl that I could barely feel the cock going in and out of my mouth. My hands were all sticky with spit, so did my face.

I think it lasted like this for a good 15 minutes.

Then he started to push even harder on my head: he was really mouthfucking me very hard, and I just loved it. He also started mumbling little words or small short sentences like: «Oh yeah» ; «Take it all you little bitch» ; «You like being my little whore?» ; «did you like my cheesy cock?» ; «You like having your face fucked?» ; «You want my load dont you little cum whore».

The harder he was mouthfucking me and the more insanities he was saying, the harder I was.

At one moment, I sensed the big ending was about to happen. He was pushing very hard and very fast on my head, using it like a fleshlight that you stroke on a cock, and the only sound comming out of his mouth was «Oooooo, ok ok eeeeEeee oooooo», and suddenly he let go my head. I let the cock out of my mouth (it was probably a good 15 minutes since it was completely in without coming out.

And suddenly the explosion. i had my open mouth right in front of the cock, and waves after waves of sperme going in my face and in my mouth, at least a good 6-7 or maybe 8 great shots of sperm... and few little that I was welcoming with the tip of my toungue. I started licking all the sperm that had landed on him, and gave his balls a few last licks.

Then it was silence in the car. My head was resting on his belly, with his cock in my mouth, getting softer and softer, and mine still very very hard.

Being so horny, I asked the guy if he wanted to suck my dick, that it would not be very long since I was really excited from the blowjob, and since I had masturbated for hours watching porn without ejaculating.

He said he didnt like to suck cock, that it was too gay... :S !! (yes even after all this mouthfucking me, it was too gay).

So I opened the door and went home walking. Didnt even say bye or anything. My fantasy was fulfilled, and now I wanted to go jerk off rethinking to all that happened.

I got home, and first thing I saw was that my face was covered in sperm and spit. i had totaly forgot... i took the leftovers of sperm that werent dry and ate them really slowly while jacking off.

I went on my couch, and put myself upside down to jack-off so I could come in my face and my mouth. Tsunami it was, and it went everywhere in my face, my mouth and my hair. One again, I looked myself in the mirror, and the facial I juste gave myslef. This time, I kept the sperm in my face, and watch a movie... thinking: «I think I just got mouth ****d...» AWSOME!!!

Still fantacising about it to this day.


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