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It all started when I was a young teenager. I found some really hard core porn and, like so many other men, I got to watch two men fucking one woman on tape. In my youthful enthusiasm I studied the video over and over for years, watching every stroke as I jacked off and then came in my hand. It became a wonderful fantasy and a way to get my rocks off. Over the years, my idea of "normal" sex was sex where two men gave all of their attention to one woman. Of course, my idea of hot freaky sex was watching two women get it on, which I love thinking about nonstop as well.

I told my wife Debbie I really am built that way - that I would thoroughly enjoy the naughty, kinky, taboo parts of that sort of arrangement and that I would eagerly sit by and watch as she fucked the hell out of men and women and enjoyed herself - as long as I could fuck her afterward and eat her pussy and clean up the other men's sperm. I wanted to be her little cum slut and to be in charge of giving her all the pleasure and cock she could ever desire.

I pulled her pants down and gently licked her hole as she pushed her mound against me as hard as she could. It only took a minute or so before she was gripping the chair and trying to quietly groan while an orgasm rocked her body. I stuck my cock in and fucked her - the whole time I said "ooh how does it feel to have another man's cum in you? I am going to shoot my fucking load in your hole" and stuff like that as she literally purred with approval. That night, I felt like I got permission from her to make it happen.

I unzipped my pants and said unapologetically, "Damn George, you should fuck her to see how good she feels inside" and then I started to undo my pants and whipped out my cock so I could stroke it. She looked at me with an odd look - one of pleasure, fear, lust, gratitude, apprehension, all rolled into one. It was HOT.

George tore off his shirt and unbuttoned hers; He undid her bra and started to patiently nibble and kiss all of the skin on her that he could find. While he kissed and massaged her boobs and neck, I gently undid her pants and got the bottom half of her body naked. She did not fight me, not even a little. I started licking her pussy and I'm serious here - I have never in my life found a pussy that was more wet, hot and ready to be fucked. I sucked greedily on her pussy juice and watched as George took off his pants and offered up his cock to her mouth.

I sat watching her, from my spot on her vagina, as she greedily grabbed his cock and started to wrap her lips around it. She is an expert cocksucker, and I just imagined how good George was feeling right at that moment. I watched her lips form perfectly around the head of his cock, and it turned me on. My dreams were literally coming true in front of my eyes. She sucked his cock and alternated between looking up at him and looking at me eat her pussy. We exchanged knowing loving glances and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Thing is, it was just about to get even better for me.

George pushed her back and said "Baby if you keep that up I will come and waste a good load."

I took my cue and backed off of her to take a quick break. He got in front of her and started licking her pussy - I came around front and offered my cock to her. She took it in her mouth and started licking and sucking it like the expert she had always been. I was totally unable to control myself so I quickly pushed away from her to avoid shooting my jism down her throat.

George started to do a little bit of manhandling on her. He grabbed her and flipped her over, and then lifted her up and "gently" forced her into a doggy style position. He took his cock and slowly pushed it into her as he kneeled behind her and they started fucking. She literally gasped and moaned as his cock slid in the first time.

I sat on the blanket in front of her, Indian style, very close to her face. I leaned over and stuck my face in her face and started kissing her on the lips - as George fucked her from behind we bumped into each other with every stroke and it felt awesome. She pushed away and motioned her mouth to my cock so I scooted closer and she started sucking my cock as George was drilling her from behind. She started to crease her forehead in some sort of crazy look of "distant concentration" and then with a very low growl started cumming uncontrollably.

She almost collapsed off of her knees as she convulsed with his cock still deep inside her. It was unreal for me to watch this from here - I make her come all of the time, and I feel her pussy convulse around my cock or my finger, but I have never seen her react like this. She clearly enjoyed George's skilled cock and this was exciting to me. I wanted to be the man who was cool enough to let her fuck other men, and I was getting my wish.

George and I had talked about a few things, so he knew about what I wanted to have happen for my part of the fantasy.

He stopped for a second and said to me, "You, lay on your back. Debbie, you lie on top of him and stick your pussy in his face."

He had us both in a 69 position now, with me on the bottom. I said, "Baby, don't make me come, be careful sucking my dick because I am about to explode!" As soon as I said that, I saw George's cock coming toward my face. He slid his cock into her pussy and slowly started fucking her. My tongue was under her, at the top of her pussy as he drilled her, his cock just a half-inch or so away from my lips. Each time he drew out, I licked her gaping open hole, and each time he buried his cock into her pussy, his balls pressed against her pussy as I greedily licked it. It was driving me crazy. He was glistening with sweat, she was glistening with sweat, my tongue was all over them, and she was making the hottest, most a****listic grunt I have ever heard from a woman.

Stroke by stroke he fucked her as pussy juice and pre-cum flowed out of them and into my waiting mouth. He stopped suddenly - as if to avoid an orgasm. I froze, Debbie froze. A few seconds went by and he started again, more slowly. This twitching caused a large amount of pre-cum to flow out of his cock and into her pussy. As he drew out, I greedily drank it up. I love the way sex tastes.

He stopped two more times before suddenly speeding up and cried out in a loud grunt "uggggh I am cominnnng!" as I watched his balls tighten up, an inch from my tongue, and his cock pump uncontrollably into my wife's hot pussy.

He stayed tense for a minute as the wave of orgasm subsided for him. He slowly pulled back and as he did this, a huge amount of fresh, thick, white man-cum flowed out of my wife's pussy and onto my tongue. I greedily licked and swallowed it.

I glanced up and saw George feeding his cum covered cock to Debbie, saying "That's it, clean me off, good girl, oh you suck cock so good. You are good little whore."

What a fucking payoff. He lay down next to Debbie, exhausted, and Debbie kind of rolled off of me toward him. I quickly flipped around so that I was laying on her right and George was laying on her left. We both propped ourselves up and started cuddling and kissing on her very sweaty and glistening body. I have never in my life been more sexually satisfied than at that moment.

We laid there saying nothing for a few minutes, catching our breath as a song played on the jukebox. We were both getting hard again. George started kissing her and I immediately went back down to her pussy. I licked and lapped at it until I was satisfied that I had eaten all of George's cum from between the folds of skin and from her asshole area - I did not want to miss even one drop (and I like licking her asshole.) Then, I slipped my cock in her pussy, only to find out that the inside of her pussy was warm, wet and slipperier than I had ever felt any pussy in my life. George's seed was now my lube, and it felt awesome. All I could do was laugh, so I did. Then I got too excited and shot a huge, streaming load of my saved-up cum into her pussy. I immediately pulled out and started licking her pussy, drinking up the combined sperm from George and me. It was unreal.

While I was eating the come from her pussy, George was nibbling on her tits and she was playfully stroking and touching his cock. She had the coolest look of satisfaction on her face. I imagine she was at that moment savouring how it felt to be served by two studs like some sort of sex goddess. This was good.

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