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My Night With Trisha Paytas

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I kinda knew Trisha Paytas from YouTube but I hadn't really paid much attention to her videos but I knew she was a big girl and I knew that I found her attractive and I thought that she was kinda hot and she was confident with her figure, which I found to be a turn on for me and I never thought that I'd meet her in person.

One day I had found a wine bar that I'd never been into before and so I thought that I'd give it a go. I had a few glasses of fancy wine to wet my whistle. After a while a girl came in and ordered a drink. Her voice sounded familiar to me and it took me a moment to remember where I had heard her voice before, then it hit me, she was Trisha Paytas. I wouldn't normally approach someone such as her but I was feeling the effects of the wine and I asked if I could buy here a drink. She smiled and said "Sure" and we began to talk.

"I thought I recognized you" I said.
"You know who I am?" she replied.
"Sure, you're Trisha Paytas, aren't you? From YouTube" I told her.
She blushed. "Nice to know that people recognize me in public".
"No need to be embarrassed" I said, "I won't let everyone else here know who you are" I joked.
We took a table in the corner and we talked for a while. I must admit that she looks a lot hotter in person than she does on computer screen and I couldn't help myself to look at her tits as she was wearing a low cut t-shirt. She caught me taking a peek.
"What'ya looking at there, honey" she said with a laugh.
"Oh, nothing" I replied as I snapped back to her eyes.
She laughed. She was now a bit drunk from the wine but not drunk enough to not know what she was doing. "You like what you see, honey?" she asked.
"I sure do" I said as I took another look at her cleavage.
"Maybe we should go somewhere more private" she said as she leaned in closer to me.
"Sounds good" I said, nervously, "Got anywhere in mind?" I asked.
"How about my place?" she asked and we then left.

We had taken a cab to her place. On the way she said that she'd had a few bad experiences with men and past boyfriends and she wasn't willing to have sex again until marriage but she was willing to anal sex with me as she thought that I had a charm about me that she liked. The only thing was that she hadn't had anal sex before and I was the first person she'd have anal sex with. I was overjoyed but I tried not to get too excited just yet.

We arrived at her place and we got ready for it. I was feeling extremely horny from knowing that I was going to be the first guy to fuck her in the ass. She dropped her tight fitting jeans to the floor and she lifted up her t-shirt, revealing her ample tits under her bra. She looked amazing in her underwear and it was very revealing. She was wearing a silver g-string and matching bra. It was an awesome sight.

"Whad'ya think?" she said as she stood in front of me in her flashy underwear and with her hands on her hips. I couldn't think of anything to say at first as I stared at her. "Cat got your tongue, honey?" she said.
"How about a spin, baby?" I finally said.
She gave me a twirl and I was hard with excitement and she knew it. "Lets get going, shall we?" she said and she opened up a nearby drawer and she pulled out a tube of lubricant. I had dropped my pants and had taken off my shirt. I was now naked by the time she looked back at me. She looked down and saw my cock standing upright. "I can see this is going to be fun" she said with a great smile.

She handed me the lube and as I lubed up my cock she got ready by dropping her g-string and she leaned over the dining table. Her ass was amazing, round and full. I approached her from behind with my cock now all lubed up and I squeezed some around her asshole and I then started to guide my cock to her ass. She bit her lip as I got into place.

"You ready for this?" I asked as I gently pressed the tip of my cock to her ass.
She lightly moaned with anticipation and she got herself ready. "Do it, honey. I'm ready for your cock" she said and I then gently pushed my way in to her ass.
She moaned as I did so. I had one had on her voluptuous waist for purchase while the other hand guided my cock inside her ass. I watched as my cock disappeared inside her virgin ass.

It was a very tight fit and I could tell this really was the first time she'd taken it in the ass. I gently pushed myself deeper inside her ass and she lightly groaned as I did so. After a few minutes my cock was all the way in and her plump and round ass was pressed up against me, which turned me on more. "How is it?" I asked.
She took a deep breath in. "It's fine, honey" she said.
"It's okay?" I asked before continuing.
"It's good" she replied.
I then proceeded to gently thrust in slow and considered bursts and she groaned with each thrust in and out. I didn't want to overdo it so I just gradually thrust my cock gently in her ass. With time I started to increase the thrusts and she seemed to enjoy it with her moans.
"How is it?" I asked as I gently fucked her in the ass.
"It's good. I love it" she said. She then looked over her shoulder at me. "Don't stop, honey".
I didn't stop and I continued to fuck her in the ass as she looked over her shoulder at me. I could see that she was enjoying this new experience.

This went on for several minutes and I soon felt that I should start to pick up the pace. With each increasing thrust of my cock she groaned deeper and louder. Her ass cheeks slapped against my crotch as I fucked her harder in the ass. She moaned louder and louder and she had to grip onto the table with pleasure. I knew she was enjoying this and I began to fuck her in the ass harder but I remained cautious as this was her first time.

Before I knew it I was going at some speed but she didn't indicate that I was going too hard or fast and she offered no resistance to my increased thrusts. It was great. My cock felt the pressure of her virgin asshole around it but it was great. I carried on fucking her in the ass as she then started to masturbate as I was holding onto her fulsome waist. She was moaning and groaning as she frantically rubbed her clit while I was fucking her in the ass.

"Oh, my god" she said. I thought that I was going too fast or fucking her too hard and I was about to slow down. "I'm coming" she proclaimed. "Yes, yes, that's it, honey. Fuck me in the ass, honey, that's it" she said repeatedly. I carried on fucking her in the ass. She was now stood up with her head flung back with pleasure. I was looking at the back of her head as she masturbated while being fucked in the ass. With this, I couldn't help myself as my hands went up her body and soon her enormous tits were in my hands. They jiggled as she convulsed with pleasure. Her tits were amazing to feel in my hands.

My cock had a mind of its own as it fucked her deeply in the ass and I soon came. I started to slow down and a moment later she gasped and sighed with pleasure as she came as well. She leaned forward again, out of breath she needed a moment to catch her breath again, and so did it.

We stayed where we were for a moment, with her bent over the table and with me standing behind her with my hard cock in her ass. I withdrew from her ass and I had to sit down on the sofa. I drew a massive breath. I looked over and she was still in the same position. It was a few moment before she moved and she turned around and she smiled broadly at me and she came over to me.

"How's your ass?" I asked.
She laughed. "It's fine, honey" she said as she sat down next to me on the sofa.
"Well, that was....good" I said, trying to find the right words.
She laughed at my choice of words as she snuggled up to me on the sofa.
"That's one way of saying it" she said.
We sat there for a while, still naked. I was still feeling horny from the memory and idea of what we had just been doing. I was in no hurry to leave and she offered no objections to me dozing on her sofa. I wanted to do this again, and when we both woke up again a while later we did. She loved it when I fuck her in the ass.

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