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My Grandma 4

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So after we checked into the hotel rooms at the beach the first day my mom and dad stayed in the same room with my grandmother. I was bummed about it but didn't complain because I didn't want it to seem obvious. My grandmother didn't say much to me the first day. We went out and visited family all day and night. I won't bore you with all those things but you know we did the whole family dinner thing with cousins and aunts etc. Which by the way I noticed my aunt was looking fine but I still couldn't take my eyes off my grandmother.

So nothing happened the first day and when I went to sleep that night in my hotel bed with my brother in the other bed I was so horny for her I couldn't sleep. The next day we went to the beach and talk about making it worse! My grandmother wore this bathing suit that really showed off her shape and I was just watching her in lust the whole time. I was trying not to get caught but I just couldn't take my eyes off her. Especially when we went into the water and she got all wet. At one point I had to stay in the water for a bit until my erection went down. And believe it or not my grandmother and I talked and had a fun time together like nothing had happened. It was great. We swam, we talked, we layed on the beach. Yeah I know boring to you but it felt nice spending this time with her. When night came I still ended up in the same room with my b*o so nothing happened again and I suffered from some serious blue balls.

The third day we did the family thing again, blah blah blah. My cousin asked how serious I was with my girlfriend and i said not very and he said good so we could go out. So later that night my cousin wanted to go out and try to score so I agreed to go with him. It was ok but all I wanted was to go back to the room and be with my grandmother. We went to this bar. It was ok. But long story short we talked to a few girls but we struck out. (Not that I was really trying that hard) and I went back to the hotel room. My parents and my brother and my grandmother were all watching some movie in one room. After a little bit my grandmother said she was tired and going to bed. I quickly said I was too. My parents said they wanted to watch the movie and asked if I minded sleeping in the same room with grandma. At last a break! I was so happy but I tried not to sound to thrilled. I said sure. My grandmother looked a little nervous about it but didn't say anything.

When we got into the room I closed and locked the door that a joined our rooms. I could hear the movie through the wall. My grandmother went into the bathroom to change and I started shaking all over. I don't know why but I wanted to try to have sex with her and I was so nervous! I didn't know why. While she was in the bathroom I quickly stripped naked and climbed into my bed. I covered my body entirely and waited. I got hard in a matter of seconds just thinking about how beautiful she looked on the beach the other day.

When she came out of the bathroom she was wearing a long white nightgown and I thought she looked amazing. And told her. She actually blushed and said thank you. I then told her how amazing she looked today and how sexy she looked on the beach yesterday. She kind of blushed again. I went on about how hot she looked yesterday on the beach and she laughed and said stop that. I then went for it and told her she made me hard the whole time on the beach. Her eyes got wide and she looked at the a joining door. She then told me in a whisper, "Don't talk like that. Your mother and father are in the next room. They could hear you."

I told her I couldn't help it she excited me. I told her I love having sex with her and her beautiful body. Again she told me to stop talking like that. I then pulled the sheets off me to expose my naked body. My grandmothers eyes got really wide then and she stared at my hard dick. She just stared at it for a moment. Then she asked me nervously what I was doing. I told her I cant help myself. No one excited me like she does. I then layed on my back just so she could see my dick sticking straight up. Again she told me to cover up what if my mom walked in. I told her I locked the door, and besides they are watching a movie. I then slowly with a shaking hand grabbed my cock and began stroking.

My grandmother sat on the edge of the bed and watched me for a moment then began asking me what I was doing. She told me to stop that. But I noticed she hadn't looked away or covered her eyes. I was lying in my bed, stark naked with a hard dick in front of my grandmother and was jerking off. It was really hot. I told her I couldn't stop I needed her help. I asked her to make love to me. She said no, we cant do that. They will hear us she told me. But I just kept jerking and I started to moan quietly. My grandmother started to panic and told me to stop that again and to be quiet. I told her I cant, I was so horny for her. I can't stop until I came for you I told her.

I started to moan a little louder, but not loud enough where I thought they would hear me. My grandmother sat still on the edge of the bed watching her grandson jerk off. It was so erotic I thought I was going to cum but I wanted her so bad. Then she dropped to her knees and came over to my bed. She told me to be quiet and then she actually reached up and took my cock in her hand. It felt wonderful. My grandmother started to jerk me off right then. My grandmother started to give me a handjob with my brother, dad, and mom in the next room watching a movie. My grandmother looked at me for a moment and watched me enjoying it but I could tell she was really scared of getting caught. She then looked at my cock,like she was fascinated with it and she picked up speed while she jerked me. It felt so wonderful. I was losing it in desire. Especially when I felt her other hand start playing with my swollen balls. "Oh God!" I remember moaning pretty loud. She told me quickly to be quiet. Then she started to tell me, "Cum Johnny. Cum."

It was hot! I think my hips started to rise and fall with her strokes. Hearing her say that really got to me. I started to sweat. I was trying to hold back but it was building. Quickly I asked her if she would suck me. My grandmother looked at me shocked but didn't stop stroking me. She then told me, "Johnny don't ask me that. I'm your grandmother it's disgusting." But her hands never stopped. I looked at her so horny and asked please, please suck me.

She looked back at the closed a joining door and then looked at my cock. My own eyes widdened. And then, my grandmother leaned in and put my cock in her mouth! I believe I muttered the words "Oh SHIT!" as it went in. This was the first time my grandmother had done this to me and it was so fucking hot looking, and felt so fucking good! She closed her eyes a few times tight as she bobbed her head. She didn't take it all, mostly the head but her mouth was warm and wet. I could feel it in my throat I wasn't going to be able to hold it. I was covering my mouth to try and keep quiet. My grandmother, this beautiful older woman related to me was sucking me and it felt really good. While she was sucking me her hand was still rubbing my balls.

I was going to lose it and I knew it. I looked at her and said "Grandma I'm gonna cum. I'm gonnna cum." She must have tasted the pre because she swallowed hard and looked at me. I think she choked herself because her eyes were a little wet. Then she pulled my cock from her mouth and so hotly that it pushed me over the edge, " Yes Johnny cum for me. Cum."

I sat half way up and grabbed my grandmothers head and pushed her face against my cock just as it started to shoot. As my cum began shooting against her face I couldn't let her go. I just held her face against it. I had to bite my lip to keep from yelling. My cock shot again and again on her face and I heard her mutter, "Oh my god. Oh my goodness." Even that was hot. I didn't think it was going to stop. My cock just kept shooting. When it finally DID stop I was shaking all over. I released her head and she looked at me with a look of shock and surprise. She looked incredible. There was a large amount of my cum all over the side of her mouth and on her forehead and eyebrows. And there was some of my cum on her nose and cheek. I can't describe it and I don't know why but she looked so hot. My grandmother sat on her knees and looked around I guess for something to wipe it off with. I quickly told her dont.

She looked at me confused. I asked her to please leave it on her face. She stared at me and I could see she was kind of embarrassed. I then lay back on the bed and lifted the sheets offering her the space in front of me. My grandmother hesitated, and looked around the room again and then she actually accepted! My grandmother climbed into bed with me with cum still all over her face. I know you probably think that's disgusting and perverted and I don't know why she did it but I just found it so hot. And if that disgusted you... well... I .. uh.. I kissed her deeply on the mouth. Yes I tasted my own cum but kissing her was wonderful.

My grandmother then reached over and turned off the light. We didn't say anything to each other for a few minutes. We just lay in the dark. Her back was against my chest as I held her. My wet cock was rubbing against her sweet ass. Then I finally said it. I just came right out and told my grandmother, "I love you. I really love you."

She didn't say anything at first and then she told me "I love you too Johnny. Not like I'm suppose to. I love you." I felt this pit open in my stomach and my head started to spin. I held her tight and I think my cock got really hard again rubbing against her ass in only a few minutes. But we went to sleep.

It was crazy. But something was going to happen the next two nights that was even crazier.

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