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Consoling Charlene

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Two weekends ago during my weekend visitation I noticed my daughter Charlene was withdrawn - not her usual upbeat self.

“Wanna get out and see a flic?” I asked. You choose and I’ll throw in all the popcorn you can eat.”

“Naw that’s ok. Rentals at home are cool with me tonight.”

Suddenly while watching one of the movies Charlene blurted: “Dad, do you think I’m fat?”

Smiling I answered “What are you talking about?”

Honestly, Charlene, 14 years old, is a bit chubby: 5’3 145 pounds. But her bubbly personality, curvy legs, and double-CC breasts make up for any extra poundage.

“Why are you smiling then? It’s not funny.”

Putting the movie on pause I added “Seriously…..you’re cute as a button – I’m surprised you’re getting hung up on weight stuff already. Most guys don’t like skinny rakes.”

Ok I admit it: I deliberately used the word ‘most’ to feed her anxiety just a little…

“Someone called me a fat sow.”

“What kind of asshole would say that? Besides you know that’s bullshit, right?”

“Well I’ve got a gut….it’s embarrassing…”

“Charlene you’re a bit curvy, but guys love curves. Anorexic bitches have tight abs. And mental disorders. Oh my god I ate 7 g****s not 5- I better go puke them up!”

“You’re just trying to make me feel better.”

“Maybe. But you know I’m no bull-shitter. I say it as it is. Honestly, swear to god, swear on mom’s grave…not mine thank you….you’re a very very attractive girl. I don’t wanna be crude or anything but I’m sure lots of guys, more than you can count on your fingers or cute curly toes, have sweet thoughts of your legs and ass before they sleep every night.”

“Dad! What are you talking about I –“

“Look I’m just being straight with you honey. Don’t friggin’ shoot the messenger.”

“Anyway no way now that’s a lie. Guys don’t dream of me.”

“I know they do. I’m a guy. They don’t say anything….act all cool and everything…but trust me...they are soaking up your body with their eyes. Taking mental pics everytime you wear a short skirt to school, imagining what color panties you’re wearing, wishing they could cop a feel with you over a beer. Trust me it’s not just teachers with pervy thoughts haha.”

“Dad! That’s more detail than I was looking for. But still find what you say hard to buy. Other girls maybe, but not me. I’m not pretty and have a big ass.”

“You’re way too critical of yourself – trust me. Look I’m not trying to creep you out or anything but let me get straight with you. In the past year when I’ve seen you growing up, I’ve thought to myself ‘Wow Charlene's not a girl anymore. She’s friggin’ hot and I better talk to her about birth control soon’.”

“Seriously you thought that?!”

“Yeah, and thought ‘Her legs are friggin hot. And her heart-shaped ass looks tasty…”

“Dad! Damn you sound like a perv.”

“Aww c’mon don’t be a prude. I’m not a friggin’ priest. You’ve always wanted me to be straight with you. I’m a guy - know how guys think - and don’t want you to listen to any crap about you being a pig.”


Charlene looked relaxed again. Had a smile on her face.

“OK, can we continue watching the movie again?”

Mentally, I was thinking 'All this talk about her body is making me fucken hard. And those tanned legs in those shorts are making me fucken drool'.

"Alright….thanks dad.”

I moved from my lazy-body to the sofa beside her. Put my arm around her waist, as my other hand manipulated the remote control. Charlene didn’t flinch - seemed to enjoy the snuggling. My mind was no longer on the movie but on my raging cock, pumping with blood, bumping up against my khaki pants, desperate to escape its confines to find refuge in moist the recessses of my daughter.

Very gradually, over a twenty minute period, I began slowly, at first almost imperceptibly, stroking my daughter’s leg with my remote control hand.

My horniness bordered on a frenzy level when Charlene said “I’m glad we decided to stay at your place to watch movies. This is nice.”

Wanting to pull out my cock and stuff it in her mouth, I answered “Yes it’s nice.” Adding: “Other guys might be jealous of me now. I’m damn lucky.” By now my hand around her waist was also gently caressing her, and in one deliberately slow motion I lifted that hand right below her tits. My hand brushed her perfect mounds.

“I’m lucky too,” said Charlene.

After a few more short minutes of slowly caressing her, I delicately clasped two of her fingers in mine. Charlene again didn’t flinch, so I built up the courage to hold her hand. Then I was stroking her fingers in my hand. She began caressing my fingers as well.

Imagining the pre-cum collecting in my pants, I said “I can’t believe you doubted how gorgeous you are.” And, leaning in, kissed her lips.

Darlene, flushed with pink spots on her neck, responded eagerly to the kiss: our mouths eagerly explored each other, and her tongue was the first to slip into mine. I slipped my hand under her shirt and started massaging her gorgeous CC breasts, the ones that I had wanted to touch, massage, suck, and fuck so many times.

“I’ve dreamed of this day Charlene,” I whispered. “I promise I’m gonna do this right.”

Charlene started groping for my cock, which practically jumped for joy in her clutch, twitching with each minor change in her touch. I couldn’t remember the last time being so hard.

Unzipping, I took out my throbbing cock, eagerly taking in the site of her setting eyes on my cock and touching it directly.

As she started giving me a handjob she asked “Does this feel good’?”

“Better than I’ve ever felt in my life,” I murmured. “Charlene you are so fucken hot. Keep stroking my cock girl. It feels fucken amazing I’m in goddam Heaven. Oh my god don’t stop.”

Not wanting to cum too soon, I took her hand in mine and walked her to the bathroom where we shared a shower. We undressed each other with awkward smirks, and I tenderly washed her body, taking plenty of extra time to lavish attention on Charlene’s nipples with my tongue, before I got down on my knees to taste her awesome snatch.

Parting my daughter’s legs, to place my mouth squarely across her snatch, I can honestly say, was the most exciting thing I can recently remember, with the exception of maybe shooting my first load of cum as a teen.

I took her words “Oh god don’t stop. Mmmmmm, don’t stop” as a sign I was doing a fair job.

“I want you deep inside of me now. Fuck me hard,” said Charlene, ten minutes into my shower-drenched pussy eating.

Turning off the shower we dried off and headed back to my bed.

"Honey I want to remember this private special moment forever. Do you mind if I set up the webcam to tape this? You’re so fucken gorgeous and I wanna remember this moment forever.”

It felt doubly amazing pushing my cock deep into Charlene’s twat, knowing that I’d be able to re-watch this moment of ecstasy over and over.

“Goddam your pussy is so fucken hot. This is the beginning sweety. Not some one time thing,” I moaned.

Wrapping her legs tightly around my back she answered “I love your cock inside of me.”

“Say fuck me daddy! Say daddy I love your cock!”

“Daddy fuck me. Fuck me I’m your bitch. Shoot your cum in me daddy. I need your cum daddy. I need your cum daddy.”

Any man who’s had really gratifying sex will know what I mean when I say my mind went light, and saw stars, for about 10 seconds as I felt my cum shoot into Charlene’s warm inviting twat.

That was two weeks ago and since then we’ve secretly met four times during the week, to continue where we left off. I feel like a virgin again – can’t get enough.

As difficult as it is to do so, I’m trying not to focus on just the sex. Rather I’m trying to listen to what’s going on in her life, joke with her, and boost her confidence any way I can.

If any of you guys ever feel like you might be getting curiosity vibes about sex from your daughter, feel them out. Trust me: there’s nothing better than feeling your cock slide into your own daughter. Nothing. Do it if you can.

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