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Jasmine danced in time with the sultry beat of the drums, dressed in a scanty red harem girl outfit to Jafar's liking. Her hips undulated smoothly and her arms whirled gracefully over her head despite the heavy shackles at her wrists. She felt the heat of Jafar's gaze on her with shame as she danced for his pleasure alone. The drum beat quickened and she fell to the floor, throwing her long ponytail around as she thrust rhythmically.

"Stop," Jafar hissed. The drum music stopped immediately and Jasmine remained knelt on the ground, her shackled wrists held at her waist. "That was wonderful, slave," Jafar said as he laughed wickedly. "I never knew that you had such skills, I am sure that your father would love to see you this way."

Jasmine felt her throat clench and she shook her head demurely, making sure not to make eye contact with her master. "No," she whispered. "My talents are for your eyes only, master."

Jafar laughed again and summoned one of the guards."Bring the sultan here," he commanded. "I wish for him to entertain me."

"Yes, my lord," the guard said smartly as he turned away.

"If I cannot humiliate you then I will humiliate him," Jafar said as he leaned forward and forced Jasmine to rise. "You will attend me for lunch." His snake staff dragged her to stand beside the throne and a magical fruit tray suddenly appeared in her hands.

Jamsine gasped at the sudden weight and her breasts, tightly pressed together beneath the red silk top, heaved. Jafar licked his lips and selected a g****, tracing it around her lips before eating it. "Delicious," he sighed. "You look positively delectable, my dear. Red is your color."

Jasmine shivered but remained silent as Jafar continued selecting fruit. The guards brought the old sultan in, dressed in red and gold motley, and Jafar summoned a magical marionette to make the old man dance about crazily.

The parrot Iago cackled with delight, flying in after the old man, and began to scream at the old man. "Polly want a cracker?" The wicked bird flew at the sultan, scratching him with his sharp talons before shoving crackers down his throat.

Jafar's thin form shivered with laughter and he buried his head in his hands. Unable to take it any longer Jasmine leaned imploringly toward Jafar shouting, "Stop it! Jafar, leave him alone!"

Jafar waved the parrot away and the sultan disappeared back into the dungeons. Jafar turned to Jasmine and pulled her closer to the throne by wrapping her chains tightly around his staff. He selected a ripe red apple close to her breast and stared at her with undisguised lust.

"Genie!" Jafar suddenly yelled out. The large blue spirit appeared at the sorcerror's side, avoiding Jasmine's terrified gaze.

"Yes, master?" the spirit asked sadly.

"I have decided to make my final wish, I wish for princess Jasmine to fall desperately in love with me."

The genie's face twisted with distaste and he quickly said, "It is beyond my power to make anyone love."

Jafar growled with fury and dismissed the genie angrily back into the lamp. "Nevermind," Jafar hissed. "There are other ways to get what I want. Tell me, princess, what are you willing to do to save your precious streetrat?"

Jasmine's throat tightened with fear. "What?" she whispered softly.

"You heard me," Jafar said with a wicked smile. "The streetrat is sitting outside of this very room, captured by my magical barrier. He is completely helpless. I ask you, princess, what are you willing to do to stop me from killing him right now?"

Jasmine closed her eyes tightly with disbelief and opened them with a gasp as Jafar's staff flashed suddenly close to her face. "I will do anything," she said quickly. "But once you are finished with me you have to promise him a chance to fight."

"How very amusing," Jafar said with a laugh. "You promise me fulfillment of all of my depravities just to watch your love die at my hand. Very well then, princess, give yourself to me."

Jasmine took a deep breath and turned her head, staring directly into the hypnotic gaze of the snake staff. Her mind blazed with Jafar's power and suddenly she felt that her only wish was to please her master. The shackles at her wrist snaked to life and dragged her in front of Jafar.

"I never realized how incredibly handsome you are," Jasmine purred as desire suddenly flooded her body. "You've stolen my heart."

"And the streetrat?" Jafar asked as he stood, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"What streetrat?" Jasmine answered. She smiled up at Jafar and pulled his lips down to hers with passion. Her lips pressed against his urgently and she moaned as his snake-like tongue fenced with hers inside of her mouth. They remained locked in the passionate kiss as Jafar pulled Jasmine's top down past her breasts and teased her nipples.

Jasmine groaned and Jafar sat back down in the throne as she remained standing. He fondled her breasts and watched as Jasmine threw her head back with lust, her lush ponytail swinging against her bare back.

With a whimper Jasmine reached down and pulled down her pants before she leaped forward onto Jafar's lap. She kissed him again as he worked her nipples and opened the front of Jafar's pants. She stroked his hard member and immediately plunged herself down atop him. Jafar cried out with surprise as Jasmine moaned and desperately bucked against him.

A sudden wicked smile transformed Jafar's thin face as he grapped her hips and threw her down from his lap. She landed in a surprised, lustly, heap at his feet and stared up at him with pure passion in her dark eyes.

"Ah, ah, ah, princess," Jafar hissed as he transformed into a giant snake. "You agreed to serve me, not take your own pleasure. Let's see how willing you are!"

Jasmine couldn't help but cry out in fear as the huge cobra swept up her naked body in its coils. The snake's huge fangs glistened in the light and Jasmine felt all desire flee from her. She struggled helplessly as the coils tightened, forcing her arms tightly at her sides. Her breasts rested against the cold scales and her mouth was suddenly gagged with the huge snake tail.

Jafar's tongue slithered out and tickled the princess's throat, causing her to scream against her gag. He laughed, "Do not fear, princess, your humiliation has only begun!"

The wicked tongue flicked out and teased her nipples, flicking them to harden once more. Jasmine groaned and struggled as the cobra's huge fang sc****d against her breasts and pain flared in her chest. Tears ran down her face and as she finally stopped struggling she found herself suspended by her shackles on a long chain falling from the ceiling.

Jafar transformed again, returning to his human form, only to have his member become magically engorged to four times its normal size. Jasmine shuddered with fear and renewed desire as he floated just beneath her and guided his tongue to her clit. His thin lips suckled her clit and his fingers slipped easily in and out of her hungry pussy.

Finally, Jafar spread he legs and gripped her ass tightly. He floated high above her, forcing Jasmine to be spread out at a painful angle beneath him, and thrust his massive phallus deep inside of her. Her tight pussy split open and the princess screamed as Jafar pounded her with delight. With a roar he ripped off Jasmine's chains and held her tightly against him. He suckled her breast roughly forced her to thrust up and down on his magical manhood.

"Jafar!" Jasmine screamed as tears ran down her face. "Does this please you?"

Jafar laughed and came violently before lowering them both down on top of the throne. "Yes, my dear," he hissed as he kissed her again.

He looked up and summoned the genie. The blue spirit gasped at the sight of the naked, shivering, princess. "Yes, master?" the spirit asked.

"Release the street rat, I am ready for battle."

The genie bowed and floated away. Jafar turned back to Jasmine and rubbed her clit gently, causing her to shudder with an orgasm. "Who is your master?" he growled into her ear as he pressed the naked beauty tightly against him.

"You are, Jafar," Jasmine whimpered deliciously as she ground her shapely body against him.

"Perfect," Jafar laughed. "Now, my sultana, take your place at my side as your lover comes to die."

"Yes, Jafar," Jasmine purred. She gently turned to face the throne room and knelt, naked and lovely, by Jafar's side. The magical shackles re-appeared and the cold metal caused her skin to blush.

Jafar leaned down and forced his tongue down her throat as the doors of the throne room crashed open.

"Get your hands off her, you filthy snake." Aladdin screamed as he saw his beautiful princess naked and helpless. Jafar merely smiled and watched as Jasmine's breasts heaved with passion. Finally he turned to his arch rival.

"Very well, street rat," he hissed. "A battle to the death it is. Now then, let's see how snake-like I can be."

Storm clouds descended and Jafar transformed once more into the giant cobra, bearing down upon the helpless hero.

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